Seaguar AbrazX Fluorocarbon Line

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Seaguar AbrazX Fluorocarbon Line

Seaguar is a name known for top quality fishing lines and is one of the pioneers of fluorocarbon lines. Seaguar is one of the most sought after fluorocarbon lines for all types of fishing because it stands up to the beating monster fish and harsh conditions give it.

Seaguar AbrazX is designed to be fished into rocks, weeds and docks. AbrazX can handle the toughest waters with a main line flourocarbon designed with unparalleled abrasion resistance, hit the cover with confidence. AbrazX - fish can't see it, stuff can't break it.

Line Diameter 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 15lb 20lb 25lb
Inches .007 .008 .010 .011 .013 .016 .017
Millimeters .205 .235 .260 .285 .330 .405 .435

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AbrazX Fluorocarbon 6lb 200yd $24.99 10+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 8lb 200yd $24.99 10+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 10lb 200yd $24.99 10+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 12lb 200yd $24.99 10+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 15lb 200yd $27.99 10+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 17lb 200yd $28.99 2+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 20lb 200yd $29.99 10+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 25lb 200yd $34.99 10+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 6lb 1000yd $110.99 2+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 8lb 1000yd $110.99 2+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 10lb 1000yd $110.99 2+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 12lb 1000yd $110.99 2+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 15lb 1000yd $129.99 2+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 17lb 1000 yd $134.99 2+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 20lb 1000yd $139.99 2+
AbrazX Fluorocarbon 25lb 1000yd $159.99 2+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've had some good spools and some bad spools of this particular line. Lost several thousand dollars due to breaking on hookset. Stick with Invisx or Gamma if you can afford it.

From: Matt: Arkansa 1/3/17

Comments: I feel this is the fluoro line. Been using 6-17 for the last 6 years. 30 reels spooled up. If you no'clock  this product.  It's because u put it on wrong.  Give it a try

From: Nick Radtke : Greenwood lake, NV 12/9/16

Comments: Great for pitching and flipping docks. I also throw a crankbait when I don't have my cranking rod on 25#. It gets beat up after a while (2-3 months). I like it but also it seems to make notches wherever you get a small backlash. It has sort of made me a better angler by making me think before I cast. All in all I would recommend for pitching and flipping with this. Haven't tried the flippin' seagaur yet but I'd like to.

From: Wyatt: Stillwater 11/27/16

Comments: The bad reviews are people who don't know how to avoid backlashes. No fluorocarbon will be strong after being kinked up by a backlash. Having said that, this is the most abrasion resistant fluorocarbon I've used. Throwing everything from crankbaits to jigs in rocky waters. I've pulled up whole trees with this stuff (small trees). It's so strong that you have to put a glove on to break it if you get hung up or else you'll cut yourself (12lb abrazX).

From: 870skf: Mountain Home, AR 8/31/16

Comments: I've tried all the other flour lines out there and it seems like I keep coming back to this particular line.  They last longer for me when changing them out for tournament season.  I can not live without them.

From: Clear Lake Basser: USA 7/10/16

Comments: Use this on every setup I own. I have 8lb to 20lb & have 0 issues with any of them. Caught 30+ Largemouth on the 8lb today, never retied & never broke off. If you are breaking off its your knot. Use a Clinche Knot. Never breaks.

From: CB: TX 2/21/16

Comments: Dont like this line at all. I spooled up a reel and have never lost so many lures on hooksets or snags in my life. it seems so stiff that it literally breaks. i would stay wit the invisX.

From: Travis: Chico, CA 2/22/16

Comments: Use this on every setup I own. I have 8lb to 20lb and have 0 issues with any of them. Caught 30+ Largemouth on the 8lb today, never retied & never broke off. If you are breaking off its your knot. Use a Clinche Knot. Never breaks.

From: CB: TX 2/21/16

Comments: After trying that red label and being totally pissed off at it, it took a few years to try another Seaguar product. I got a 200 yd spool of AbrazX in 20 and like it. I pitched all day yesterday, having fish run me thru some gnarly junk and it held up. It had been on that reel a month before use, and I couldn't tell. Only bummer is, I spooled up no more than 100 yds on my reel, yet the '200' yd spool of line is about empty...? Anyone else notice this? ** Update 2/15/16** bought a spool of 20 to use for a-rigs, big spoons and swimbaits for a trip to a little lake loaded with big fish. WOW. This line never let me down. When I hung my bait deep down in something I couldn't get the retriever to get back, I couldn't break this stuff! This line has found it's way into my arsenal.

From: Jay6: USA 3/23/14

Comments: I have been using 10lb Abraz X for cranking for at least 5 years now & have had zero issues with it. I throw DD 22s into deep rock piles & the line rarley fails, and if I'm not cranking rocks the line has yet to disappoint me.

