Spro BBZ-1 Rat

Tested and perfected over the last two years by Spro pro-staffer and lure-designer, Bill Siemantel, the Spro BBZ-1 Rat is the most lifelike rat imitation to ever hit the market. Perfectly sized, the Spro BBZ-1 Rat features a single-jointed rodent profile and a durable square bill that offer an effortless "walk the dog" action and a gentle wake that humps along the surface.

Made from multiple composites, the Spro BBZ-1 Rat offers a custom “wood” feel and a sturdy construction that stands up to the most crushing topwater explosions. At the rear, the Spro BBZ-1 Rat comes equipped with a long articulated rat-tail that adds to its realistic rat appearance. Armed with super-sharp trebles, the Spro BBZ-1 Rat offers an easy-to-walk, lifelike presentation that is sure increase your fish count and your heart rate.  

Spro  Total Length Length w/ out Tail Weight Class
BBZ-1 Rat 30 6.25" 3.25" 1/2oz  Waking
BBZ-1 Rat 40 7.5" 4" 1-oz  Waking
BBZ-1 Rat 50 10" 5.25" 2.5-oz  Waking

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7 Colors

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    Model No. SRT30Z1BRN
    Size Stock Price Qty
    30 5+ $21.99
    40 5+ $25.99
    50 5+ $29.99
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    Model No. SRT30Z1CSL
    Chrome Silver
    Size Stock Price Qty
    30 5+ $21.99
    40 5+ $25.99
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    Model No. SRT30Z1GGT
    Grey Ghost
    Size Stock Price Qty
    30 5+ $21.99
    40 5+ $25.99
    50 5+ $29.99
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    Model No. SRT30Z1MDN
    Morning Dawn
    Size Stock Price Qty
    30 5+ $21.99
    40 5+ $25.99
    50 5+ $29.99
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    Model No. SRT30Z1NSD
    Nasty Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    30 5+ $21.99
    40 5+ $25.99
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    Model No. SRT50Z1NNJ
    Size Stock Price Qty
    50 5+ $29.99
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    Model No. SRT50Z1WHT
    Size Stock Price Qty
    50 5+ $29.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These rats are fantastic. They are very durable & they straight up catch fish. Don't be intimidated by the 50 size. Although it is obviously targeting the giants, dinks will still blow up on it all day.  Well worth the money.

From: Reggie: Winston Salem, NC 8/26/16

Comments: I had my hopes up, but I wasn't impressed with this lure for a couple reasons. First, the hooks wore the paint off on each side of the lure after an hour of fishing and just kept getting worse. Most frustrating though was how the tail continuously hooked in the rear treble. Even when I was extremely careful not to spin the lure when I casted and thumbed hard to make the tail fall behind the hooks when it hit the water, it would still stick on 90% of casts. Needless to say, it didn't swim properly when the tail was hooked. I ended up having to remove the rear hook, but then lost confidence in getting a hook set because I was fishing for musky.

From: Jason: MN 8/13/16

Comments: Wow this bait is a lot of fun. I normally love my whopper plopper but i got the morning dawn & was out fishing this morning. 3 bass 3 northern in the span of an hour. 1.4, 1.9, 3.5 lb bass. Don't normally weigh the slimmers. Think I've found my new fave bait. The sound these things make is amazing

From: Chhith: MN 7/28/16

Comments: All my buddies and my dad have been making fun of me as I bought almost every color.  They stopped laughing when I started boating donkeys in open water, along shore, cove's, heck anywhere! They are pricing, but hey... Its top water! You have to be a special kind of special to lose a floating top water bait!

From: Joe: OH 7/28/16

Comments: I bought the 50 & 40 size in Grey Ghost. Night fishing with these is simply amazing! You just blind cast to the shore & slow roll it back & wait for that iconic "Slurp" as they grab it. Keep reeling to see if there is added weight & pull back. We use a minimum of 7'6" Heavy Fast rods for the 50, but a 7'10" or longer is ideal for this big lure. You can get away with a 7' MH Fast for the 40/30 size. Use a high quality reel spooled with Berkley 20# Big Game Mono. The mono gives you that extra cushion so you don't rip the hooks out, plus this rod/reel/line setup gives you an awesome fighting experience even with smaller fish & you can boat flip the big ones too.

From: JD: MN 7/17/16

Comments: Used the 40 in the morning dawn color this morning. I caught a 7lb & 6lb largemouth back to back. I think I'm going to get a few more during this sale!

From: Brandon: Annapolis, MD 7/2/16

Comments: I hesitated getting this lure for probably a year due to the price tag, even though I had read all the glowing reviews and loved the action on it. Finally ordered it in the big size in Morning Dawn. Literally my first cast off the shore (just wanting to see it in action) I had a muskie come up & smash it. The reviews are all true - it works.

From: Josh: Canada 5/15/16

Comments: Great bait, using the 40 in Morning dawn. I have so far caught bass from 1 pound to 7.2, most have came from swimming the rat than using it as a wke bait. Definitely worth a try!

