Spro Dean Rojas Bronzeye Frog 65

Spro Dean Rojas Bronzeye Frog 65

The Dean Rojas Bronzeye (Bronze Eye) Frog, manufactured by Spro, is probably the most heralded frog ever introduced to the US market. Ever since Rojas won $40,000 fishing a frog bait at the Bassmaster Classic on Lake Wiley in 2004, the frog market has gone crazy and we have seen more frogs come on the market in a short time span than ever before. With all the great hollow- bodied frog baits already on the market, Dean Rojas knew he had to really put something extra into the design of the Bronzeye Frog to make it stand out. The first unique feature you'll notice about the Rojas Bronzeye Frog is that it has been designed to utilize the full potential of Gamakatsu's EWG Double Frog Hook. The wire used in this hook is 2x strong, ensuring it can stand up to strong rods and braided line. When you press down on the Bronzeye body you won't believe the amount of hook that is exposed, thanks to the EWG Hook, and how soft the plastic is.

The body of the frog is narrower and longer than other frogs on the market, with the exception of the Swamp Donkey, which will make the Bronzeye walk-the-dog easily in open water. The ‘nose' of the bait is anchored to the wire just behind the line tie eye, which has been welded closed so your super braid line cannot slip out. the weight is molded into the body and cannot fall off or move. The body resists filling with water, making the Bronzeye land correctly almost every time. Another nice touch, showing that the bait was designed by someone who actually fishes frogs, is that the living rubber legs are secured inside the body of the Bronzeye so they will never pull out. They are also cut extra long so you can trim them to the length you like. The Bronzeye is a great all-purpose frog, good for thick mats, sparse grass, and open water.

Spro Length Weight
Dean Rojas Bronzeye Frog 65
2.5" 5/8oz

35 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: By far my favorite soft body frog! I've used quite a few including Booyah & Snag Proof and these SPRO frogs (both the 65 and Junior 60) are killer when it comes to topwater bassin'....I've caught my personal best Largemouth with the Midnight Walker and have a lot of success with Amazon, Freak, Natural Green and Outback. I've caught bass of all sizes with this bait. My friend was in the boat the one time and couldn't believe how a small bass came through a thick grass mat to hammer it. You would've thought this bass was at least a 3 pounder the way it hit. Bottom line is....bass go after these things! Slow retrieve...pop it a few times, pause it then run it a little. You will get some hawgs on this bait!

From: John: NJ 6/14/16

Comments: My new favorite soft body frog. Took it right out of the package & caught a 2lber first cast. It works perfect in heavy pads & always rights itself. Great frog for the right price. Favorite colors midnight & pearl.

From: Zack: New Smyma Beach, FL 6/3/16

Comments: Never used a spro product before and then i found one at a pond with rotted legs. i think it being in the cali sun helped soften the body up & all i had to do was replace the rotted legs & i started to fall in love with this frog definitely my top from other than snag proof either are a must have! doesn't hurt your wallet too bad either like a livetarget or more expensive frogs.

From: Lucien: CA 5/10/16

Comments: These frogs are simply amazing! The body is soft, yet tough. They walk fairly easily, they almost walk in place. My favorite color is killer gill. You have to get some of these frogs!

From: Rob: St. Louis, MO 1/13/16

Comments: I use a lot of different hollow-body frogs, and this one is by far the most lacking frog out there. I bought the Albino 65. It looks and feels great, but doesn't perform once you get it on the water. You have to work pretty hard to get any kind of action out of it. The body (rubber part) is firmer than most other frogs, so it has a tendency to get snagged more often. It will stay in my box, but it isn't a go-to and definitely isn't a bait I have confidence in.

From: Matt: San Diego, CA 12/3/15

Comments: These are the best frogs made. Soft, easy to walk, and durable. Don't get confused by all the colors. Pay attention to what color the frog is on the bottom. The fish never really see the top anyway. I would get 3 different colors. One that's white on bottom, black on bottom, and a shad pattern on bottom. I like The Killer color. It's great when it's starting to get dark. I would really like to try the white one with black on bottom but solid white on top. It would be easier to see when it's almost dark.