From: Rob: NY 12/14/15

Comments: bought two spools of 15lb & so far one has brake-age issues at line tie & 30 ft off the lure end.

From: Steve: Clear Lake, CA 9/24/15

Comments: Never had a problem with it and every reel that is fishing below surface is loaded with it. From trout, stripers & salmon. It's stiff and it sinks.

From: Tim Q: CA 2/23/15

Comments: I fish in Middle Tennessee where highland reservoirs are plentiful. A football jig around rock transitions, brush piles, and stumps win 80% of the time. I throw 20lb Abrazx on Lews LFS reel on a 7'2 xtra fast Fenwick aetos. That is my 1/2oz and 3/4oz football jig setup. I am constantly amazed how little I have to retie. I fished over 50 tournaments in 2014 and weighed more fish on that set up than any other. I broke off for the first time all year last weekend. 

From: David: Winchester, TN 12/16/14

Comments: This line is like every other brand of floro ive tried over the last several months.  It breaks. And I'm not talking about straight pulls or hooksets. Spooled up new 17# yesterday and had it break twice on casts with soft plastic Texas rigged with 5/16 ounce weight. Same problem ive had with red label, invizx, and lake fork floro.  If you ever get a small backlash, and who doesn't  when flipping and skipping docks, any small kinked spot in the line is the next breaking place. Love the sensitivity, invisibility and straight pull strength, but the in- spool break-offs are unacceptable. Cant trust it. Going back to mono and braid.

From: Paul: Laurel, MS 8/10/14

Comments: I use it cranking in 10lb and 12lb and I have had zero problems with this stuff, I religiously use KVD line conditioner and I feel that does improve the performance of the line. Overall I give this line two thumbs up and highly recommend it for cranking.

From: Tom: Las Vegas, NV 8/8/14

Comments: It started out great, cast's great, very sensitive. After about 3 weeks with the 10lb test, my line snapped twice in one day, not at the knot either. Maybe just a bad batch but I probably won't buy again.

From: Allen: NC 6/26/14

Comments: I've been using mono for years fishing in the rocks in Lake Oroville. Two or three fish and you'd better retie. Tried cheaper Flouro and it had a memory problem big time. Bought a spool of 10 lb AbrazX Flouro and get 30 or more fish with no retying. Use a Palomar Knot. I drag baits through the rocks and use a Shimano Core 51MG with this line.

From: Howard: Paradise, CA 6/22/14

Comments: I just ordered a 1000 yd spool of 12lb for cranking and spooled it up on a  BB1 and a Winch with some KVD line conditioner and have had no issues after 3 weeks of hard abuse.

From: Steve: NJ

Comments: Great line, smooth, casts well, have had no issues or break offs.  It's the preferred line for most guys in my club.  I have it in #10 and #15.  Only regret is not shopping around more. Found it for $12 less per 1000 yd spool after not even second guessing TW when I first ordered it. 

From: Mark: NC

Comments: This line sucks!!!!  Hate to hate but it SUCKS......have zero confidence in it.....breaks too much in my opinion....could be in my head but I just can't trust it!!!!!

From: Rick: Oak Park IL

Comments: Date of use: 11/3/13. Fishing lay downs/ wood.

Pros: Lays well. Very low memory, excellent abrasion resistance.

Cons: Broke off 4 times in 1 day. All on the hook set. Broke once while casting a soft plastic.

Might just be a bad spool. Will try again to double check. Used KVD line conditioner (excellent product)

From: Trey: VA

Comments: I dont get all of the bad reviews. I have this in 12 lb for my shimano calais paired with a 7ft med hvy duckett. Beyond castable and very abrasion resitant.

From: Trevon: Okechobee, Florida, USA

Comments: Great line! The bad review are from bad fisherman. I buy this in bulk spools, same with Red Label. Was a Sunline junkie for a while but found that a Red Line / Abrazx combo is just as good as a Sniper / Shooter combo, just reasonably priced. Use Red Label for manageable line and Abrazx for a powerful line.

From: Nick: WA

Comments: I do not work for any company and this line was breaking off fish in this one derby,left and right,the diameter of the 20 pound test is alot smaller then the trilene Fluorocarbon Line,this line is junk sorry to say,i didnt find my confidence in the line stright out of the pack.

From: cndguy83: LOTW, Canada

Comments: This line breaks off fish and deteriorate? Guys either you work for another company or just DON'T want other people to use this amazing line. For it's money it's well worth every penny and so much more. Enough said... Highly recommended.

From: Hmoob: Clovis, CA

Comments: Terrible! First time i used this line i was in a tournament and broke off two fish in the middle of the line (not on the knot). Only a month after I put it on the reel it started to deteriorate. After spending that much money on line, I am not happy to have to replace it already.
(there were no abrasions on my eye hole or reel which would cause the damage)

From: Kevin: NY

Comments: This line is top knotch. You can't beat it. I have full confidence in it after I hooked into an 8 lb bass (on 10#) that managed to wrap itself around a pillar on a wooden dock. Was able to work the fish out of that mess thankfully and landed her. I will never look to buying another Fluro again. Cast smooth and is strong as heck.

