Spro Dean Rojas Bronzeye Poppin' Frog 60 - $8.79

The Spro Dean Rojas Signature Series Bronzeye Popper Frog was designed to attract bass out of the thickest cover with its loud popping sound. Use it to walk-the-dog, pop it or chug it, the Bronzeye Poppin' Frog casts like a rocket and is weighted to land upright every time. The live rubber legs can also be cut down to further manipulate the frog's action. The Bronzeye Popper also comes equipped with specially designed 3/0 Gamakatsu Hooks that fit the bait perfectly for solid hook ups. When the frog bite is on, the Spro Bronzeye Poppin' Frog a great counterpart to the original Spro Bronzeye Frog. Available in a variety of proven fish catching colors, the Spro Bronzeye Popper is perfect for changing up your presentation and picking up all the fish the other guys missed throwing regular frog baits.

Click here to see some video on Spro baits with John Crews at ICAST '08.

Spro Length Weight Class Hook
Pop Frog 2 3/8" 1/2oz Surface Gamakatsu 3/0 EWG

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  • Albino
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  • Amazon
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  • Black Widow
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  • Freak
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  • Green Pumpkin
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  • Green Tree
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  • Killer Gill
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  • Leopard
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  • Midnight Walker
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  • Nasty Shad
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  • Natural
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  • Natural Green
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  • Natural Red
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  • Navy Seal
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  • Neon Glow
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  • Outback
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  • Rainforest Black
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  • Rainforest Yellow
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  • Red Ear
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  • Toad
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  • Tropical White
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Customer Reviews Back to Top

Comments:  Frog takes on a lot of water. Was pretty excited when I got them in-they look good, but didn't perform at all. Now this is only 1 out of 3 that I bought, so I will give the others a try and hope that one was a dud. Pad Crasher and Snag Proof Ish's frog have produced way better results for me.

From: Russell: OK 7/11/14

Comments: By far the best frog on the market. You can fish it so many different ways according to water clarity,wind, or depth of water.

From: Austin: Saginaw, TX 6/25/14

Comments: Performs well and has a great selection of colors. I was missing a few hookups, so I tried bending the hooks out a bit with pliers, only to have the hook break. I'd intentionally bent other brands' frog hooks before and never had an issue with them breaking.

From: Adam: Florence, AL 5/27/14

Comments: These are the best frogs on the market.  I love them.  I have caught so many fish, I have tore up 2 or 3.  I just trim the tail back a little and they are ready to go.  I don't use non-popping frogs that much anymore, and I have bought Ish's popping frog, this one outperforms it.  Leopard and Black Rainforest have been the most productive.

From: Slade: Irving, TX

Comments: Purchased 4 of these in nasty shad. Had problems with the plastic tearing very easily. Dont expect a lot of fish on these.

From: Drew: Hurricane Wv

Comments: This frog is awesome! The pop comes off nicely, and with a few modifications, such as trimming the skirt, it walks very well. I took it down to a local trout stream that was known for giant northerns, but I wasn't able to catch anything. When the frog was in the current, however, it filled with water very quickly. I did not have this problem in the small eddies. I would highly recommend this frog.

From: Jack: MN, USA

Comments: MUST BUY!!  I just took this frog out for the first time ver and on the 5th cast landed a 7# PIG!  Green Pumpkin is an amazing color and this this frog is a must have for anybody.

From: Dustin: Milledgeville, GA

Comments: you do need to bend the hooks up a bit but this popper is one of my favorites.my favorite way to fish is topwater and its a thrill to see a bass hit this frog.i had a great hook up the other day from a buck protecting a spawn bed.!!! he hammered the frog big time.!!way to go spro!!!!!

From: Bob: kerrville tx usa

Comments: Best frog out there bend the hooks up a little and these have the best hook up ratio of any frog I've tried. Very durable I've caught 100+ fish on one.

From: Ed: FL

Comments: love baby popper cant wait to gte new big one

Comments: Best frog there is!

From: Ryan: Gays Mills, WI

Comments: I love this frog! Walks the dog just as well if not better the the regular spro.  I have had the best luck with the black

From: Josh: IL

Comments:  I used this frog for the first time in a club tournament recently and I am very impressed with the product. The most striking attribute for me was that I could walk the popper just as easily as I could chug it, simply by using light twitches of the rod tip. It proved very versatile and helped us finish 2nd. The hookup was very good and it casts very well. I will buy more.

