Spoolin Buddy Jr. 5 Unit

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Do you have spools of line scattered about your boat, truck, or garage? If so, meet your new best friend - the Spoolin Buddy Jr. - 5 Unit. The Spoolin Buddy Jr. - 5 Unit takes all of your unorganized spools of line and keeps them in one neat, easy-to-use, portable spooling station. Featuring a durable, sturdy construction, the Spoolin Buddy Jr. - 5 Unit is easy to transport and a must-have for any multi-day fishing trip. Whether you’re buying in bulk or you just want to tidy-up your garage or home, the Spoolin Buddy comes in a wide-range of sizes that are sure to fit all of your storage needs. 

Please Note:

-5-unit Jr model stores 5 bulk spools of line from 1000 to 3000 yards.
-All hardware included
-Some assembly required

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Customer Reviews

Comments: My biggest concern with this product was whether the spools had a mechanism to create tension. It does not. I placed three 1000 yd spools and several 200 yd spools on it and still had room left over. I turned the the unit on its side in order to create tension (from the weight of the other spools) and then spooled a reel quickly with no problems. This unit stands on its side very well and removes any issues related to lack of tension. Pros: Holds several spools of different sizes of line. Able to stand securely on its side to create tension while spooling. All of your line in one place and completely portable. Cons: This product is large. You'll likely need to store it in a rod box. Expensive. Requires assembly.

From: Michael: Nashville, TN

Comments: I have been using the Spoolin Buddy for a couple of years. It makes respooling a snap and it protects your line while also keeping it organized.  This product is very durable and will last a lifetime and will never be obsolete.  Is definitely a fishermans friend.  A+

From: Wendell: Burleson,Texas

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