From: Eric: Cullman, Al 7/20/15

Comments: Best frog ever made... ive tried em all and i keep goin back to spro... super durable and great hooks... only thing i do to make it perfect is trim the legs and the best tip i ever got was to cut a small hole in the back and it will never fill up with water

From: Clint: NC 5/24/15

Comments: Picked up a few of these frogs and was very impressed. Albino is what has worked for me day in and day out. Don't let all those crazy designs on top fool you. Most of the frogs are white on the bottom anyway. It has the perfect amount of softness, not too soft, and not too hard. Another thing to mention is that this frog walks like a champ. If you like walking frogs then this is the one for you.

From: Mason: Harris County, GA 5/20/15

Comments: I own a few of these and have done well with them. Personally I'd love to own all these darn colors and display them on a wall! They're Hot Rod Frogs!

From: Mark: Stafford, VA 5/6/15

Comments: Many complain that this frog is not soft enough but Ive landed many fish on these frogs & i see no problem with hook ups unless you set the hook like a pussy, you will be fine, also they last for hundreds of fish..... best frog on the market

From: Caleb: ME 3/9/15

Comments: This frog is awesome, way more durable than others and for the hook ups, i like to reel down and feel the fish then I swing and get them every time. This from is awesome

From: David: WI 10/15/14

Comments: I bought a couple spro bronzeye shad and bronzeye frogs just to try something new after only using booyah pad crashers. I finally got to go out and throw them and I had four fish blow up on the bronzeye shad but not a single one landed. I gave it time to run before I set the hook and nothing. Not one fish. Another con I found was it seems to sink, it doesn't sit on the water and walk as well as I had expected. I'm kind of disappointed that the price point is so much higher than booyah. I'm going to try to bend the hooks up and see if I have better success

From: Brad: USA 8/28/14

Comments: I have fished a lot of frogs this summer and have to say the Spro is my least favorite. It does swim very nice and takes on very little water but the body is not as soft as some of the others I have fished like the Booyah or the Koppers. Hook up ratio, for me at least, was much lower than the other frogs I mentioned. It didn't matter how long I waited or didn't wait after a blow up, very few fish landed. If it had a little softer body I think I would like this frog much better.

From: Mark: WI 7/28/14

Comments: I was never a frog fisherman but one day me and my buddy got one before we went out fishing and I caught 3 bass and my buddy got 3 bass and a Pike never used other frogs but I definatly am going to stay with these frogs

From: Brandon: PA 7/27/14

Comments: Great hookup ratio, went fishing for an hour and had 6 blowups and landed 6 fish, caught them all on the leopard color

From: Tyler: IL 6/28/14

Comments: Killer Gill in the bronzeye frog 65 and leopard in the junior have brought me many strikes

From: Trent: USA 6/8/14

Comments: Probably one of the best frogs I've used, the overall shape is easy for bass to target and walks like a dream.  Hardly ever have an issue with it filling with water. My go to frog, even little bass seem to choke it down, and that is because of one reason; IT'S A SPRO BRONZEYE. Not to mention this frog is pretty durable. I currently use one in the Natural Red color and I'm going to get a second in the Red Ear color. Rating: 10/10

From: Dave: Joilet, IL 5/30/14

Comments: First time ever using these frogs and they are the best had zero problems with hook sets I went out fishing testing the Red Ear out to see how well the action was on them and caught 3 monster snake heads 1st one was 34 inches and 15lbs 9oz and 2nd one was 31 inches and 13lbs, 3rd one was 30.5 inches and 12lbs and they held up awesome to those monster fish going back out tomorrow to try the rest of the colors I give these lures a 10 out of 10. And the sunline fx2is the best line for frogging too and super strong I carried all 3 on it out the woods where I was fishing cause I lost my stringer.

From: Richard: USA 5/6/14

Comments: Reading these reviews, the spro frog might be my go to for this year. All last year I used the strike king sexy frog, worst hook up ratio and never caught much. Hopefully this year might be better with the spro bronzeye frog.

