Stick Jacket Big Game 7'

The Stick Jacket Big Game 7 Model will fit rods with a maximum circumference of 6-1/4"(max diameter of 2"). Its overall length is 7' and it will rods up to 9-1/2' in length.

Perfect for bigger swimbait rods, flipping sticks, or rods with larger guides - the Stick Jacket Big Game 7 Model is made of a tough polyethylene filament that is virtually impervious to salt as well as resistant to mold and mildew.  The braided material behaves like the old "Chinese finger trap" gripping your rod for snug protection and ease of hanging for storage.

When sizing a Stick Jacket to a rod - if you want to store the rod fully rigged, the Stick Jacket should end somewhere below the first guide and above the reel seat (i.e. for a 8-1/2' to 9-1/2' rod, you would want a 7' Stick Jacket).

*Eliminates tangled rods
*Protects line guides & tips
*Easy push on & off installation
*Great in boat rod lockers, storage tubes and bags
*Impervious to salt, mold or mildew
*Breathable & will not retain water
*Snagged hooks are very easily removed
*Hang rods for storage
*High abrasion resistance
*Lightweight and flexible

3 Colors

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