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The Chubby Frog by Secret Lures is the result of countless hours of testing and design. The Secret Lures Chubby Frog unique body features include a grooved belly and deep top hook cavity, protecting the hook point from snags and allows the bait to compress easily for a solid hookset. The Secret Lures Chubby Frog also features tapered sides and a keeled bottom, eliminating bulk near the hook gap to increase your strike to hook up ratio, the keeled bottom ensures the bait lands upright in the water. The feet of the Secret Lures Chubby Frog are over sized and feature reinforced ridges which add weight to the feet of the frog, creating unrivaled sound and action.

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Secret Lures Chubby Frog

3 Available Colors

  • Delta Frog
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  • Mean Green
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  • Watermelon Red Pearl
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Comments: In 2 days I caught a 7 pound and 3...9 pound bass on the same frog it's freaking awesome get some u won't be disappointed

From: bass master pat: USA

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