From: Jacob: Basehor, KS 3/20/14

Comments: This frog is awesome It walks so well, I dont modify my frogs at all, I have 5 spro frogs in all I love them all they all will walk right out of the package, If your a good frog fishermen then you dont need to trim the legs on your frogs My favorite color has to be killer gill I will be buying more in the future!I recently fished in a tournament and threw this frog a little bit in the morning I got 3 hits in the first 10 minutes of fishing this frog, I came second in the tournament with 15 boats in it although most fish where on a spinnerbait this frog helped find the pattern I wont leave without one in killergill!

From: Louis: Baton Rouge Louisiana

Comments: This frog has changed my fall fishing my hook ups are a lot better and the fish cant stand the legs just moving when the frog is sitting still in a open hole.. it like crack for a bass!

From: Jim: AL

Comments: I love the Spro frogs, rainforest black is my go to color. I add a rattle to every one of my frogs and trim the skirts an inch.  I hit the local lakes with my buddies and catch 2-3 to their 1. My biggest of the year was off the rainforest black. A 6.5lber. I'd like to see more color schemes for the juniors too. Keep it up spro!

From: Chris: jacksonville, FL

Comments: Quality frog with good action.  Its easy to walk the dog fast or slow tempo. Its been tough fishing lately and after a couple of hours with no luck using my go to lures, i tied this frog on.  Within 5 casts i had a huge hit and caught nice 3 pounder, two other bass followed the fish to the side of the boat. They all wanted it.

Comments: Personally I think that the lower hook-up ratio comes with the frog territory. This frog seems to have worked best in that aspect out of others I have tried in the past though. However, I have come to learn that with a few modifications, you can rarely ever miss fish. I bend the hooks up of course, trim about an inch off the legs, and most importantly, cover the entire frog including the legs with KVD fish sticks. The bass will take it under and they won't let go. I'm sure any attractant would work well too. I just feel that it opens the hook setting window a little more. I love the colors, the action, and the durability is great! The Spro Bonzeye 65 flat out gets bit and will catch fish, including quality fish!

Comments: I'm a CA Delta rat who has tried them all and this frog is by far the best, (sorry Bobby B). Casts great, walks the dog great, and the hook up ratio is better than most.  Midnight black with a little gold flake paint modification is my go to color.

From: Sal: Discovery Bay CA

Comments: If you have trouble walking the dog with the others, you should try Spro, The best by far.

From: Mike

Comments: this frog is amazing!

From: Ryan: Omaha, NE

Comments: Idk what the hell you guys are using to bend up your hooks but I tried using my Shimano pliers and was just applying a decent amount of force with no luck, so finally I got fed up a went all out balls to the wall roid rage and broke the barb off my hook, well folded it completely in flush with the hook beyond repair, and broke off a piece of the tip of the hook...so now I get to buy a whole new frog... Point being, I'll take my chances with the "poor" hook-up ratio.

From: Mitch: TX

Comments: Best frog on the market I have almost every color and I usually catch most of my fish on the leopard color but yesterday I threw the 
albino and third cast got an 8.5 pounder after missing two my first two cast, some people say they have trouble getting a hook set just bend them up just a little bit but over all best frog ever!!!!

From: Stephen: Destin, FL

Comments: No better frog on the market!! I only use Spro and will never use anything else!! Pair this frog up with Sunline FX2 50 or 60# and hold on tight!! Hookups are crazy good (would recommend bending the hooks out a bit for a higher percentage of hookups) this frog walks easy and casts a mile!! If you love frog fishing you have to use this frog!!

Comments:I personaly think this is the best frog on the market! The colors are great the QUALITY is awsome. The hooks are EWG gammas,easy to work The only thing I can think of is poor hookups (witch comes with all frogs) BUT like Zack said all you have to do is take some pliers and bend the points out away and slightly up from the body, about a 1/16 of an inch. Had about a three pounder come out of the water for it in Green Tree... of course when I wasn't looking;).

Comments: Great frog. I used it for the first time and caught a 5.4 lber on the natural green

Comments: I love to frog fish and I have tried just about every frog on the market, but no matter how much I try to move on from this frog, I always find myself tying on the ole 65... Nothing no other frog catches them like it, I will fish half the day with others that have the drain hole or made to walk the dog with ease, but push comes to shove when I need a bite its the 65 that gets me it.

