Spiderwire Stealth Braid has mono manageability and body, but has the ultra thin diameter, superior strength, and ultimate sensitivity that you are looking for in a premium braided line. Due to it's Teflon treated micro-fibers, it's super quiet, it flies through the guides giving you an even longer cast, and it won't cut into your rod guides. Stealth holds it's color better than the competition, and it's round shape reduces backlashes and resists digging-in on reels. With Spiderwire, Nothing Gets Away!

Line Diameter 20lb 30lb 50lb 65lb 80lb
Inches .009 .012 .015 .016 .017
Millemeters .24 .30 .38 .40 .42
Equiv. Mono Dia. 6lb 8lb 12lb 14lb 15lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: you can not break this stuff. it is great, quiet and strong. if you dont know how to tie a knot, yes, it will 'break' otherwise know as slip. For punchin tie a palomar with just a dab of super glue and it will not break, but it may if you still set the hook like a idiot. as for the line color fading, thats why you get a sharpie to 'camo' it up a few feet. look it up

From: Jack: Cape Girardeau, MO 6/30/15

Comments: I had used this for my swimjig & frog rod & i had snaped off so many times & ive checked eyes & knots everything & its deffently not knots because i feel i snap on my reel.

From: Connor: Lakeland, FL 7/1/15

Comments: From top water, to beating and banging through rocks on the bottom. Even when the line was frayed and looked like it would break, I caught over a 5lb. largemouth and had no difficulty or worry to cast the same bait, on the same line back out into the water.

From: Adam: KY 9/18/14

Comments: Will not buy again. Performs good until the teflon wears off. (About 5-6 trips) Then it frays and loses color quickly. Once that happened id find myself retying a handful of times a day when punching and frogging. Knew I never should have switched from fx2

From: Jacque: Central, MA 6/16/14

Comments: I used this line a few times and already took it off.  The braid cut my tip line guide in a couple of places making it unusable.  Granted it was a cheaper rod from shakesphere but i also found the color was not lasting and it seemed more visible in the water compared to the Power Pro i have spooled on my spinning rod deffinatley will not buy again!

From: James: Rural Valley, PA 4/3/14

Comments: OMG, I have not tried braid because of all the negative reviews. I figured it was time. I picked up Stealth and P.P., The Stealth is more limp than the P.P. I can not understand the negative reviews. I find if you set a hook with no drag your line will dig into a spool, and may snap on your next cast. Stealth is cost effective enough that you can replace it every year. If you want to feel fish breathing on your lure, try some braid. The brand really should not matter, try it all till you find what you like. I find the Stealth is easy to tie compared to P.P.  Good Luck and Tight Lines.

From: Ed: Ohio

Comments: 10 lb spooled on my Shimano 1000 size reel and it is GREAT! The line is very limp and very sensitive. With it being teflon treated it is much quieter and smoother then Powerpro with that being said it also keeps its color well and ties great knots. Not going back to any other braid for my spinning reel till I run into a problem. FANTASTIC LINE.

From: Unknown; USA

Comments: I have been using this line for Redfish & Snook for about the last 10 years.  These fish are infamous for wrapping you up and breaking you off in the mangrove trees. If you want a line that allows you to horse the fish out from where they hide then this is for you. This line provides ultimate casting without twist knots like Power Pro does. It holds it's color for a  long time.

From: Jason: South Tampa, FL

Comments: This line breaks so easily!  I used the same line for 3 years and never had a problem.  I decided I should re-spool my reels and have had nothing but constant breakage whether it was on weeds or just setting the hook. I kept thinking it might be my knots, but no...I tested it in the backyard and the line snapped while reeling it through the grass.  This line sucks and will never use again!

From: Kevin: Chateaugay, NY

Comments: this braid is pretty good for spider wire. It is quiet like the name says. It does dig into the spool sometimes but I can deal with it!! 8/10

From: Barrett: south cackilacki

Comments: I use the Spiderwire 30 lb braid for fishing a swim jig with a flourocarbon leader.  Fished it all weekend in heavy wind with very few backlashes or issues. It's also is good about not digging into itself on the baitcaster spool like some braids are. Can't beat the price, either.

From: Adam: Bowling Green, KY

Comments: I am currently using the 10lb braid. Going on my 3'd season, same line. This line is made for spinning reels. I no longer have any twist issues. I run 6,8,10 and sometimes 12lb ( 6 and 8 the majority of the time ) leaders in floro depending on what I am fishing. I use a version of the improved Albright knot for the connection to floro...I never run straight braid to the lure. People.. This is excellent line for finesse applications on spinning gear. Allows me to set the hook in deeper water or farther out with confidence. Highly recommend this line!

