Spro John Crews Little John DD Crankbait 1-oz

Spro John Crews Little John DD Crankbait 1-oz

The Spro Little John DD "Deep Diving" Crankbaits take the winning Little John Crankbait formula into the dark depths. Spro and elite bass pro John Crews designed the Little John DD to dive down to an amazing 20 ft with ease. The Little John DD has a bill that is pointed slightly downward, allowing it bounce off cover without losing depth and track straight along the bottom without kicking out wildly. A unique Tungsten weight transfer system and aerodynamic streamline design allows the angler to launch the Little John DD an incredible distance and creates an ideal balance in the water. The Spro Little John DD Crankbaits are available in an array of proven fish catching colors and come standard with sticky, sharp Gamakatsu hooks.

"I designed the DD John to be the best deep diving crank bait ever created!" - John Crews, Bassmaster Elite Tour Pro.

Spro Length Weight Depth
Little John DD 2.75in 1-oz 16-20ft

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11 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: well I was getting tired of losing $16-18 cranks (yes I use a retriever) so I found this alternative in the Little John DD in spooky shad. The bait has a flat sided design and the hooks and swivels are top notch. One thing unique about this bait is the pitch of the knocker. It's deeper in sound than most cranks due to the rubber coating around it and I found it to be deadly on cold clear lakes. HOWEVER THESE BAITS have a huge inconsistency with running straight. After tuning them they do not run the sAme as the ones that come straight.  After hitting rocks they go back to running to the side. When you get a straight one they run perfect no matter what you do to it I've spent 10 minutes trying to get one of these GOOD ones back. I hope this helps

From: Mike: CA 1/9/15

Comments: these baits don't come tuned. if you tune it right on a long cast light line you can reach 19-20 ft max

From: Paul: Anderson, SC 12/31/14

Comments: Best for castability! Dives hard and gets the job done when you want to hit 15+ ft. 

From: Val: La Crosse, WI

Comments: I can say on lake guntersville if your not chunking this on the ledges your missing out ! It sure fires up the school and you get 2 bass on at the same time..

From: Jim: Guntersville AL

Comments: Love these Cranks. they need more colors, especially a craw color

From: Tom: lansing Michigan

Comments: my favorite crankbait by far! Easily gets to 20 feet. Casts a mile. Runs true immediatly after deflection. Cellmate is the deal but have caught fish to 6 lbs on all colors. In Pennsylvania a 6 is a pig. A must buy!

From: James: The Nok, PA

Comments: Great stock hooks. Catches fish for sure. I cannot get bait to touch down to 20' on a cast but it will troll that deep. I would say that 8-13 foot is a good casting depth range to fish this bait with 12# line. Gets down very quickly on a slow steady retrieve. This lure will be around for a while.

From: Nathan: Pasco, WA

Comments: It's a good crank , but TW says it's 1oz and the package says 3/4 oz .

From: JF: NY

Comments: 20 ft. No problem? Using 10 lb. Seagar flr. I worked to hit 12 feet. Took me half a cast to hit bottom. Back to drawing board.

From: David: TX

Comments: Used Chart/Blue and Nasty shad on KY lake for past several months with great success.  Truely gets down to 20 ft depth with less effort than using the DD22, Strike King XD or Fat Free Shad. Chart/Blue worked well in sunny days and Nasty shad excelled when cloudy. Personally, I am not a fan of throwing huge, deep diving crankbaits. But the Spro is easier to wind, and really catches large fish (> 5lbs) off when you deflect it off the shell beds on KY lake in 16-20' of water. highly recommend.

From: Eric: Clarksville, TN

Comments: great crankbait. it really gets down deep and catches fish. they have great action, super hooks, excellent castability, and are very durable. i have a tendancy, though, not to throw this bait unless money's on the line. when you throw crankbaits, you can't be afraid to get them hung up. that's where the bass live. if i spend a day cranking, it doesn't take much effort to lose 3 or 4 crankbaits a day. it makes my stomach turn a little less to lose a dd22 or fat free shad as apposed to these little $11 gems.

From: Dan: WV

Comments: Great deep diving crank.  I have the rootbeer chartreuse color and have been hammering bass with it.  Deflects off cover better than any other crank I've got right now.

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments: Awesome bait, just recently won a tournament on it with 13 lbs and second place was 8.  This bait gets it done, casts like a rock, runs at least 20 feet deep on a good cast, and also it is a lot easier to reel than other deep diving crankbaits.  Two best colors seem to be Cell Mate, Rootbeer Chartreuse, and Clear Chartreuse

From: Jake: Greer, SC

Comments: Awsome bait. Good job Spro!

From: Taylor: Georgia

Comments: this bait not only runs true out of the box, you can fish the little john DD all day without getting wore out

From: Frank: Baltimore, MD 

Comments: Very often when fishing other deep divers I just can't get the bait in that 16-19ft range. The Lil John DD runs like the Cadillac of crankbaits and when paired with my Powell 745CB-glass and Abu Winch this lure earns a check everytime. Approved by Captain Hookset himself. Spooky Shad is all you need.

From: Matt: North Haven, CT

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