Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon Line

$39.99 - $269.99
Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon Line

Virtually invisible and almost invincible, Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon is at the apex of fluorocarbon evolution, and Seaguar’s strongest and softest line yet. Available in Japan for quite some time before it officially hit North American shores, Seaguar R18 Tatsu fishing line combines two 100% fluorocarbon custom resins using Seaguar's exclusive double structure fluorocarbon (DSF) technology. Super sensitive and abrasion resistant, the soft exterior resin provides tournament-grade knot strength and flexibility, while the hard interior resin vastly improves tensile strength. Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon also sinks faster so you can maximize your time in the strike zone. Like the flexible, lithe, and armored scales of a Dragon (tatsu – means dragon in Japanese), Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon has a tough, but soft exterior, which hides incomparable inner strength.

Line Diameter 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 15lb 20lb 25lb
Inches .008 .009 .010 .011 .013 .015 .016
Millimeters .205 .235 .260 .285 .330 .370 .405

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Seaguar Tatsu Line 4lb 200yd $39.99 5+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 6lb 200yd $39.99 5+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 8lb 200yd $39.99 5+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 10lb 200yd $39.99 5+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 12lb 200yd $49.99 5+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 15lb 200yd $49.99 5+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 20lb 200yd $54.99 5+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 25lb 200yd $59.99 5+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 4lb 1000yd $189.99 2+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 6lb 1000yd $189.99 2+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 8lb 1000yd $189.99 2+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 10lb 1000yd $189.99 2+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 12lb 1000yd $239.99 2+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 15lb 1000yd $239.99 2+
Seaguar Tatsu Line 20lb 1000yd $269.99 2+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It is very good fluoro, very limp, manageable, strong & good knot strength. The abrasion resistance when deep cranking rocks isn't that great though. It is good line, but not worth the price at all.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 6/19/16

Comments: Fishing 6lb in snag free ponds I never had this break. Caught up to 9lb Bass & had bigger that threw the hook. I use the best knot for fluoro & chap stick for lubrication. I Retie every day and after a big one, and don't tighten the knot on the eye or ring; but pull the line on both sides of the knot with both hands. I run the line out to get rid of twists, and use VanDam's line spray.


Comments: Great fluoro,I use the 25lb to throw around larger(3-8 oz) swimbaits & 15 for smaller ones(1-3). Price point is noticeably higher than some fluorocarbon lines but the quality is there & more.

From: Brad: OH 12/5/14

Comments: all I can say is wow. I thought Seaguar Invizx was something special and that's what I used to flip with(20lb). I figured I would give this line a try and I stepped up to the (25lb) Tatsu to flip with and I will never go back to invizx for flipping. Tatsu is very sensitive with low memory. smaller diameter than invizx but stronger

From: Stallings: Knox, TN 4/11/15

Comments: Never have I seen this line break. One trip south of the border for 4 days lake el salto two guys tossing this line 800 fish. Not open water fish either this is pitching and flipping heavy cover. Around sticks. And anything else you can imagine. Not a single break off! 12-25 lb tatsu/invizx then another 7 day trip to lake baccarac mid May. 100+ degrees 15 hour days. Same results. Best line on earth period.

From: Cody: Columbia Falls, MT 12/24/14

Comments: Spooled 1 rod with 12 and 1 with 15 recently. This stuff is pricy, but I've been very impressed. Casts very well, very supple, not too much memory, and pretty thin. 

From: Shane: Santee, SC 11/28/14

Comments: a little secret. braid to floro leader. you won't have the break down in the spool

From: Vinny: USA 3/5/14

Comments: Bought 12# for my light worm rig because it was on sale. Seemed to be alright until after a couple minor backlashes made a cast and the line had broke 20 yards deep in the spool. This happened twice

From: Dave: Columbia MD

Comments: I have used may brands of fluorocarbon lines.  I have always had issues with the line breaking at or near the Palomar knot tied at the hook.  Not with TATSU.  I have used it all season and had ZERO rigs break at the hook.  For drop shot fishing, 8lb TATSU is now my #1 choice for great lakes smallmouth.

