Standout Drop Shot Hook Black Nickel

Standout Drop Shot Hook Black Nickel
At times, standard drop shot hooks may rig off kilter, resulting in lower hook-up ratios. The Standout Drop Shot Hook remedies that problem by rigging straight and perpendicular every time. For proper rigging, tie directly to the Standout Drop Shot Hook's bend and pull the tag end through the eye of the hook. Drop shot baits now stay in an upright position, offering proper bait presentation and better hook-ups.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Hook up percentage is great and they are strong. They do stand out straight. However these hooks become a tangled mess after a catch. Sometimes so bad you have to cut and tie again. Think I'm going with the swivel style next time. 

From: Adam: Mission Viejo, CA 11/12/16

Comments: Great hooks, great price, strong, pretty sharp! I've been racking in the smallmouth with these in coupled with a roboworm. They really do stand straight out. It does have a tendency to get a bit tangled up after a catch or two but overall awesome.

From: Jesse: Syracuse, NY 6/9/15

Comments: Im a Trokar guy all the way, but when it comes to drop shotting, these stand outs are bar none the best. Not gonna say they are the sharpest, but keep a sharpener with you and these will never fail you. Dont like a palomar knot on these, look up the Shaw Grigsby knot on Youtube and tie it on one of these. Havent broken off since with fluorocarbon. Daiichi killed em with this genius idea!!

From: Kevin: OH 5/16/14

Comments: This is the only d.s. hook that allows bait action on the drop imo. Forget that swirly stuff, u want the bait to swim down.  Not a fan of the red model tho, doesn't have the same hook up ratio.

From: Bigpoppabass: Nashua, NH 

Comments: Love the hooks!  It will be hard for me to try anything else for drop shot.  I love the concept.  They have been an excellent upgrade from standard drop shot hooks.  Hooks stand straight out.  They bite... they're hooked. What more could I ask?

From: Justin: Jenks America

Comments: Best dropshot hooks I have ever used.Never fail to stand out properly and sticky sharp!

From: S: NC

Comments: Probably my favorite DS hook, with a close second being the Gama DS/SS. Has a nice shape point & holds up well, even after many fish. The bend with eye below design makes the bait stand out better than any other hook I've used & the only time I swing & miss are on those nibbling gills. The fact that they're priced very friendly only makes them more impressive from my perspective. I'd recommend these to anyone who drop shots to try, they perform & even if you don't like them, they're not wallet breakers.

From: KCL: NW Iowa

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