Pure lightweight rods built for performance, the Shimano Cumulus Spinning Rods are quite possibly the lightest most sensitive rods Shimano has ever produced. Every element of the rod series was designed with low weight in mind, even leading Shimano to develop a new HM-1 blank material especially for the Cumulus Series. The new resin and graphite blend has allowed Shimano to reduce the overall weight of the rods, while maintaining superior strength and power.

Premium Fuji Titanium SiC Guides also deliver durable performance, as well as, the strength to accommodate braided lines, and each rod features a custom Shimano Reel Seat with all but the necessary material removed. Anywhere weight could be shaved and made sense, it was done. No butt cap, no aluminum appearance parts, no paint on the top section of the blank, etc., even the Cumulus name was etched into the EVA grip instead of painted onto the rod blank. Stealthy and simplistic - the ultra-light, super sensitive Shimano Cumulus Spinning Rods were made to satisfy the needs of the serious angler.

Paired with the Shimano Stradic CI4 Spinning Reel, the Cumulus Spinning Rods complete the ultimate Shimano lightweight spinning combo.

Additional Features:

Custom Hook Keeper
Tear Drop Butt Cap
Backed by Shimano's Over-the-Counter Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I would have to say by far this is my go to ROD! This rod and my Shimano Stradic CI4 3000 is my all time fav. combo out of all my gear that I have. This combo NEVER leaves my car its always ready to go. I already catch a lot of fish with this rod, you can feel everything with this bad boy! Thank you Shimano.

From: Toledo: Chicago, IL

Comments: I purchased the Cumulus 6'10 medium action.

HM1 blank?  All the most expensive rods from St. Croix (Legend Xtreme) and G. Loomis (NRX) use a new resin from 3m company to make the graphite stronger. The HM1 blank also uses a new unnamed resin.  Keep in mind the new resins used on the top end rods from St. Croix, Shimano and G. Loomis seem to make the rod slightly stiffer than the rated action.

I also own the Legend Xtreme (7' medium action paired with Shimano Ci4 Rarenium spinning reel) and compared to this rod (6'10 medium) they are nearly the same weight at 3.65 Oz.  My Legend Xtreme feels just slighty lighter due to the REC guides (I prefer the SIC titanium guides on this rod).    This rod is very sensitive, but not better than other top end rods from St. Croix or G Loomis. I would recommend you purchase this rod only if you need to pair it with the new Shimano Ci4 reel (lightest spinning reel on the market). The rod and reel are perfectly matched in red trim. 

I found there is no such thing as the "best rod period."  This is the best rod that Shimano makes at this time, but the best value Shimano rod is the new 2011 Shimano Crucial that uses IM10 blank (cumara) and the same reel seat as the cumulus. The only drawback to the Crucial is the guides are not the best Fuji makes. 

The main gripe about this rod is the price.  There is no reason besides perfectly matching the Ci4 reel for anyone to pay more than $300 for a rod from Shimano made in China. G Loomis NRX at $400 is also a rip-off in my opinion.

Overall Rating: Rod is very strong, very light weight and very sexy only if one wants a high-end rod to perfectly match the Ci4 reel; otherwise stay clear from this rod and purchase the new 2011 Shimano Crucial for the best value. 

From: Fishin in Northern Ca: Redding, CA

Comments: Man, is this rod sick or what!! SUPER SUPER sensitive, very strong for how light it is!! Anybody wanting a sweet shaky head, wacky rig, or any other finesse presentation GET THIS ROD!!

From: Mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

Comments: Ridiculous pair it with the core less than ten ounces for the whole combo including line. You could feel your minnow fart.

From: Ray

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