From: Jesse: Detroit, MI

Comments: I tried the 10lb test and the first fish I hooked snapped this line like a piece of thread. $40.00 down the drain. I took it off my reel and threw this stuff the trash where it belongs!

From: Freddy: bernice, ok

Comments: Let me start by saying that this is absolutely some of the best line ever made. There is a reason the price is what it is. I honestly can't even really think of anything negative to say about it other than the absurd price. However, I do think it is very similar to the Sunline FC Sniper. They are both high end line, but at about $10 less a spool, I have to give the overall nod to Sunline FC Sniper. If you try Tatsu though, I highly doubt you'll be disappointed.

From: Slade: Kansas

Comments: I bought a spool of 10# test Tatsu to use on my drop shot and shaky head spinning combos. I had been using Seaguar's InvizX. This line is 10 times better. It has noticeably less stretch than InvizX. It handles better than InvizX. It's more sensitive, and abrasion resistant. It ties knots a lot better, it does everything better. This is by far the best fluorocarbon you could ever buy for use on spinning gear. It's not even close. Yes, it's expensive. Will I buy it in heavier # tests to use on my bait casting gear? No. But then again, stiffer fluorocarbon lines aren't a problem on bait casting gear. It's expensive to be sure. But for what I bought it for, it's well worth the money. 

From: Dave: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Comments: I hate to be the Lone Ranger here but, this Dragon did not breath fire or fly for me /I purchased  2 spools of 10 lb.test  Tatsu and 2 spools of 10 lb. InvizX / it was like I was using 2 lb.test line / due to the small diameter any nick or rub on the line decreased the strength by 80 % and the line was so clear you could not see bad rubs /also, with the Tatsu I experienced line twist so bad to the point where on one trip I had to put the rod away and fish the rest of the day with my back up rig / I have returned the unused line for a refund and personally I should be refunded for the Tatsu that I used after all it's supposed to be the best line in the world. Down the road I might purchase some heavier pound test but, I can not afford to be using line that I have no confidence in and using knots that I have never tied before during this time of year. 

From: Sam: Cardiff by the Sea, CA

Comments: Awesome assessment of the line Pat, very helpful. Anyhow, the 8# has been great for wacking rigging on a semi-slack line. The sensitivity is superior to any other line I've used and the "hype" is well earned.

From: Chad: Stockton, CA

Comments: Awesome fishing line!!You can fish it around zebra mussels, rocks, yank bass from grass all day. Long casting, super sensitive. I have been fishing for bass for 30 years,all over the country. By far the best flourocarbon line on the market now!

From: Tracy: Fennville, MI

Comments: Here's the deal. I fished every line out there. Ive been busted off and lost a lot of rods and reels in the drink because of it. False advertised line I despise. This is stuff is they best line on the market. Zero memory. Zero stretch. Abrasion resistant to say the least. Had a tournament with some friends last week and if it wasn't for this line it would have been game over. Hooked a bass close to heavy cover and it looked like he was playing magical chairs with the tree limb. Line held up tournament won! Good stuff well worth the money

From: Kevin: Kalispell, MT

Comments: I got a 40 yd spool of 8lb Tatsu when I bought a spool of Kanzen for free :) I am using it as a leader on my spinning gear. It has some memory, but it is  a very limp line. I will not be getting any more of this line, it is way too expensive for its performance.

From: Kyle: MI

Comments: Tried a spool of the 15lb.  Overall Tatsu is a very strong line.  Castability is pretty good but it still has a good bit of memory.  Like others I use a good bit of backing so I get two reels filled out of one spool.  It holds up well to the rocky lakes I fish in.  Price is terrible but I only have to use one spool per season.  Sticking with cheaper Fluro and Mono on my other reels.

From: Casey: Greenville, SC

Comments: I haven't tried all the different brands of fluro's yet but this line is great, cast like a bullet on my spinning rigs and no break of knot problems, I wish it was not so expensive, but might pay for itself over time

From: Vince: Jamestown, TN

Comments: This is definitely not worth the price, very disappointed in the performance for the cost. There are better fluorocarbons out there that are cheaper such as sunline or gamma.

