The Roman Made Prologue Worm is a unique soft plastic bait that features centipede-like legs running the length of its body. Extremely buoyant and pliable, the entire body rises up off the bottom when at rest, waves enticingly in the current, and responds to every movement of your rod. Very versatile, it can be rigged a variety of ways, including on a jig head, Texas-rig, Neko-rig, wacky-rig, etc. The Roman Made Prologue Worm has been slamming bass in Lake Biwa, near Roman Made's headquarters for years.

Length Quantity
5.5" 6
8" 5

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Comments: floats without a weight, wich makes this worm stand straight up in the water.. You know, like a good shaky head worm should, but never does. Throw away your garys and your brushhogs, this is the only soft plastic you will need. go bigger in size get bigger fish.  these flat produce. cast and just let it be, or slightly twitch it, the tail goes wild and the bass cant resist.

From: Fantasia: MA 3/7/14

Comments: The action and detail on this worm is insane. Texas rigged, the tail sticks straightup in the water and the bass cannot resist it.

From: G: TX

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