The Roman Made Negotiator is a smaller version of the Mother Swimbait that Manabu Kurita used to catch the previous Lake Biwa record bass - prior to catching his world record-tying beast. The Negotiator channels the magic of the original Mother swimbait, and its smaller size allows it to attract more bites, while still appealing to trophy-sized bass. Roman Made is well known in Japan as the premier big bait manufacturer. Extremely difficult to find in the US, each Roman Made bait is a work-of-art - handmade and hand-tuned, one-by-one near Lake Biwa in Japan. Available while supplies last, the Roman Made Negotiator Swimbait is a beautifully crafted swimbait with an unparalleled track record.

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Negotiator 7" 3-oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: There are no comparisons to this glide. ZERO. I have literally thousands of dollars in swim baits & this is the ultimate. The action cannot be replicated, the sink rate is perfect. I regularly fish these at least 3 times a week & they never disappoint. There is a good reason they go for as much used as they do new (OR MORE), if you can even get someone to part with them. I know I won't. I consistently put clients new to swim bait fishing on the fish with these, worth every penny.

From: JP: Isleton, CA 6/14/16

Comments: I have the negotiator custom (one with top hooks) and the bait is frickn fantastic, I can easily say that no other bait in my collection comes close. The custom style of this bait is so stealth & quiet in the water and virtually weed less. I also love how the hooks deploy once a fish is on so that way it can't use the lure to throw the hooks and come off. The action is in a class itself,it's one of the very very few baits that when you kill it it doesn't ball or bunch up it just glides forward with the current or simply glides down to the bottom like a real fish would. Simply put these r amazing.

From: Steveo: USA

Comments: Hands down one of the best and most productive glide bait on the market!

From: Anthony: Hemet CA USA

Comments: Just incredible action! the fish won't leave it alone.

From: Amzed, CO

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