Rod Sox Spinning - $8.49 to $8.99

Used by a host of Elite Series anglers, including Jeff Kriet, Todd Faircloth, Fred Roumbanis, as well as, celebrity host of Zona's Awesome Fishing Show, Mark Zona, Rod Sox offer an easy and convenient way to store your rods that won't snag on your hooks and guides.

The originators of the the polyethylene rod protection sleeve. Rod Sox are known for innovations such as rubber-dipped ends to reduce hook snags, and tightly weaved material to reduce guide snags. Made from the highest quality materials available, they are UV-resistant, breathable, mildew resistant, and flexible. Rod Sox also use a "push-on - push-off" motion that eliminates guide or hook hangups, and even feature tough, double-layered, size coded, tapered tips that protect your rod tips. Fight the fish not your rods - with the Rod Sox Spinning Series.

“Simply put, the Rod Sox are the best available rod protectors on the market.  I want my rods protected, but I also want easy storage and a product with a hook snag solution.  Rod Sox provides it all with the tightest weave on the market.” - Fred Roumbanis.

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Rod Sox Spinning

5 Available Colors

  • Carbon
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Regular 6'6" 04/20 $8.49
    Large 7' 05/08 $8.69
    XL 7'6" 5+ $8.99
  • Neon Yellow
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Regular 6'6" 05/06 $8.49
    Large 7' 5+ $8.69
    XL 7'6" 5+ $8.99
  • Phantom Blue
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Regular 6'6" 1 $8.49
    Large 7' 3 $8.69
    XL 7'6" 5+ $8.99
  • Red
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Regular 6'6" 3 $8.49
    Large 7' 04/20 $8.69
    XL 7'6" 05/06 $8.99
  • White
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Regular 6'6" 5+ $8.49
    Large 7' 05/06 $8.69

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