Spro Dean Rojas Bronzeye King Daddy

Spro Dean Rojas Bronzeye King Daddy

The Spro Bronzeye King Daddy Frog provides a large profile ideal for targeting big bass. It still retains the same design and characteristics that made the original Bronzeye Frog so successful, but now its 30% bigger. Built around a specially designed 6/0 Gamakatsu Superline Double EWG Hook, the Bronzeye King Daddy Frog is up to the task of catching monster bass on braided lines. Using Spro's characteristic design, the razor sharp hooks are pointed away from the frog's body and the super soft plastic allows the frog to collapse down completely when bit - for maximum hook exposure. The larger size of the King Daddy also makes long casts routine and like the original it's perfectly balanced to always land on its belly. Available in a variety of effective colors, the Bronzeye King Daddy is easy to chug through the weeds or walk-the-dog through open water. Spro also made the living rubber legs extra long so you can trim them to your exact specifications and further manipulate the action. Bottom line is, the the Spro Bronzeye King Daddy will handle in the heaviest cover and attract attention from the biggest hawgs.

Spro Length Weight
Dean Rojas Bronzeye King Daddy  3.5" 1oz

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6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Best frog ever, casts further, catches bigger bass & walks much better than any frog out there, The black one been good to me but I wish they made it in the red ear color too.

From: H.B.: Opelousas, LA 12/24/15

Comments: Simply put, this is the best frog that I have ever bought. It just flat out catches fish, the proof is in the hooksets. I was throwing the leopard King daddy and my friend was throwing a leopard 65 bronzeye (exact same frog, just half the size of the King). I caught 6-7 solid fish (all over three lbs) with about 5 more blowups and he caught 1 (one lber) with maybe 2 more blowups. It may seem a bit pricey, but I'm telling you... This is the frog to buy.

From: BO: Austin, TX 5/28/15

Comments: Walks easily. Sprays water if you work it more aggressively. Very soft body with sticky hooks. I casted this down to my backing. Had a 2lber fly out of water to choke the king daddy as I dangled it over a branch and dipped it in and out of water. I was skeptical at first. now I can't wait to toss this on larger lakes.

From: Montanaro: Touchdown City, WV 9/21/14

Comments: The King of Hollow-body frogs! When nothing seems to do the trick -- bust out the King and you're sure to catch a monster mama (and the possibility of a monster pike). I've even had single-digit bass jump clear out of the water to try and get a piece of the King! Because of it's size and weight you can cast this royal frog to extreme distances! Walking is so easy! My wife got it down after a one cast!! I do have a small complaint -- a few of the Kings I've owned ended up deforming and I toss it. By deformed I mean out of shape -- it's like someone pinched it on one-side and it just stays pinched forever. Makes the frog swim irregular, still walks and floats fine, though!

From: Albert: Onalaska, WI 9/6/14

Comments: By far the best frog in my tackle box.  Have fished it right next to the smaller Bronzeye and they will hit this when they won't hit the other one, also they float forever!  Have had pike rip them apart but they still float, try getting that with any other frog!

From: Derek: La Crosse, WI

Comments: Im from Minnesota so I thought I messed up because I didn't realize how big the frog actually was but then as I used it, it coaught small to large fish like crazy and it casts and walks very easy, im impressed!

From: Matt: MN

Comments: I've got no use for a frog that doesn't walk, and this frog is very easy to walk.  I like the bigger size, it fishes almost like a wake bait in open water. 

From: Brian: Los Gatos, CA

Comments: I think I finally found a frog that is going to stop those overly aggressive bullfrogs that live in my local mudd hole from trying to eat all of my top water frogs! Koppers 65T, Phat Frog, Bronzeye 65, you name it, those freakin bullfrogs have attacked everything(even poppers!) But now the tables have turned...  I have a bass catchin', frog repellin', top water bait that moves water like an aircraft carrier! Lots of action, walks great! I'll definitely report back if I land a 10 lbs bullfrog on it.

