When the Rage Casting Rods were conceived, St. Croix undertook a radically different strategy. They wanted to give anglers a micro-guided rod that would yield dart-like precision casts, but they also felt like they needed to innovate upon existing handle designs. The result is something truly special in the rod world. The high-tech contoured handle conforms magically to the angler's hand. Featuring a precision-machined core that's actually wrapped with a special neoprene skin, this extraordinary semi-soft handle cover delivers comfort and sensitivity that is unmatched in the industry. It's a new, yet immediately familiar feel, and it actually grips back, even when soaking wet.

Elite Pac Bay Minima reel seats also deliver maximum blank exposure with a weight savings of 10-30% over conventional reel seats, and Pac Bay Minima stainless-steel ring micro guides yield a 20- to 30-percent weight reduction over ceramic guides. They won’t crack, break or groove even with the notoriously abrasive braided lines, and St. Croix also downsized the stripper guide to better allow line to streak through the guides like greased lightning. Built on mega-responsive, high-modulus SCIII graphite blanks with Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) tooling technology, the St. Croix Rage Casting Rods deliver superior performance, comfort and that all-important St. Croix intangible that can only be measured by hours on the water and deep pulsing arcs from heavy fish.

-5 year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Anyone who throws crankbaits knows it takes the right rod to really be effective. We want medium action rods that won't tear out hooks but not a noodle rod that can't set a hook or move a big bass. Many companies are forced to use fiberglass for their cranking rods because it is very difficult to design a 100% graphite rod that has the right action and power with out collapsing under pressure and shattering with a big fish on the line.

    Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I own the 7'2" mh/xf. The handle does take some getting used to but once you do its comfy. I use mine as an all around rod. Great tip for walking top water baits. Its by no means a featherweight rod but for you people who think its heavy try putting your purse down before you go fishing

From: Andy: Kalamazoo, MI 12/25/15

Comments: Loved the rod at the store, light, sensitive feeling & comfortable. On the water it handled nicely, the tip was a little soft. Caught quite a few fish in the 3-4lb range and then the reel started becoming loose. The reel set screw began slipping & would not tighten enough to hold the reel firmly. By the end of the day it was coming off & I put it up. I bought the 7'1" Med. action. The BP told me the reel was too heavy for the rod...BS! The reel seat is cheap! I have several other Mojo rods with the same design reel seat but the screw is thicker on them & I have never had them come loose. Love St. Croix, but, be aware of the reel seat on the Rage.

From: Lloyd: Yukon, OK 5/13/15

Comments:  I am going to respectfully disagree with most that have posted thus far - I have not sold all of my Tournament St. Croixs and converted to the Rage line of rods. Very happy with this line of rods! I use a 7'11 for long range frog casting, 7'6"/ 7'8" for short range Frogs. 7'4" for dock flipping and skipping. 7'4"/7'6" for flipping cover and docks. 7'1" rods for most other tactics... potentially purchasing a 6'8" for a pure senko rod. Don't be discouraged by the comments, try it for yourself.

From: Ryan: WI 10/6/14

Comments: I got this rod off Craigslist seen it cheep $50 and i jumped on it. I've used the rod a dozen times catching at least 15 three ponders! So far it's been good to me. But when the handle gets wet and you set the hook hard it slips almost drooped it the first time! But so far it's been a good rod no problem with the eyes. But when flipping with it the line gets caught around the hook keeper on the back side. would i buy it for the $160.00 no get a good one don't cheep out.

From: Wyatt: Stevens Point, WI 5/30/14

Comments: I bought 6 of these rods two years ago when St. Croix had a sale going. This is by far the worst fishing related purchase I have ever made. The guides on 2 of the rods I received weren't even strait on the blank. Sent them back and got them replaced. The guides themselves are extremely flimsy and break off the rod VERY easily. The real seat on 3 of the rods popped loose and I had to fix it myself. The grip is slick and awkward, and when it gets wet, contrary to what St.Croix says, gets even more slick and hard to handle. If anyone is looking at buying these rods, I would strongly advise against it. I would not buy any of these rods if they were $50.00. I am extremely disappointed in St. Croix for putting such a poorly made product on the market.   

