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Santone S3 Swimbait Heads 8/0 2pk - $5.49

Designed to be the most versatile swimbait head on the market, the unique head design of the Santone S3 Swimbait Head 8/0 allows different presentations to be used without changing anything but your retrieve.  Pair it up with your favorite swimbait and the keel shaped design of the S3 will allow it to track true whether burned in clear shallow water or slow rolled over deep structure.

The standup head design also allows you to use a swimbait the way you would a conventional shakey head to give fish something they haven't seen before, making it a perfect choice fore mimic a nest robbing bluegill when targeting bedding bass.

If you're a fan of stroking deep water, the weedless design of the S3 will let you put a swimbait in places they've never been.  Show them a completely different look than the spoon everyone else is throwing on the roadbeds and ledges of Lake Fork and Guntersville.

The Santone S3 Swimbait Head is built with an oversized 8/0 wide gap Mustad hook to accommodate fat bodied swimbaits and an XL spring bait keeper to lock both solid and hollow bodied swimbaits securely in place.  Whether you're banging it off shallow laydowns and stumps, brush and rocks in deep water, or stroking roadbeds and ledges, the Santone S3 Swimbait Head 8/0 will allow you to cover the water column more effectively than ever before.

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Santone S3 Swimbait Heads 8/0 2pk

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