From: Jaime: Clovis, CA

Comments: I use Red Label on my crankbait rods & AbrazX & InvizX on my flippin sticks. Seaguar fluorocarbons are the best on the market. You can spool your reel & the line lasts almost the whole season. This line is tough as nails & smooth as silk. Compare this 20lb line to other fluorocarbons on the market & you'll see the difference. The only line that halfway compares is P-Line.

From: Jeremy: Indiana USA

Comments: I will make this short and simple...New Hampshire's rock filled lakes and smallmouth bass you dream about!  Sure it gets ripped up but the fish come to the boat...tried a good many and this is a repurchase year after year.

From: Steve: Goffstown, NH

Comments: Use this and invinzx exclusively for fluro.  Great lines super strong.  I don't know what is going on with some others' breakage problems but you need to check some of your fundamentals because it is not the line.  The abrazx is more sensitive but more visible than the invinzx.  Same lure same lb test the invinzx has outfished the abrazx in clearer water shallow situations(smallmouth) .  But going deeper the abrazx will outfish invizx due to sensitivity.

From: Joe: Knoxville, TN

Comments: I started using this line last year when fishing the Cal delta and realized that when the fish were getting pressured they became sensitive to the noise braided line makes when sawing back and forth across heavy grass and wood. A kind of buzzing that actually would make the fish back away from the bait even when they weren't seeing the line. This line in 25lb. test is the ticket for getting them biting and in the boat. No noise, no see, and strong as all hell and not enough stretch lose the fish. Thats good line.

From: L.J.: Sacramento

Comments: Seaguar has the market cornered on fluorocarbon. Whether its Red Label, Abrazx, or Invizx it cant be beat. Im sure the Tatsu is awesome too, but i cant afford $40 line. Ive thrown a shakey head on Abrazx and Invizx and with both of them u can feel a fish look at your bait. The Red Label is a great line for anything not to mention being a cheaper fluoro. If your looking for a good Fluorocarbon you cant go wrong with Seaguar.

From: Will: Tuscumbia, AL

Comments: Abrazx. Thought I would upgrade from Red Label. My thoughts? Very similar to Red Label.  I love Red Label for the value, and it's the -straight pull- strongest flouro out there. Also, the most consistently strong.  Is it worth twice the price for this stuff?  Not for me.  I fish flouro with a football jig ALOT.  Abrazx is NOT stronger than Red Label, and it handles the same (at least in 15-25lb test).  I fish gnarly rocks littered with trees, so at the end of the day my reels are 10 yards less of line regardless of the line I use.  Maybe this retains it's strength longer than RL, but I will never know.. Try Red Label first, if you haven't already.  Skip Invizx, (except maybe on a spinning reel) it stretches terribly. One thing is sure, Seguar makes the best flouro for the money.

From: carphuugger: IN

Comments: This is my favorite line for squarebills. Very abrasion resistant compared to berkley trilene 100%, Mccoy, and inviz x. They are all good but this one just stood out as my favorite.

From: Tim: TX

Comments: love this stuff. I put 12lb on my revo. it took some time to get my casting dialed in, but once I did it will cast a mile. I fish mostly farm ponds and I have had no problems with the abrasion factor. Landed a 7.5lb largemouth with no problem. I will be buying some more for my other reels.

From: John: SC

Comments: tough stuff! I run 8lb on my pitching rod and haven't looked back yet. I only catch small bass but this is a really good way to get r done. Highly recommended and tw is very fair priced.

From: Nate: Columbia Falls, MT

Comments: Superb Line!!!! I purchased 15 lb and this stuff is flawless... Hardly any memory super tough and strong  will deffintly be using this for my fluro

From: Joe: IN

Comments: I punished this line.  I bought it to try flipping some highly abrasive Roso Cane in venice louisiana.  A place where anything besides 65 or 80lb braid is unherd of.  I used the 25 abrazx for about 5 trips in a row.  Very impressive.  I would only have to re tie 2-3 times a day because of abrasion.  Line butter religously throughout the day really makes it manageable.  Im so impressed with this line i just ordered a 3000 yd spool of 15 and a spool of 20 and 25.  Red lable is junk along with 90% of the other Fluorocarbons on the market.  Dont waste your money.  Get this stuff. 

From: G Man: Gonzales, LA

Comments: oh my gosh,this line looks really good out of the box! strong soft, managable and very thin. i got the 12 lb line to go with my powell endurance and quantum tour. i will be fishing weightless plastics and other small baits. cant wait for sping to try it out.