From: Daniel: Richmond, VA 3/31/14

Comments: These rods are the real deal!  Lightweight, Sensitive, balanced, and the handle is amazing!  If you want an amazing rod for a very reasonable price get a rage rod you will not be disappointed at all!!

From: Sam: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Comments: I bought this rod at the beginning of the year at a fishing show, after only one trip the rod broke on a hookset, GOT IT REPLACED INSTANTLY, great service at st. Croix, I will admit I put my rods through a lot of abuse but the micro guides seemed to be flimsy, and the first guide from the tip broke off, it didn't seem to make a difference anyway, also seems to be tip heavy, other than that great rod, and very sensitive.

From: Mack: Ontario, Canada

Comments: Bought the 7'1 Med Hvy to replace a 7' med Veritas with broken guides. Broke it in at a tournament and caught several fish with it.  Love the design and feel of the handle, could use it all day without a problem. The sensitivity was somewhat less than the Veritas which was a surprise. The action was good, lots of backbone, not much tip, got them out of the junk quickly. 5 hours into the day the rod broke 15â•Âˇ from the tip on a 3 pound fish in clear water.  Replace this rod with a 7â•ÂË™ Med Wild Black Carrot Stix, what a huge step up.

From: Jim: San Diego, CA, USA

Comments: The rod itself is incredibly light and sensitive, but once you put reel on it, it feels like someone tied a brick to the end. I put a Lew's tournament pro (around 7 ounces) and it has a very off-balance feel to it. Maybe it's the reel that has it off-balance but for a $300 combo I expect more. Also, the handle doesn't feel like you think it would. It's not like neoprene waders type feel. It's more of a thin grippy rubber. Not a bad grip but definitely different. My advice to anyone shopping for a rage is to go somewhere, and handle it yourself. If possible put your reel of choice on it and see how it feels.

From: James: West Monroe,LA

Comments: Just purchased and used the 6'8 med fast act rod for jerkbaits and couldn't be happier. Love the stainless guide inserts, they will not pop out. Anyone who says its heavy is being rediculous, I have it paired with a pfluger President baitcaster and it balances out perfect.

From: Will: Waltham, MA

Comments: Bought a St. Croix Rage Rod 7'1" Medium Heavy at Christmas and have already caught 4 bass over 4 lbs in back to back weekends including one 8 lbs.  This rod is so sensitive!  Can't beat it for the money!

From: Steve: Cary, NC

Comments: i have to say im glad someone else mentioned you can see the guide feet through the wrappings i got a little nervous when i saw that and it is a heavier rod then say a duckett but besides that i love these rods i jumped on the buy 2 st. Croix rods get one free and nabbed a 6'8" med/fast and a 6'10" med/xfast and im awaiting a 7'4" hev/fast for flippin/pitchin ill update at the end of the year its my first season in a bass club and i cant wait to abuse these rods with some fat candlewood smallies

From: Joe: Beacon Falls,CT

Comments: I have the 7'1" MF, and it is sweet. The rod is well built, balances nicely, and has perfect tip action for tossing Senkos and spinnerbaits. Yes, you can see the guide feet under the wrap (so?). The handle is very comfortable, and the contour allows any size hand to find a perfect grip. My reel seat is perfect, and the micro guides are well placed along the blank. This is not a cheaply made rod by any standard, in fact, it's one of the nicest micros I have and it's a pleasure to fish with. Some of the criticism appears to have more to do with personal preferences than material discrepancies. Bottom line:  nice performing rod, good price.

From: JP: Wharton, NJ

Comments: i got the 7'2 med hvy and put a Quantum Kineitc casting reel on it dont seem to matter what knot i Tye i seem to bust them off rite at the lure and the reel seat seem to be striped or something cuz every time i hook one  the reel comes loose maby its all rooky mistakes but i never had the prob on my Accurist ?? help?? 

Comments: I have the 7'1 MF casting and i love it. It does feel a little heavy compare to other rods but it has an awesome backbone. It is also very sensitive and love the way it feels. I use 15lb p-line fluorocarbon on it which feels a little to big but i'm going to try 12lb next. Give this rod a try, you might just like it.

