Spro Little John Baby DD Crankbaits

Spro Little John Baby DD Crankbaits

The Spro Little John Baby DD Crankbait was designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Pro John Crews to be a smaller shallower diving version of his already famous SPRO Little John DD. It dives 10-14 feet depending on the length of cast and the line size, and also comes equipped with two premium Gamakatsu #3 treble hooks. The weight transfer system really sets it apart from other baits in its class. Because the weight transfer ball is made out of soft tungsten, it provides it with a softer sounding subtle presentation. "Big fish are pressured in a lot of lakes here in the United States, so you need something a little more subtle to get them to bite," says John Crews. The Spro Little John Baby DD with its small size, weight transfer system, and subtle rattle get the job done in tournament situations.

Spro Length Weight Depth Class
Little John Baby DD  2.36" 5/8oz 10-14ft  Suspending

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7 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome crankbait! One of the best deep divers I've used, tighter wobble than most crankbaits in this depth range. It doesn't float much which leads to some hangups if you are cranking fast.

From: BassKiller: USA 12/26/15

Comments: You can't tell by the pictures but this baby pretty much has a square bill similar to the Bomber square A.  The deflections off cover are amazing.  Run it into a log and bam...This thing goes about 90 degrees for a foot before centering.  Other DD cranks tend to just roll over or climb over branches and logs with little movement to elicit strikes.  I couldn't imagine this thing running over rocks and riprap!

From: Montanaro: Touchdown City, WV 8/17/14

Comments: This is the best compact size deep diver on the market hands down! Many doubles on this crank this year!

From: Jim: AL

Comments: I have a lot of little johns and this is the ideal clear water smallmouth bait. It definitely picks up bigger fish and really does a good job of rooting up the bottom. If they are there they will eat this bait.

From: CJ: Boise, Idaho USA

Comments: Really good deep diver. Ive tried strike king 6xd and lucky craft cb 20 and this one beats both of them. It has deep knocking sound and runs really well. Caught several on it in a college tournament on kentucky lake. Good ledge fishing crank.

From: Will: AL

Comments: If you like the rest of the Little John line, these will not disappoint.  They look, feel, and produce just like their counterparts. It bridges the gap between the MD and the DD very well. 

From: Justin: SC

Comments: just got this bait Sick!! It has really good action and great colors. The first five casts had two bass a 3and a half and a 2.

Comments: they dig into the bottom really well and they come through grass great

From: Colton: FL

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