From: Leviathan: Martin, TN 4/6/16

Comments: Spro Rat for the win. I fish these for stripers & they love it. Morning Dawn is the color I use. Fishing CA Delta.

From: Moua: Sacramento, CA 2/4/16

Comments: Pretty much going to echo what everyone else has already said but this bait flat out catches fish. I think what makes it so dynamic is not only the ability to both wake the bait & walk it (which I do to primarily get bit) but it's the SOUND the bait makes when you walk it. I think that plays a big factor in drawing some of the fish too. You'll catch fish of all different sizes, from one pounders all the way up to giants. Grab the appropriate gear and hang on!

From: Scott: Clewiston, FL 12/3/15

Comments: The best topwater bait i have ever fished. first cast at a very pressured pond caught a 5lber. Later that day I also caught a 1lber on the 50 size morning dawn, apparently this is not just a big fish bait. Awesome, i would highly recommend the morning dawn color in the 50 size

From: Jake: CA 10/5/15

Comments: THIS BAIT CATCHES FISH! I bought one and took it to a local heavily pressured pond that normally only produces dinks IF you can get bit at all. I landed a 3 4 and 5lber within the first hour of fishing this bait. Since then I have caught many more huge fish out of that same pond. Best big bait for the money.

From: Jordan: CA 9/3/15

Comments: I was looking at rat wake baits in the $100+ range and just couldn't commit to spending that amount of money. I bought this bait instead and cannot understand how the expensive baits could be better than this. This rat wakes perfectly, makes a loud knocking noise, looks extremely realistic, and hooks big fish - right out of the package.

From: Nick: Natick, MA 8/18/15

Comments: This rat is pretty amazing. I got it in the mail around 4 in the afternoon and I just went to a little spot by my house to try it out and see what it looked like. First cast I caught a 2.7 lb bass and then I just swam it in a few more times to watch it and I went home. I went back later that night just to stop by and I caught a 6 pound 0 oz bass. Ive had the lure for 2 days and Ive caught over 10 fish with the smallest being 2.7 lbs and the average around 4 pounds. This lure is phenomenal. Well worth the $30

From: Matthew: Sturbridge, MA 8/13/15

Comments: Awesome Bait. Killed it at night with the Black Rat Ninja. Doesn't perform well in weeds and lilly pads, the large bill catches everything. My brother saw me catch 6 3lbers on the first night so he went out and bought the purple morning dawn, and it also produced big bass in MA. Buy this bait! Reasonable price for a quality rat! 

From: Ace: MA 8/1/15

Comments: One of the best purchases that I've made in a long time when it comes to largemouth bass fishing. I got the Morning Dawn cause it's all the rage and highly recommend it. Have been using it for two days, have had two followers in the 6 pound range, nailed two small fish the same size of the lure, and had a 3 pounder get it but threw me when she jumped. I even have a buddy who is using this for Yellowtail and Calico Bass in the ocean.

From: Levi: Temecula, CA 7/16/15

Comments: Great Bait. First time using caught a 5lber on the third cast! Isn't just for big fish either. Caught many bass as small as one pound on this rat.

From: Jack: St. Louis, MO 7/10/15

Comments: This rat is awesome. First time out I caught a 6 lb Bass. Bass love this. Second time out I got 6 fish. Slow to medium retrieve worked best for me

From: Mike: Allentown, PA 5/22/15

Comments: The fish really like this bait unfortunately the paint isn't too durable but that doesn't really matter with topwater for the most part. love this bait I've already had an 8 choke it!

From: Bass Angler: Memphis, TN 4/17/15

Comments: USE 85# braid!!! this dandy will also catch small fish but its design say's hogs. i use a 8 ft. heavy action rod with a fast retrieve b/c reel and they work fine so far. biggest fish is a 7.5 lg mouth in the middle of a tule patch. since color means little with surface lures, pick one or two and have some fun. night fishing is a blast and as exciting as bassing can be. good luck --

From: Wes: Salinas, CA 3/21/15

Comments: Finally a super rat at a great price! Last year the "RAT" craze began, and now there is a migration of new "RAT" lures. The Spro BBZ-1 Rat has staked it's claim for water supremacy. Move over rodents, this alpha rat's mindset is on total largemouth bass domination!

From: William: Thomaston, GA 3/18/15

Comments: This rat is awesome! I recommend buying it if you bass fish. My first cast I landed a 4 pounder! The bait has an awesome life-like movement through the water and the slow roll is a largemouth killer!

From: Mason: San Jose, CA 2/23/15

Comments: I'm very impressed. Weighing 2 1/2 ounces it's not too big, but definitely targets the hogs. I see it more like a swimbait than just a wake bait. One of the best things about this lure is you don't have to replace the hooks or split rings. Great quality and, unbeatable price. Highly recommended.

From: Mullet: Atlanta, GA 2/20/15

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