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The Smithwick Devil's Horse has proven to be one of the best all time prop baits on the market. The propellers on both the front and back cause commotion on the surface that a bass cannot resist. Using a stop and go ripping motion can cause the Devil's Horse to churn the water and create a noise disturbance that can draw attention from long distances. By bending the blades forward or backward you can modify the bait to be more or less disruptive, depending on the water conditions. With five fish catching colors available, the Smithwick Devil's Horse is a must have bait for those who love intense topwater action.

Smithwick Length Weight Class Hooks
AF100 4-1/2" 3/8oz Surface #4

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Chrm Blk Back
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Smithwick Devil's Horse

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  • Chr Blue Back
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  • Chr Blue Back OB
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  • Chrm Blk Back
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  • Chrm Blk Back OB
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  • Silver Shiner
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Comments: this is one of the most effective surface lures ever produced! if there was ever a BIG fish bait, this is it. the originals were made better and i still have several. another smithwick lure that was as good if not better was the king snipe, no longer in production for some insane reason. cotton cordell makes/sells a similar bait with head/tail props which is plastic. i think they call them 'crazy shad'. they fish well also. i met a sales rep for smithwick at santa margarita lk. in the 70's, who did magic tricks with all the top water lures of smithwick including the 'buck n' bawl'. gone but not forgotten--- 

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: The last batch of Devil Horses I received were made terrible. The line eye was way off center and the hooks were off centered as well. This use to be a quality bait now they must only care about how fast they can package them. It's a shame they are allowing this to happen.

From: Bill: FL

Comments: amazing good price catch so many bass

From: Ben

Comments: best top water bait ever made period. every tounement i have one one my rod and i always catch a limit on it.

Comments:  Recently just caught a 7,6 two 5 and one 4 pounder on this bait within two days of fishing

From: Ross: LA

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