From: Seth: Iola

Comments: Very strong line, snagged up a dropshot with 6#and couldnt break off, bUT! abrassion resistant?? i dont see a difference between this line and invisx, but still a very good line.

From: Nick: Clovis, CA

Comments: I could throw a football jig clear over a mountain with this stuff!

From: Brandon: Columbia Falls, MT

Comments: Have been using AbrazX for the past year and it has become my favorite all around line. I first bought InvizX for my spinning reels but soon realized that AbrazX was as good, if not better, on spinning reels as InvizX. Tried many other brands but have settled on Seaguar. I like the Tatsu on my flipping sticks but use AbrazX on most other reels. Can't wait to try the new super mono and braid!

From: Tom: Rochester, NY

Comments: I have tried all of seguars fluorocarbon, didnt really care for the red label just due to the memory of the 20lb on my flippin stick, but the invisx in 15 was awesome and the abrazx in 20lb was awesome very little memory very thin line, and as far as the strength, i went out today and caught 5 largemouths on a vicious flippin jig, polamar not, fish weighed 6.7, 4.5, 3.0, and acoupkle small 1.5, never retied no nicks or abrasions, and i horsed every one straight out of buck brush, I loved this line, i use a heavy action 7'3" vendetta and really laid the wood to them on the hook set, i had no problems what so ever, if people are breaking off fish, i suggest they learn a new knot, cause this line is awesome i wouls recomend this to anyone looking for fluoro, its well worth the price!

From: Will: NC

Comments: I am new to fluorocarbon this year and decided to try this on my big cranking outfit.  Great castability and for getting the baits down deeper.  However I did not find this line abrasion resistant at all.  I was not fishing in very heavy cover mostly underwater points, humps, ledges etc.  and it broke off 3 plugs yesterday.  Maybe I was asking for trouble by fishing 12lb on deep divers but in my opinion this line should have held up.  Only one of the breaks was on a fish the other 2 just flew off.  If you are thinking of using this for deep cranking and like the appeal of abrasion resistance, I would look elsewhere.

From: Kevin: NC

Comments: Dude! this stuff is the best! i recently bought the 15 pound test, and in one week i used it too wrestle a 8lber out of a thick weed mat, and pull a 5lber away from some big boulders. Also boated a 35 inch snook on this line no problem! Super abrazion resistant!

From: A.J.: Florida

Comments: used this line for the first time this past sunday. i was using the 15# and used it to texas rig a creature bait. the line casted well and had a very tolerable amount of memory. even though the water was very cold and the bites were subtle, i had no problem feeling them. i boated 5 bass with a couple in the 3 # range. two of which i had to drag around and over wood cover. after inspecting the line it showed zero signs of wear. so far so good.

From: bassNredfish: Louisiana, USA

Comments: I have been using this line for two years and have found it to be the best fluorocarbon I've ever used. I don't understand people who say they have problems breaking off fish with it. I have heard this from two different people. I have never broken off a fish with this line and I've caught bass up to 7 pounds on it with many over 6. This line is reliable and a solid performer. As with any fluorocarbon, you need to check your line from time to time for nicks and make sure you wet your knots and tighten them slowly so as not to weaken the line. This line is ultra smooth, strong, has low memory, and is fairly abrasion resistant. There are lines that are slightly more abrasion resistant but they have lots of memory and hard to manage on a reel.

From: Scott: Sabattus, ME

Comments:  I have used this for a couple of years on bait casters and spinning reels.  You must keep smoothly spooled on your bait caster (if there is anyway it can rub when casting then you will have issues). I use it for crankbaiting and have not replaced it since the first of the year (and I crankbit fish a lot - several times a week).

From: Kentucky

Comments:Well I was very impressed with the small diameter and the smoothness of the line when I first bought it. Then my feelings changed! I figured this line would be to handle my type of power fishing but I was wrong...I have lost two fish over 8 pounds in a matter of a week period do to the line breaking!..I mean the line like explodes as if someone had put a firecraker on the end with pieces curling over in every direction...One was on 25lb test, as the poor fish came up with a huddleston in its mouth trying to shake it loose for 10 minutes..Not only did I loose the fish, but I was hoping the fish was able to shake the lure free...Almost the same identical thing happend with a jig fishing(20lb test), as I watched in dispare as the fish jumped numerous time with my jig flapping in its mouth...not good...I am the type of person that give the products I buy the benefit of a doubt, but I also notice that you get random back lashes, that snap themselves, as you watch your lure sail out and down into the abiss...Not good!...I hardly ever get backlashes either...So save your money until they get the bugs worked out on their line...I just wish I had not spooled up 7 different reels with the stuff, save it and stick with sunline...or if you want something better priced trilene 100% Fluorocarbon.

From:Kerry: Redondo Beach, CA

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