Spro Power Swivels

Spro Power Swivels

Power Swivels. These little swivels are correctly named; you won't believe the strength in such a tiny piece of hardware. The size 10 Spro Power Swivel is rated to thirty-pound test, is barely a quarter if an inch long and as thick as a pencil lead! If you need tiny, powerful swivels, these Spro swivels will supply all the Power you need. Try the number 10 size in your dropshot rig to eliminate line twist and the larger sizes will hold up in any rig, even if you're using high test braided line. The price is reasonable enough for you to keep plenty of these Power Swivels on hand.

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Spro Power Swivels Size10 - 35 lb - 10pk $2.69 10+
Spro Power Swivels Size 8 - 50 lb - 10pk $2.69 10+
Spro Power Swivels Size 6 - 80 lb - 10pk $2.69 10+
Spro Power Swivels Size 4 - 130 lb - 10pk $2.69 10+
Spro Power Swivels 10 - 35lb - 50pk $10.59 8
Spro Power Swivels Size 2 - 230 lb - 10pk $2.69 10+
Spro Power Swivels 8 - 50lb - 50pk $10.59 6
Spro Power Swivels 6 - 80lb - 50pk $10.59 Out
Spro Power Swivels 4 - 130lb - 50pk $10.59 9
Spro Power Swivels 2 - 230lb - 50pk $13.39 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Best swivel made end of story try them.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: I was very surprised at the size and strength of these swivels. Great price for the quality! Definately stocking up on these now that have used them

From: Chris: Gilber, AZ

Comments: these swivels are the most powerful swivels I've ever used period. I used them from carolina rigs to drop shotting, and I don't worry about driving the hook home.

From: Frank: Baltimore, MD

Comments: These are tiny, smooth, and powerful.  They are the best freshwater swivels I have ever used.  I use the smallest size on my drop shot rig and they work great even in the slop. 

From: John: Stockton, CA

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