From: Jake: NC

Comments: Pro.... I love the Bronze Eye Leopard.  Looks and feels more real than other brands.  Major blow ups in weeds and lilly pads.
Con......Poor hook ups.  I had several nearly in the boat when they got off.  Couldn't figure it out until I inspected the double hooks.   One had never had a barb [still painted black] One the other one the barb was extremely small and mostly painted over.  I'll continue to buy them but not without looking at the barbs first. 

From: Bill: Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Comments: Great frog! I wasn't a big fan of top water frogging' because of past fails (with different frogs). But when weeds took over my favorite fishing hole, decide to try it again. Bought a couple of these and the Green Tree had immediate results. Several blow-ups and a few 2-3 lbrs in the boat. Took my cousin out, as he had quit bass fishing about ten yrs ago. Let him use the Green Tree and I was using another brand. He was getting all the strikes and landed his largest bass ever. Since I hadn't got any hits, we decided to switch lures to see if it was "the arrow or the Indian". Within 5 minutes I had one in the boat too. Needless to say we r both believers and he has bass fever once again!

Comments: Decent frog casts a mile pretty great color selection but the body is a bit harder and it does take on a bit of water but still a good frog.

From: Louis: Green Bay

Comments: The frog does take on more water than any other frogs that i used but its still a good frog overall.

From: Peter: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: I don't know if I got a bad one out of the box because within the first few casts it took on water and I have to squeeze it out every two or three cast but with that being said I love the color schemes the colors are great.

From: Evan: IA

Comments: I personally refuse to use any other frog. tried other brands and didnt get the same results. trim the legs a little and they are ready to go. fished a tournament this year when it was 103 degrees most people struggled and didnt catch a limit and i had my limit all on this frog.

From: Bryson: WV

Comments: This is definitely my favorite frog (besides the junior version). Many people who are unfamiliar with frog fishing often are frustrated with the bronzeye because it doesnt do what they want it to right out of the box. There are several modifications that can be made to this frog that if done properly, make it superior to other frogs. People complain about the hard body, this feature allows it to skip very well, and really doesnt cause hookup issues like people think it does. The hookup ratio lies with the hooks, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BEND THE HOOKS UP. Also, This frog can walk just as well if not better than any, and the action soley depends on how you trim the legs, you have to modify a few before you get the hang of it... just experiment around. I personally cut a little less than an inch off both legs, and then completely remove 8 strands of each leg. The last thing you have to deal with is water getting in the body, sorry this happens to every frog, except for a few that dont have the great qualities that the spro does. There are several different super glues and waterproof epoxys that fix this problem. Just buy a few, leopard and black are my two best colors, (dont be afraid to throw black just because the sun is out), and start figuring out the modifications, once you get the hang of it, youll be happy you went with the bronzeye.

From: Zack: Winston Salem, NC

Comments: Just picked one up aand love it wait to try it out

From: Louis: LA

Comments: I own 3 of these, and they all seem to fill up with water quicker than other brands. I like to dead-stick frogs, or fish them over cover slowly, and these sink on me before they get to the boat. Ive also had issues of the plastic splitting where the hooks come out of the belly. Ive had much better luck with the spro pop-frog as far as sinking issues. I am going to place an order for the Live Target frog and give that a shot.

From: Mike: Huntington Beach, CA

Comments: I have always been a big supporter of the spro frog. It skips and walks better than anything else Ive used. However, I miss a lot of fish! I tried the kvd frog, and I rarely miss a fish. Compare the hook sizes and you'll see a huge difference.

From: Kevin: Madison, AL

Comments: Amazing Frog! Lepard is AMAZING!!

From: Nick: OH

Comments: this frogs body isnt soft at all you will miss so many fish using this thing. A koppers frog has a better look to it and has a much softer body so you can actualy catch fish rather then just get hits.