From: Tou: Walnut Creek, CA

Comments: rage rods are actually pretty good looking rods and perform quite well, i now own two of them i was looking for something to mess around with and this turned out to be one of my favorite rods!!! In no way is this cheaply made at all it's solid and the on;y knock i could say about it is that it may be a tad tip heavy 

From: Louis: WI

Comments: I just revived my new rage rod...7'2 mm and my first impressions are great... Idk what people have been saying but I think it is a very well built rid and I see no flaws with it... The handle is great and the guide are all in line.... I was a little nervous with some of the bad reviews but I'm so glad I bought this rod

From: Sam: MA

Comments: I had 3 St. Croixs sitting at home before I bought this and loved them. I bought the 7'4 Rage for flipping and the handle was extremely uncomfortable and doesn't exactly "stick when wet" as advertised. The guides are cheaply attached and the rod is too heavy. I returned this and bought a Carrot Stix Wild, saved 50 bucks and shaved a ton of weight off of my set up.

From: Dan: IL

Comments: Well, this is the rod everyone hates to look at in the store, and loves to own.  I have the 7'1"MH-XF, and it fishes as well as my z-bone ST micro for less than half the price.  Yeah, it's made in Mexico.  Yeah, the grip takes some getting used to.  Yeah, you can see the guide feet through the epoxy, but that's because they used a translucent thread.  The only real (though minor) issue I have with it, is the handle is a tad too short.  To fish with this rod, however, is a pleasure.  The blank is smooth and crisp and as fast as they come.  If you want a rod that performs, and you aren't concerned with what your buddies think about how pretty it is, this is it.

From: Gail: Indianapolis, IN

Comments: I purchased the 6' 8 medium XF rage rod to use for topwater fishing. I have fished with it on two different fishing trips. So far I love it. It's really balanced well ( I paired it with a curado ) and is more sensitive then my other St. Croix mojo rods. It casts really well with the lighter top water poppers I was throwing. Don't know if I notice a lot of difference in distance compared to my mojo rods. I don't know if this micro guide technology does much for longer casts but the reason I like the smaller guides is because there is less chance of them getting stepped on and damaged. The epoxy stuff they used to attach the guides does appear cheap when you look at it but I think it's only because it's clear and you can see the whole guide frame. So far though they seem strong and havn't had any problems. I have to say I love the way the new grip feels. When I was fishing it was raining off and on and these grips still felt really tacky and gave me more control compared to a cork grip that gets slick when it's wet. So overall I guess I would have to say I'm pretty satisfied. Plus with the 5 year warranty you can't beat it.

From: Todd

Comments: i looked at one hard at a local store and thought the rod was light and sensitivity should be very good. Comparible to a avid. The micro guides did not look like they were installed well. The grip i did not like. Reel seat was decent. Overall it looked and felt cheap because i think mostly the grip.  I think this was St croix's first miss of all the rods i have seen and bought. I would spend a little more and get the legend bass series.

From: Ed: Grayslake, IL

Comments: with all the respect for st croix rods  love them i am using themevery day almost. i bought this rod soon i ve seen it in dicks i have the 7'1 medium action casting rod at first i was really impresed with it but then i start compering it with my avid my opinion about this rod is that really bad i love the scIII blank but i hate the guides and the handle i belive the avid and the mojo bass are better quality rods.

From: Kostas: Vineland, NJ

Comments: I know the st. croix faithful are going to bash me for this but i think this was a sad attempt at trying to get into the micro guide market.The handle is smooth and has no grip,the top of the blank is heavy so the rod tends to fall forward and the guides look like they super glued them on.Homestly im around these rods 8hrs a day,ive tried to like them.You can see the base pins on the guide through the epoxy the used to attach them to the blank.Just save 50 bucks and get a mojo.

From: Stephen: Cropwell, AL

Comments: I presently have 4 rage rods that I have been using. I think the handles are very comfortable and the rod itself is really sensative. You can't go wrong with this rod.

From: Tim: Lakemoor, IL

Comments: Very nice rods. Love the new handle. This is my first micro guide rod so we'll see how it casts. Big fan of St. Croix, I only wish I didn't own 9 Mojo Bass rods. I'd rather have 9 Rage rods.

From: Anthony: Tampa, FL

Comments: I held one of these and the trigger is very uncomfortable not a fan of the rubber grip either. I'm a big fan of st.croix I own 1 extreme, 1 tournament but this has to be the worst rod they made. I guess that's why their made in Mexico save your money and buy their US made rods.

From: Roberto, MN

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