Smelly Jelly Pro Guide Formula 4 oz

Smelly Jelly Pro Guide Formula 4 oz

Smelly Jelly Scents are among the most popular fish attractants on the market today. Smelly Jelly has taken the essence of each forage species and concentrated it before mixing it in a jelly base. The jelly will stick to whatever you apply it to and will last. The Pro Guide Formula comes in a large four-ounce jar, specifically for anglers who spend a lot of time on the water. You can use Smelly Jelly to mask your scent after handling lures and as an attractant to bring fish to the bait. When they bite, the natural flavor will make them hold on longer. The Pro Guide Formula scents work for all game fish, try one the next time you tie on a jig or worm.

8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This stuff works. I have used a few other brands and they all seem to work to some extent but no where near as well as Smelly Jelly. Not only does Smelly Jelly add scent, it also adds a film to the bait similar to a fishes slime coat.

From: Rick: Alexandria, VA 4/25/14

Comments: I go bassin sometimes with an old timey bass angler. I call him Garlic Don cause he uses this stuff on everything. You can smell this guy a mile away. The spot where he fishes stays smelling of this stuff for 20 mins. The best part is Garlic Don out fishes all of me and my buddies using the same bait. Garlic Don made me a believer.

From: Bubba: NJ

Comments: smells like doodoo but the fish dig it!

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments: love this stuuf smells terible i like bass feast and crawdaddy im going to try special mix cause i have shad minnows craw dads all sorts of stuff i rate it 5 stars

From: Brayden: IN

Comments: This stuff does stink bad but the bass love it and they wont let go of your worm with this stinky crap on there.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: Stuff STINKS horribly but fish love it. Get a 4z jar and itll last a ton of seasons. A great great deal

From: Chris: MA

Comments: I will not go fishing without Smelly Jelly Pro Guide! Fish love it so I love it.

From: Ron: Montana

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