From: Jimmy: Coushatta, LA

Comments: I have absolutely no complaints with this frog thus far. Ive caught everywhere between 1lbers up to 5lbers using this frog, with well over 30 bass landed. The bass cant resist but to gulp this thing, and the hookup ratio is outstanding! I hope you try one out for your self and see just what these frogs are capable of. Ill be purchasing more to add to my collection real soon!

Comments: In one day i caught 25 fish from shore on this bait. It calls fish out much better than the normal bronzeye, and the hook-ups are second to none. Leopard and midnight walker have been the best colors:

From: James: USA

Comments: All I can say is one word "Amazing." These things work great for small and big bass. Just saturday 11/19/11 my friend pulled a 9.5 pounder off of one of these. Go get you one!

From: Rider: Alva, FL

Comments: I got many frogs and caught fish on all of them.  But when things start out slow or I'm missing bites while frogging, I bust the leopard out on open water or cover and something will snag it.  The hook up ratio is with out fail even when retrieving fast.  I think its the narrow body that it has and makes it an easier grab n swallow.  Yup, 2 second wait then set that hook.  The few times that I did miss is because I got too excited on the blowup. Can't help it sometimes..... 

From: Chris: Antioch

Comments: Fished with these yesterday on a heavly preasered lake. First time fishing a frog too. Had four come up and smash it. Missed one really big one because I wasn't paying attion.

From: Will: USA

Comments: Two eight pounders this year and a bunch of others in the 2 to 5 pound range. I have used this bait since it came out and will not use any other hollow bodied frog.

From: Dave: FL

Comments:  Awesome lure. It's a good idea to buy one of these and the regular Spro Frogs. These will not come through thick grass as well because of the popper mouth. But around less dense cover and edges, this bait shines. The "pulling" distance is greater with these frogs due to the extra noise. One trick I have is where there are a lot of bluegill present your going to want to go to the Poppin' Frog because it mimics a bluegill feeding. Sure you'll miss fish with this bait, as you will with every frog, but I haven't seen a frog with a better hook-up ratio. All around Leopard has been the best color for me. As long has you have frogs with yellow, black, and white bellies you'll be good to go. Not only will you have a bunch of fun but you can count on these for big bass and tournaments.

From: Garrett: Michigan, USA

Comments: this frog is the best frog i own and i own about 65 frogs and i love this frog it cates for fish than my true tunsten mad max frog and my trans portor frog from payjeck baits this frog is great.

From: Julius: Arizona, USA

Comments: this popper shines in the thick grass . with the soft body,hook up is a breeze

From: Frank: Baltimore, MD

Comments:Used the midnight color walkin this popper on top of and next to floating chopped hydrilla on flats in late June. I usually have trouble setting the hook and end up missing a lot of fish, but these fish were demolishing this thing and it ended up in the back of their throats. Landed 4 largemouth between 3 and 5 lbs. 5 stars.

From: Massachusetts, USA

Comments:One of the best frogs on the market....there 10 bucks and my partner in the last tournament we fished was all like "I ain't payin 10 bucks for a frog..... that was until I had 4 keepers in the boat and he had none.. so I gave him one of my bronzeyes and he caught our limit and started culling with me. The hook ups with this are much improved from other frogs I've tried and this thing is super durable... believe me I've put mine through Hades and back..black rainforest has been my money color so far...we took third in our 20 boat club tournament that day when only 3 boats weighed in 5 fish limits...nuff said dean knows how to make a frog!!!

From: Lexington, TN

Comments:I got the Albino color.. That one out fishes all the other frogs even other colors in the popper frogs.


Comments:They swallow this one so watch out, Spro makes the best frogs!

From:Jesse: Phoenix, AZ

Comments:I tried these frogs the day I received them. Had no luck with the green tree, but when I put on the tropical white I got 5 bites in about a hour. Sorry to say I failed to set the hook in any of them. I tried to bend the hooks slightly outward thinking it would help but didn't get any more bites, that also made the frog only semi weedless. I will try them again next time....

From:Joshua: Danbury, CT

Comments:Great bait, just change out the hooks from a bronzeye frog, not the junior. The junior offers a MUCH better hook set. Very easy to fish; pop it, walk it or dead stick it.

From:Jeff: Dyer, IN

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