From: Paul: Davie, FL

Comments: this frog is epic my second day with it i got 6 blowups and caught one. i go to my private pond 2 fish 5 hits. this frog will get all the water in the lake in it and still will float. the frog is durable and works well. good bait, 5 stars

From: Connor: AR

Comments: Love this frog. People tend to buy the kopper frogs bc of fancier paint.  The paint of the kopper frogs peels off much faster than that of the spro.  I like the spro bc the plastic and decals are much more durable.  I have caught more fish and accidental frogs on this bait more than any other.

From: Josh: IL

Comments: This frog does take on water, so be aware...you had better squeeze out every five or six casts...the new jackall IOBEE frog is much better at walking as well as the ish's phat frog...the ish's phat frog fixed the water intake of the bobby's perferct frog...look at ish's frog as well as the new jackall.

From: Jason: Moncks Corner, SC

Comments: Just wished these frogs had more hook up ratio.. I've missed more bass with these than any other lure in my tackle and believe me... I've tried waiting for the hook set and attempted instant hook sets to no avail. Ultimately, these frogs have all the attributes any quality, hollow frog lure out there should have, but just can't get the job done as well. I've owned maybe 5 or 6 of em in the past due to it's capabilities and realistic action (I even had a male frog mount my Rainforest Black one during their spawning season which was pretty entertaining), but for its price I'd rather go with scum frog which you can get 3 of em for the price of a bronzeye; action's not as great as SPRO's but will sure set the hook better! Or perhaps pay a little more and upgrade to an Iobee Frogl which IMO is much better.

From: Hmongbass: Madison, WI

Comments: Sweet frog. Just not "weedless" hooks are exposed... but it walks GREAT is durable and is perfect size a little smaller than the koppers 65

Comments: the are such beast frogs. if you are going to get a frog get this frog. the second day i had it i was fishing some tullies and i got a ten pounder got him in and then my friend caught a five pounder off of the barney colored one. get a spro frog and you will catch one

From: David: Cali

Comments:  has all qualities that you would expect in a great frog. this frog cast very accurately and far. one thing that I love is it always lands on its belly. because of this, and its smoothed belly it skips easier than any other frog.  it is very tear-resistant, and the hooks never shift out of place. it comes in 27 different colors! the best color is midnight walker, and the next best in order are rainforest black,navy seal,natural green,green tree, and green pumpkin.

From: Alex: Port Barre, LA

Comments: best frog you can walk the dog or chug it. caught many of fish and many more to come

From: Alec: Lutcher, LA

Comments: not too fond of these bronzeye frogs. i have a few of them and they all seem to take in too much water fairly quickly. when that happens they sink. not good for me. i like the Koppers frog waaay better

Comments: Amazing Frog! I've only had one of these, the paint never wears off, skirts are durable, and hooksets are great. I have caught over 60 bass on 1 of these frogs! You should defiantly pick up some!

From: Dennis: Lincoln, NE

Comments: Great Frog!! IT is very durable, it walks great, doesnt sink, and cast like a bullet. I will ocntinue to use it because of the great hookup % i get. I especially like midnight walker, rainforest black, albino, and leapord. Buy some, you wont regret it!!

From: Scott: VA

Comments: i have a few things to say about this frog, for one it casts pretty good, the have the best hook and nice paint jobs, BUT they can be pretty darn hard to walk and fill up pretty easy with water if u work the bait to hard or fast, and sits a little TO LOW in the water, one tip though to make it sit a little higher, walk a bit better and take on less water is to either trim one of the leggs about a 1 1/2inch on either side, or to just trim both leggs a good 1inch OVERALL its a 4 out of 5

Comments: had been fishing this on a medium action rod, and wanted to up the size, medium heavy is the ticket, more backbone, but still has the softness in the tip to impart action into the frog. Tried a buddys heavy and extra heavy action "frog" rods, and they are way too stiff, cant cast a smaller frog   like the bronzeye or bronzeye popper and jr with them, and the tip is so stiff you can't just give it a slight twitch, its move the frog a foot or dont move it at all. Frogs are most successful when the bass has a lot of time to see it in the strike zone. fish these things on a medium heavy with 50-65 pound test braid, you can't go wrong, the fish will absolutely tear these things up, but they are durable, they do not fall apart, the may lose a little paint after a day full of big bass hitting this like a ton of bricks, but that is it. Get this frog.

