Shimano Reel Grease

Shimano Reel Grease
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Keeping your reels in perfect condition takes more than an occasional cleaning and squirting in a little oil now and then. The drags and gears of your Shimano reels need some TLC to perform at their best. The Shimano Reel Grease was developed to keep your drags smooth as glass and the gears of your reels protected. This grease is super sticky, it will stay on your gears. The low-friction lubricants in the Shimano Reel Grease will help maintain that new feeling in the drags on all your reels. You won't get the sharp jerk and the line will run out smoothly so you can fine tune your drag settings to match any line you're using. The Shimano Reel Grease is cheap insurance for landing the fish of a lifetime.

Size: 1fl oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I use this grease on all the reels I service. Works great and makes those carbon drag operate smoothly.

From: Trip: Simpsonville, SC 12/6/14

Comments: Excellent grease. 1 oz will probably outlast you.

From: Joseph: Canada 

Comments: This is a great product! Don't be afraid of its plain packaging. Theres a great video on youtube. Search "shimano reel maintence 2". Shows how to apply the grease to gears and drag.

From: Ernest: Bendy Road, AR

Comments: You cannot ask for a better grease to put into your shimano reels.  I use it for my Citica and the reel came back butter-smooth.  Excellent.

From: David: Murrieta

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