From: Bob: Waterbury, CT

Comments: This is the best fluoro I have every fished hands down.  It is on level with the YGK, hi end Toray and other JDM lines that I have tried.  I wish it came in 30lb test and .018 diameter or .020 diameter. I would not spool an entire reel with Tatsu....Most people don't cast 150 feet consistently unless you are chunking a rattle trap or big crankbait... 50 yards is 150 feet.  You can spool at least 3 reels and sometimes 4 depending on size and spool if you use backing.  One spool of this will last the weekend angler for a long time.  I fished one spool on 4 jig rods from February through October and never respooled.  I never had a breakoff related to a fish or abrasion and not one break at the knot. I have had only one other line (non braid) in the last 15 years that stood up to that and it was the original formula of Sunline Shooter in 25lb test.  I do wish it was cheaper and also 250 yard spools...then I could get 5 reels per spool.  Just my thoughts...

From: Steve: Auburn, AL

Comments: Flipped with Tatsu for an entire season. Sure it is expensive but it is by far the best flourocarbon and for flipping you only need to put 50 yards on (use backing) and it lasts an entire season. Considering I spooled four flipping reels and it lasted an entire season the cost is pretty reasonable. I used to change mono at least 3-4 times per season anyways and the sensitivity and abrasion resistance is so much better. Also, makes great leader material!

From: Tom: Rochester, NY

Comments: Absolutely the best fluorocarbon fishing line that I have ever used. Very strong with great knot strength. Still not worth $40 to fill a spool.

From: Chad: Louisville, KY

Comments: Tied on 20lb test and it was so limp and it casts so well, I had to double check because I thought I put on the wrong size line, amazing limpness and low memory  compared to any other line I've used. Only problem is my Curado 300 holds 240 yards of 12lb test and it only comes in 200 yard spool, so a 250 yard spool would be nice, especially considering the price.

From: Martin: Carthage, TX

Comments: Best line but 250 yards would make more sense, and be a better value. Another fifty yards would mean 25 more per spool, almost enough to fill two reels with good line for $50 bucks, plus shipping.  Still doesn't sound great, but in fishing line as in life, you get what you pay for.

From: Randy: San Antonio, TX

Comments: Casting distance and sensitivity are about average to other flurocarbon lines. However, this is the strongest flurocarbon I've ever used. When I did encounter snags I would typically straighten the hook before the line would break. I cannot stress how strong the line is and on my most recent outting, I did not lose one fish to the line breaking. I don't have to tell you that this line is completely over priced but I'll gladly pay extra for peace of mind.

From: Nathan: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Comments: Best fluorocarbon line Ive ever used. Yes it is worth the money. Super soft and manageable and best of all, its super easy to cast.

From: Daniel: NC

Comments: I'm one of those guys that gets hung up - I throw it and work it in the nasty stuff. I lost about 40 lures in about 30 trips to lakes before Tatsu. After Tatsu I lost 3 in the next 30 something trips before the weather shut me down.  It is hard to pay that much, but from my math it pays for itself. There are other lines that won't break, but they aren't as manageable or invisible as Tatsu.

From: Miles: Weatherford, OK

Comments: First, let me say that I am not a fan of fluorocarbon line in general. I don't like the brittleness and memory of it and would rather use a quality mono or braid. But let's face it, fluoro has it's advantages and situations where it is the best line. This is by far the best fluoro I've tried. I hate paying this much for it, but if I am fishing in a situation that calls for fluoro this will probably be the line I use.

From: Scott: New Mexico, USA

Comments: Best fluorocarbon I've ever used but obviously very expensive.

From: Spiro: Chicago, IL

Comments: I'm impressed with this line, it's like fishing with a mono but with all the characteristics of fluoro, soft yet tough, low memory. Its like Invizx but much more manageable,if you like Invizx you'll love Tatsu.

From: Jerry: Tucson, AZ

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