Comments: Amazing bait! They cast a country mile! which is good for large weed beds and algea blooms.  The move a ton of water and dont fill with water that often.  Tons of action if you like to work the bait.  I have awesome luck just reeling it strait back over algea blooms.  After a few big fish the hooks bend out a little which I like for better hook ups.  I use an 8 foot heavy cover skeet reese rod and a shimano caenon reel with 65lb power pro, just love to fish this frog with that gear.

From: Robert: Davenport

Comments: this frog is a beast in the water havent had any hits on it though love the action

From: Josh: Florence, AL

Comments: Great frog as long as it is used with the right rod reel and line. You need atleast a 7 foot MH to H rod i perfer a seven foot nine inch extra heavy carrot stick and if its under 3 pounds they come out of the water on hooksets. Great frog tho best colors for me are natural green is my number 1 and navy seal and putty black tie for second hope this helps.

From: Tyler: Columbus, GA

Comments: best frog out there by far, it cast a mile and walks and chugs like poppers and spooks. every fish you catch on it inhales the frog, the hooks are embedded near the back of the bass's mouth near the hinge in the mouth, and the hooks tend to rotate ive noticed when the fish shakes its head making it almost impossible for it to be thrown. i fish it on a 6'8" field and stream tech speck spinner bait rod, and a diawa strikeforce 7.1:1 reel with 50 pound test power pro, having a few backlash problems on a few cast here and there, but im gonna try throwing it on sufix 832 to see if that helps, also a mh rod, mediums are too limber.

From: Ben: Tampa, FL

Comments:  Goin' sloppin' , slap these on.  Dean's the man, show him some love and do it right!

From: Joe: Tucson, AZ

Comments: a good frog is just not one that looks good on the first catch but one that you hook your 20th lunker and is still a lure you can throw back into the box looking in good shape. I can't say that for some others!! My spros hold up and the tru tungstens don't even catch fish so there in good shape as well.

From: Jason: Port Huron, MI

Comments:  Truly the only topwater frog I throw. The hook up ratio is tough, but that's the case with all frog baits. Bend the tips up a tad, and you can put a weight in the gut of the frog to toss it farther, and make it bounce a little better than skip back and forth. Great bait

Comments: By far the best frog. In heavy slop the snug hoogs keep from getting grass. THe hookup ratio is not 100 percent. Bend the hooks up alittle for increased hookup. Will always use these frogs

From: Dakota, Valdosta, GA

Comments: This is by far the worst frog I have ever used, I went 0 for 17 on the Mississippi and then thank god it got bit off by a northern. Don't give me wrong the colors are awesome but the hook-up ratio is terrible.

From: Ben: Wisconsin, USA

Comments: on a scale from 1-10 it is a definite 12 this frog not only shines on grass flats, it is a great tool around trees and laydowns.

From: Frank: Baltimore, MD

Comments:i actually received two of these frogs from Dean Rojas himself. i fished those frogs till i almost lost one in a tree i stopped using those and  bought many of my own. over all a great frog

From: Jonathon: Tennessee, USA

Comments: Good frog...but the River2Sea Bully Wa and Snag Proof frogs collapse much easier.

From: Ted: Blair: NE

Comments: 3rd cast of tourney 4.5 lb large mouth. Nough said. This frog works PERIOD. Complaints about durability, remember nothing lasts for ever. All bass anglers know to buy 2 or more of every bait that works.

From: Jeff: Columbus, GA

Comments: Best frog i've ever used right now. Amazing action and it might be hard to walk it but if you learn it will kill all predatory freshwater topwater fish.

From: Brandon: Atlanta, GA

Comments: I've never fished frogs before now that I've fished the Bronzeeye frog its became my number one top water lure I fish it with grass and without the fish really attack this bait.

From: Jerry: McDonough, GA

Comments: This is the only frog that I will every use. It really is a premium frog and worth paying the premium price.

