Stick Jacket Spinning

*Eliminates tangled rods
*Protects line guides & tips
*Easy push on & off installation
*Great in boat rod lockers, storage tubes and bags
*Impervious to salt, mold or mildew
*Breathable & will not retain water
*Snagged hooks are very easily removed
*Hang rods for storage
*High abrasion resistance
*Lightweight and flexible

Stick Jacket fishing rod covers prevent rod tangles & are easy to use. The unique braided construction and wide expandability make for easy on and off installation. Use over large line guides on fully rigged rods. Stick Jacket rod covers are great in rod lockers, rod storage tubes, or the bed of your truck. Stick jackets are made of a tough polyethylene filament that is virtually impervious to salt as well as resistant to mold and mildew. The braided material behaves like the old "Chinese finger trap" gripping your rod for snug protection and ease of hanging for storage.

The spinning model will fit rods with a maximum circumference of 7-5/8"(max diameter of 2-1/2"). The overall length is 5-1/2' and is designed for spinning rods up to 7-1/2'.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: they do what theyre designed to do but i wish they were just a bit longer. to me, it looks like it was designed for a 6 footer - not a 6'6" or 7'

From: Cheng: Maplewood, MN

Comments: The Stick Jacket Spinning worked very well for me. No problem getting it over the larger guides. Only problem was with some shorter 5'6" rods. It's a little long for that size rod. Seems perfect for 6'6" to 7'6" rods.

From: Charlie: Ellijay, GA

Comments: Do not get the XL casting version for your spinning rods. I followed the comments by past customers and bought the XL and they to do not fit over your last guide which leaves you with another 6 inches just dangling on the end of your rod. Stick to the Spinning jackets for spinning rods and the casting jackets for your bait casters. Now I have 5 jackets that I can not use. Anyone want to buy them just send me an email. I will discount them for you!

From: Bobby: EDH, CA

Comments: I agree will not fit over the last guide on any spinning rod I own  buy the xl version they work great on all the spinning

From: Glenn: Jackson, MI

Comments:These things are great in the casting version. I don't like this spinning version though. Doesn't go on the last guide well. If you get the casting version you need XL for 7'4 or bigger.


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