From: Kim: La Mesa, CA

Comments: I am very let down on this product, and let down with SpiderWire over all. I cannot find one version of braided line from this company I can trust. I tie Palomar knot 100% of the time, even for panfish. I always wet the line, the knot, and will tie a back up knot, leaving maybe 1/2" of tag line. It was great the first time out of the spool, but that next time out, ouch. Let me just say this, I HATE breaking off on hookset. And while yes, I will set the hook like my life depends on it, and need plyers every time, my line should hold up better than that. And I will break off away from the hook, too. The line sank in my reel, and I basically had to set the rod down and fish with something else. I would rate 2/5. I am now off to find a new braided line.

From: Jake: C. TX

Comments: Been fishing with this line about 3 going on 4 years with this line an it  has never failed me , I use the 10 lb test on all my spinning reels , and  for casting reels I use 15lb for jig and worm fishing also 50 lb and 65 lb for flipping and punching .  So going to buy 20 lb test and try it this year . I will highly recommanded this line  , When fishing I use the double palomar knot , this knot never fails so if you looking for a good braid try spiderwire stealth it a good cheap braid that works. I have tried other braid like stren sonic braid and like it but kept coming back to this one always .

From: Erik: IL

Comments: This is my favorite braid! I have used quite a few braids but this one is best because it has a coating the allow the braid not to fray as quick. And isn't supper expensive

From: Chris: Ohio

Comments: great line for any spinnig real - very tough. would not recommend it for casting reels as it tends to bury in itself. on a hookset or fighting a fish - your next cast will be cut short because the line gets nestled down in the reel - less than fun. so spinnig reel - yeah, casting reel - no way!

From: Matt: Lakeside, AZ

Comments: Well I'v used this line for a week now and I have to sadly say that I do not trust it...It's very smooth to cast, it doesn't squeal through the guides, and when it does birdnest its an easy fix but I have had this line break on me just simply casting...and with other braids and mono's I haven't had a problem with spiderwire, maybe I just got a bad spool...

From: Zach: Brown County, IN

Comments: I have been bass fishing for 3 years now and this is second brand braid I have used, the first being PowerPro and let me tell you that my time with this line was a nightmare. I've been a pretty good caster with all the lines I've used so far and spiderwire has been the worst. It backlashed almost every cast no matter what adjustments I made to my equiptment. This line was also thicker than expected. A complete waste of money and I'm going to another brand, maybe back to PP which is much better for me.

From: P: California Delta

Comments: This is the strongest for its value on the market! I use 65LB for frogs, jigs and punching. Great stuff, I launched the boat the other day and one of my running boards on my trailer popped off! Didnt have screws and a drill but luckily I had this to do a temp. fix.

From: Justin: Cal Delta, CA

Comments: this braid is awesome, it keeps its roundness and colour for quite a while, and it doesnt scream through the guides. Steve, you should change your braid at least every year, of course its going to get like that after a year or 2.

From: Cole: Ontario, Canada

Comments: I used to like this braid when i first used it. it has a slick coating on the outside that makes it nice to used, then over the passed year it wore off and now the braid sucks.  it has a tendency to be too limp so now when i cast it wraps over kind of beyond itself on the spool and stops the lure mid air.  i adjusted my breaking system to accommodate this problem, but now i dont get the distance i used to.  also as it got older the braid got wider and flatter.  i will be trying another brand next time.

From: Steve: NY

Comments: This is quickly becoming my new favorite line.  It keeps its color, is very strong and has a very thing diameter.  Compared to other braids, this line feels very thin but is also very strong!  I have this spooled on my Quantum accurist spinning rod and love it.

From: Jon: Chicago, IL

Comments: This braid is good cause it flows well into the guides of your reel and it casts far. I would recommend it to anyone. Not the best braid of all but it really worth it for what you pay.

From: Victor: Canada

Comments: This is the best braid i have ever used. A lot better than power pro and sufix braids. Great for flipping and pitching,Casting topwater frogs and casting plastics even weightless. This line even 80 lb with a weightless senko cast a mile. This line can literally cast jigs,spinnerbaits,swimbaits, and hardbaits down two and a half backyards that are big!!!! Recommend this line to anyone!!!!

From: Kelvin: Oakdale, MN

Comments: This line is the best braid I have used yet other than Power-Pro. I find that Power-Pro works a lot better in the slop and Spiderwire works better in open water around wood and scattered grass but Power-Pro is better on swim baits other wise this line is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Jack: New Hampshire, USA

Comments: Used to use power pro braid worked ok but then i tried the spiderwire stealth and it works a lot better for flipping and pitching, frogs and topwater baits. Casts a lot farther, I like it a lot so check it out for your self.

From: Joe: Wilmington, IL

Comments: Worst braid I've ever used, will never buy spiderwire braid again! Rather spend a couple dollars more and go with a quality product like power pro.

From: Serje: Pasadena, CA

Comments:Phenomenal casting distance even when throwing light weight top water frogs/soft plastics. Quite possibly the best flipping and pitching line I've ever used. Just make sure you have a good pair of scissors to cut it. I would recommend this line to anyone!!

From:Jim: Fayetteville, NC

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