Spro Mike McClelland McStick 110 - $11.49

Designed by BASS Elite Pro Mike McClelland, the Spro Mike McClelland McStick Jerkbait was made for the tournament angler. Boasting an incredibly life-like, durable finish, complete with etched scales and gill plates, the Spro McStick is also equipped with three (3) sticky sharp Gamakatsu #5 Treble Hooks for more positive hookups. McClelland and Spro spent countless hours designing and tweaking the Spro McStick to provide the best action possible and no detail was overlooked. Featuring a tight shad wiggle, even the way the bait suspends in the water with its nose down is unlike other stick baits on the market - allowing for a lot more head first strikes and better hookups. Available in a variety of proven colors, the Spro Mike McClelland McStick Jerkbait is designed to suspend at lower water temperatures for those finicky early and late season fish, and it is a bait that is very easy to adjust for those aggressive warmer season fish.

Spro Length Weight Dive Depth Class
McStick 110 4.3" 1/2oz 3-5ft Suspending

Treble Hooks

Click here to see Mike McCelland with his McStick at ICAST '08

W2f Review
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Comments: Great springtime bait for me and one of three baits I'll have tied on for schooling smallmouth. I do swap the front hook with another one size up.

From: John: NY

Comments: It's a great Jerkbait but I wish SPRO reduced the number of hooks to two, three hooks opens up too many opportunities for a self hooking, i'll stick with the Pointer 100s for now.

From: Greg: NY

Comments: Blue Bandit and Cell Mate have worked well for me catching smallmouth.  I have had issues with a few of these floating instead of suspending.  No need to change out the stock hooks either, they are SHARP!  Otherwise, I like them and they catch fish! 

From: Keegan: IA

Comments: Great lure. I had one take on water and Spro replaced it. This lure catches fish!

Comments: Best bait out there simply a fish catching machine. Produced when others wouldn't.

Comments: Guys, if you want this thing to fall slowly, ONLY remove the front #5 and replace with a #4 hook!! Then check it in a bucket of water. Each one floats a bit different. One of my lures the #4 hook causes the lure to sink slowly. On another I tested, I added the #4 hook, PLUS one #3 split ring to either the front or the middle. Best to place split ring on front IMO. These lures obviously work well, Mike M. has won a lot of money on this beast.

From: JW: Austin, TX

Comments: Disappointed in the quality/workmanship of this product. Very first day I threw one, the paint/skin flaked off leaving a large silver/bare spot on one side of the jerkbait. Was not targeting the bank so did not hit anything hard like rocks or boatdock. Now, I'm stuck with a $11.49 bait I'll probably not use again. Did not catch anything on it either but lost my confidence in it after the skin was gone. Think twice before spending your money on these.

From: Rollie: Knoxville, TN USA

Comments: Hey Gleb, try changing out the hooks and/or split rings to a larger size and see if that works...

From: Elijah: Mystic, CT

Comments: Caught five nice smallmouth with one last saturday at Dale Hollow. You have to jerk it harder than a Pointer to get a real erratic action. My wrist was killing me but when you catch 4 lb smallies its worth it.

From: Jon: Louisville ky U.S.

Comments: I've had limited success with these. I own 6 of them and 3 of them do suspend what-so-ever. They slow float right back to surface, even with fluorocarbon line. Table Rock shad worked well for me on Ouachita, so I went and bought a few more colors, and that's when my luck with these stopped.

From: Gleb: IN

Comments: The 110 in Wicked Perch is a great Spring jerkbait for hungry smallmouth. Rip it and keep it moving. Erratic is key. Use P-Line Fluorocarbon and get the suspended 'nose-down' position for a secret killer!

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments: I used this bait in kansas, its great on bass, I caught good size fish off these, These are made to catch fish. I don't know about smaller one but these work! God bless you with best fishing.

From:  Alex: Kansas

Comments: i fished a 110 old glory to day in stained water and killed it.  love these baits.

From: errrr!: San Diego

Comments:  I just love these baits!  the have awesome action and are just an awesome jerkbait, i got the 110 size in cell mate and have just been killing the bass over here like crazy, put an order in for 4 more, thanks spro for an awesome bait!

From: Matt: IL

Comments: Caught a small spot literally on the first cast, but when I pulled the fish off the hook I noticed the back of the bait was all bubbled up for some weird reason.  Just picked up the cell mate color.  Hope it doesn't happen again. 

Comments: By far the best jerkbaits on the water and for the money not bad at all. These baits sit there with nose pointed down a little just how it should be. Outperform my lucky crafts. Am looking at getting 2 more this weekend

From: Jeremy: Glenpool, OK

Comments: kills on lake seminole suspends perfect around 10 to 12 foot (95 model) its amazing this and the rapala husky jerk

Comments: Agree with Jamal, I have much more confidence in this bait than a pointer 100. It gets through brush well and has great action. But when there's money on the line, I'll have a vision 110 (or 3) tied on.

From: Kyle: Omaha, NE

Comments: Probably the nicest jerkbait in the price range! I have more confidence in this bait than the pointer 100. Save yourself some money and try one or two out, Still not the best jerk out there though gotta love the vision 110

From: Jamal: Wichita, KS

Comments: My go too jerkbait. Awesome action, awesome colors and spro has AWESOME customer service.  Had a few of their first models that came out and some of them that leaked, filled with water and sank.  Sent them back and they replaced the McStick plus gave me 2 more free at no charge.  Can't beat these lures and Spro itself. Highly recommend these especially if you fish deep clear lakes.

From: Brett: St. Louis, MO

Comments: i agree hands down one bad mamma jamma 120 bass in one day.color you have to figure thaqt out lol

From: Kenny: Chesterfield, VA

Comments: The best jerkbait I have ever fished. Pick up old glory color and slam big bass in murky water.

From: Joe: Raeford, NC

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Spro Mike McClelland McStick 110

18 Available Colors

  • Ayu
    Size Stock Qty
    110 5+
  • Blue Bandit
    Size Stock Qty
    110 04/25
  • Cell Mate
    Size Stock Qty
    110 5+
  • Chrome Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    110 04/10
  • Clear Chartreuse
    Size Stock Qty
    110 3
  • Clown
    Size Stock Qty
    110 5+
  • Dirty Bone
    Size Stock Qty
    110 05/07
  • Ghost Norman Flake
    Size Stock Qty
    110 5+
  • Ghost Table Rock Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    110 5+
  • Gold Black
    Size Stock Qty
    110 3
  • Grey Ghost
    Size Stock Qty
    110 5+
  • Midnight Blue
    Size Stock Qty
    110 04/30
  • Norman Flake
    Size Stock Qty
    110 5+
  • Old Glory
    Size Stock Qty
    110 04/22
  • Spooky Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    110 5+
  • SPRO Blue
    Size Stock Qty
    110 05/10
  • Table Rock Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    110 5+
  • Wicked Perch
    Size Stock Qty
    110 5+