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Spike It Jig-N-Coat Powder Paint - $5.99

Jig-N-Coat Powder coat is used to customize the color of jig heads and spoons. If you're looking for the best powder coating, then look no further. Powder coating applies a small durable layer of plastic to the lure. The plastic coating is much more durable than regular paint. Combine multiple powder colors to create a swirl patterns.

Preheat your jig or spoon with a cigarette lighter, torch or oven at 350 degrees for a few seconds. Immediately dip the jig or spoon into the powder coat and remove, shake off excess powder. The coating should melt onto the lure in a few seconds and form a glossy finish when cool. For extra durability, cure the lure in 350 degree oven for 15 minutes or 250 degrees for 25 minutes if using a jig head with weed guard.

Comments: This stuff is terrible. Rarely coats a jig head evenly. Drips if too much, melts if too hot, and "sandblasts" is too cool. Too tough to get a nice even coat. Go with Pro-tec, its much easier to use.

From: JG: San Diego

Comments: Silver jig heads bug me. Like a stranger with a boog hangin out his nose. So grab yer rusty pliers, heat, dip, hang in oven, and you have glossy jig heads. Skip the oven if you want a matte finish. Were is the 'easy' button?

From: meatwad: chillin

Comments: Love it! its easy to use and does a wonderful job..plus the great quantity lets you do a lot!!

From: Kong: Fresno, CA

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Spike It Jig-N-Coat Powder Paint

9 Available Colors

  • Black
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  • Black Glitter
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  • Blaze Orange
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  • Blue
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  • Brown
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  • Green
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  • Purple
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  • Silver
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  • White
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