From: MRH: SB, CA


From: Wheels: New Berlin, NY

Comments: Alec from IL, WRITE A REVIEW!!! Everyone stop writing comments about others, and use this section for what it's supposed to be for: PRODUCT REVIEWS! Spro makes the best frog on the market, awesomely durable, great hookup ratio, walks in open water no problem, and incredible cast length with ease.  'Nuff said.

Comments: Why dudes gotta hate on other dudes who make a good catch?  So what if someone caught a 15+ on a frog in the slop or along a bank of reeds, that's alot of bass fishermen's dream, to drag in 25 lbs of weeds, and dig out a huge bass that busted a frog! Guess what, if any bait would get a bass like that, King Daddy would definately, awesome frog!!!

From: Guy: USA

Comments: 15.4 pound bass? was that 1 or a limit? Fishermans tale maybe? but this is definitaly a big fish bait

From: Alec: IL

Comments: OMG......I freakin love this frog I won the tournament with a 15.4 pound bass my biggest bass ever
The color was natural green

From: Patrick: USA

Comments: i have the lepord king daddy and have caught huge bass out of the clear water lakes in georgia. the action is great for the lure to be so big. i have personally caught a 13lb 2oz largemouth on the king daddy

From: Brandon: Milner, GA

Comments: if you enjoy catching bass on frogs,you've probably caught some good ones. but if you want to catch a true trophy,(10 pounds +), you need to get this frog. it is much bigger than described in the video. it's as big around as a toilet paper roll, and almost 7 inches long in total length!!! for this frog, use 60 or 80 lb sunline braid, a quantum 7.0:1 energy PT, kinetic PT, or a tour edition PT reel, and a quantum tour elite dean rojas 7' MH signature series frog rod, and you have the best frog outfit for lunkers.

From: Alex: Port Barre, LA

Comments: don't let the size scare you away. i have caught 1 and 2 pound bass off this thing, huge bowfin aren't afraid of it either, the size of this lure makes it very easy to walk the dog with, i have caught fish out in the open with this, walks the dog with ease and makes huge waves while doing it.  i recommend the midnight walker color, i have the natural green and have never had a hit, only down is i had a 6 pound 7 ounce bowfin hit the midwalker walker and completely busted the plug out of the bottom, spro told me to buy a new one as a fix.

From: Colin: Moline, IL

Comments: This frog can walk the dog very aggressively and creates a lot of commotion. Very soft body and fish blow up on it. Caught my biggest bass on this frog and Spro has awesome customer service.

From: Jeff: Spokane, WA

Comments: this was a pretty good frog overall but not the best i would recomend getting a live target frog i had bad hookups with it and i recomond using braid so overall i give it a 4 and a half stars

From: Brayden: IN

Comments: I first bought this frog slightly for novelty of its sheer size, but man does it catch fish. In the hot summer I mainly fish at night, and this huge frog dominates. It walks effortlessly and pushes tons of water without being a popper. It is also great on really thick heavy mats, the profile is just way more visible to the fish. The hooks are just brutal and hookup great. It definately produces big fish, but I have even caught a few 12 inch dinks, that can barely fit it in their mouths.

From: Jake: Philadelphia, PA

Comments: Love this frog especially when matched up with quantum's signature series frog rod. Skips awesomely under trees, awesome hook up ratio, I caught my biggest frog fish off this frog, 5 plus

From: David: Spokane, WA

Comments: Love this thing. Has a great hookup ratio and floats like a balloon. I love how much vegetation this moves vs smaller frogs.

From: Matt: Amherst, MA

Comments:  Best frog on the market!  Caught a few nice 3 and 4 lb bass and a 10 lb 11 oz dog fish (bowfin) on the Mississippi.....

From: Cher: Wisonsin, USA

Comments:I tried this frog for the first time today and I couldn't be happier! Hooks ups were much better compared to the smaller frogs. The extra weight helps cast it a country mile. I was using a 7'9" G Loomis Frog rod paired with a Shimano Curado 201 E7.

From:Aaron: Richmond, VA

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