SEBILE brings Magic to life in new SOFT Swimmer - 2009 ICAST Winner - Best of Show Soft Lure

The SEBILE Magic Swimmer jointed hardbait has changed the way the angling world thinks about artificial lures. Without a doubt, it is the most realistic baitfish imitation in looks and action to ever hit the water, and nobody has been able to duplicate it in another bait. Well, at least not until now, and it seems only logical that Patrick Sebile himself is the one who did it. New is the Magic Swimmer Soft, the first soft plastic bait on the market for SEBILE. The new version comes with all the advantages of the famous Magic Swimmer hardbait, PLUS it can be fished weedless. The Magic Swimmer Soft is a jointed soft plastic bait that swims as good as the original, something many said couldn't be done. The hand-painted color finishes for the soft version are also equally impressive accomplishments. Together the intricate details and realistic swimming action bring life to the lure.

Available in the 105 mm and 130 mm size (approximately 4" and 5", respectively), the body has an "envelope" area molded in with an opening at the belly that receives, and conceals most of a 5/0 worm hook inside the bait, requiring the hook go only through a small section of plastic in the upper back portion for enhanced fish-hooking efficiency. Rigging is also easier because "hook holes" are molded into the lure at both the entry position in the nose and at the exit location in the back. When rigged, the hook's point is concealed in a recessed groove in the top of the lure's back, making it weedless.

The Magic Swimmer Soft ProPack comes with lure bodies plus the innovative new SEBILE Soft Weight System, also designed by Patrick Sebile. The system includes a super-sharp 5/0 offset worm hook of a wire size that perfectly fits the special 1-gram tungsten barrel weights. With a hole through the middle and special coating, the weights can be "screwed" on or off the hook's shank for the easy addition or reduction of weight.

Also, since the weights' coating holds them snugly in place, they can be moved forward toward the head of the bait to create an angled fall of about 45 degrees, or slid back toward the bend of the hook to weight the lure's belly so that the bait descends almost horizontally or level. Of course, the Magic Swimmer Soft can also be fished weightless and casts easily by its own weight. The lure can be rigged with a variety of hooks and jigheads and be fished many different ways in fresh and saltwater.

When rigged weedless, the lure can be cast into just about any kind of cover. The lure also makes a great "skipping bait," for skipping under docks, mangroves and many other overhanging obstacles. The Magic Swimmer Soft can also be Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged and fished on a drop-shot rig. The Magic Swimmer Soft 130 mm ProPack comes with three bodies, one hook and six tungsten weights.

Soft Swimmer Length Quantity
105 4-inch 4
130 5-inch 3

Click link for a video with Patrick Sebile on the Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Pro .

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Very versatile bait.  Catches big smallies when nothing else seams to work.  The only problem is I am having a hard time switching to other baits.  This is primarily all I use now.  Pike, largemouth, smallmouth, pickeral.  I wish I knew about this lure when I lived in Jupiter Fl. fishing for snook or as a pitch bait offshore.

From: Anthony: Grosse Pointe, Mi, USA

Comments: this bait looks incredibly realistic. however, in the entire pack i only had one that would swim true. I also wasnt a big fan of the soft weights. Mine all tore off the hooks. Im now looking more into mattlures, hudds, and trash fish.

Comments: This is not a fluke, its swimbait, it swims good and for cover its great. I have both sizes, I like it and its good. I plan to use it when fishing for toothy fish. God bless you all and good fishing always.

Comments: like the last comment pretty much 15 dollar flukes with a little swimming action, although still beeter than a fluke i found that the lake fork magic shad is my favorite out of all.

From: Jim: Ft. Polk, LA

Comments: $15 flukes. They look nice and are awesome fished as a jekbait, but when slow steady retrieved they have no tail movement and swim on their side

From: Tim: TX

Comments: This bait swims very well but i suggest the smaller version. I have larger one and it swims great but I suggest getting smaller one unless you have  average 10lb+ bass. I have average 3-4 lbers so i suggest smaller version. Good fishing always!!

Comments: Read the reviews....amazing bait----I was skeptical to fish this(no Tail)  but the jerk bait/swiming action is amazing-----bass all day long!

From: Bunker: Haymarket, VA

Comments: Sunday. 1/23/11. 39 degrees. Bank fishing a  50 acre retention pond just outside RSW Airport, Ft Myers Fl. Cold SouthWest Florida morning but it has been warm enough so the girls are moving up on to the beds. This morning however they were staying deeper, just out of sight. I tossed a 130mm Natural Shiner out past the drop off, swam it in over the trough where I'd be hanging out if I were a Fat Bass and stopped to let it sink. You know the saying "They hit it on the fall"? Well I've never felt a Bass hit a bait harder. Crushed doesn't begin to describe it. I thought it was a Gator for a moment...seriously. After a bit she came up and was too big to jump. I had no way to weigh her but I've caught a 10-5 and this one was bigger and fatter, 11+ I'm sure. This is a great bait with excellent action. The soft weight system is pretty cool too. Highly recommended. G.Loomis 7'2" Frog Rod, Revo STX, Power Pro 65 Braid.

From: Zach: Ft. Myers, FL 

Comments: My #1 go to bait for pressured smallies or cold water conditions. Better then average walleyes smashing this bait!!

From: Ken: Boulder, CO

Comments: still hoping to catch a fish on this fisherman catcher

From: Jeff: Jersey

Comments: This is the best lure i have ever used. It always catches fish bass and pike even walleyes. They get tore up after a few nice fish but a lil mend it glue and there good to go for a few more. Just a great lure.

From: Zack: Wisconsin, USA

Comments:This is a must have soft plastic bait. Best lure I have fished with this year, bass and pike love them. I need to get more, lost 6 of them last fishing outing to some very hungry toothy critters. PS: amazing bait, try them and you will be hooked on them.

From:Steve: Canada

Comments:This swimbait officially became my favorite this week! A 22lb sack on a lake that usually tops out at 13-14lbs. The action is so erratic when fished weightless and it comes through cover very well!!


Comments:Received this bait as a Christmas present from my daughters. On the second cast I caught a 6 pounder on the day after Christmas. This is one of the best baits I have ever used!

From:Max: Atlanta, GA

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