From: Bobby: USA

Comments: This frog is the real deal. I just used it this morning and a 3 pounder smashed it on my second cast! The frog was deep in his mouth and the hooks where buried perfectly.

From: Caleb: Indiana, USA

Comments: Wow what can i say about this frog its just plane AMAZING. I went fishing yesterday after i got out of school and dang that natural green is just freaking killer were i live this is the best frog ive ever used and I have used all kinds of frogs that people have told me to use but all i caught was little 2-3 pounders and i had to constantly reel and reel but with the spro frog it floats so you can pause and retrieve this frog and throw it in the thick stuff. Its just straight up killer. But the only bad thing about it was that after all the killer bass i caught the paint started to come off, but other than that its the best frog ive every used.

From: Chris: Williamsburg, VA

Comments: The Spro frog to me is the best on the market. I see a lot of complaints about the durability of the frog. Your frogs will all last a long time if you are not getting any bites. The Spro gets scratched up because fish eat them. I have frogs in my box that I have taken a permanent marker and made new eyes on them. I patch up a lot of my baits. I don't care what it looks like as long as it catches fish. The Spro frog is the best and I like to see battle scars on my lures.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: i don't understand the complaints about this lure. hook ups are very good if you use the right gear, a heavy rod, fast reel and minimum 65lb braid.  bend the hooks out a little bit and hookups are even better. the soft body is why the hookups are so good so i wouldn't complain about that. most other frogs are harder and don't collapse well enough. as far as the finish is concerned, yeah, it will begin to flake and peel a little after i catch several big fish on it. but who cares? the fish are critiquing it the way you are. They just grab it. Put a little superglue around the tie to seal it and that will keep water from coming through the bottom hole. I fish frogs a lot and am successful with them. This is the best frog on the market.


Comments: This frog is awesome, i have a great hookup percentage ( about 90% )  ONLY problem is after i start slaying them, the frog gets teared up, loses its finish, but still a great frog, have caught 6 pounders, all the way down to fish the size of the frog. If you know how to fish a frog and set the hook then check this frog out. not a beginners frog.

From: Gunnar: Viroqua, WI

Comments: Everything about the frog looks great. Decent hookup ratio. Most fish are lost due to angler error or short strikes. When the frog first came out, it was really good, but after the first year they changed the material to softer and the durability is terrible. Still looking for the perfect frog.

From: Bob

Comments:A fish catching machine!! BUT the durability is horrible, once the outer layer gets scratched it starts peeling all the paint off. The plastic itself is not painted but like a laminate outer layer that will peel of quick once damaged.

From:Jason: Port Huron, MI

Comments:Frog action and hook-up ratio is good, but durability is horrible. I even emailed SPRO and attempted to call twice. I purchased three at once, and all three began sinking with no more than 5 fish caught each. Rep said I had a tear... (in all three, come'on). Will never buy another SPRO product because they don't stand behind their product.

From:Nick: Mississippi, USA

Comments:Just got a rainforest black and hooked a 9.5 pound bass with it! the only bait that's in my tackle box.


Comments:Frog looks great but that's all it has to offer. The hookup ratio is terrible no matter what presentation or if you bend the hooks out. The Plastic is too hard to collapse around the hook and the weight is molded in the body which adds to the problem. Buy the SUMO FROG!

From:Bruce: Harrisburg, AR

Comments:Had the best fishing day of my life with the Black Widow. 5 fish, 24+ lbs.

From:John: Columbus, GA

Comments:I used the Spro greentree frog in a tournament recently and landed a 7.5 lbs bass, this is the first time I have used a frog. Incredible, I am hooked!

From:Robert: Miramar, FL

Comments:I Caught a 8-pounder and a 4 pounder in two days with this bait, I love it!

From:Matt: Miami, FL

Comments:I used the natural green a few times. I've noticed that the legs are a little long. I was continually getting short strikes on that whammy. I cut about a 1/4" off the legs and it was game on. I slay more bass than the plague.

From:Jeff: USA

Comments:Only frog I will ever use. Every other frog I use gets hung-up, but the Spro frog is a frog I will probably use for life!

From:Brian: Somervile, AL

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