Storm Rattlin Chug Bug - $6.89

Storm Chug Bugs have been a favorite for many topwater fishermen for years and no wonder, with their proven fish-catching ability and versatility. These big popper baits can be twitched and splashed like any other popper. With a faster retrieve, they will walk-the-dog and spit and pop, making bass pay attention even from deep water or thick cover. They cast easily, even with baitcasting gear, because of the weighted tail section that also gives them their unique action. Great paint jobs, deep finishes, and pearl Mylar fire tails round out the package for a real fish-catching topwater bait that won't just sit in the box.

Storm Length Weight Class
Chug Bug 3-1/4" 3/8oz Topwater

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Storm Rattlin Chug Bug

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  • Bone
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  • Bullfrog
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  • Gizzard Shad
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  • Met Silver/Black
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  • Met Silver/Blue
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  • Shad
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  • Tennessee Shad
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Comments: Been using the Chug Bug for 20 years. While I still have quite a few old ones left and still think they work a little better then the new version they still flat catch fish. This is my go to top water bait in most cases especially for smallies.

From: Bill: WI 7/9/14

Comments: This bait is awesome! it literary out fishes any other top water bait i have ever used! I was fishing with my buddy one day and he was using a rebel Pop R and i was using the smaller chug bug pond fishing and i caught twice as many fish as he did! Sick bait get one.

From: Jordan: Lakeland, FL

Comments: Catches fish: yes. Catches big fish: 18lb+ toad from Perris on it this April by an old dude. Makes the idiot who downplays anything thats not a Rico look like a kook: hell yes!

Comments: This plug is a classic topwater lure for a very good reason:  it works!  In fresh or salt water, the chug bug will spit, chug, gurgle and walk its way into trouble.  Over many years using this plug I have taken largemouth bass, spotted bass, redfish, seatrout, snook, ladyfish, jacks and other species that you wouldn't even think would respond to a topwater plug.  Bone and Tennesee shad colors seem to attract everything.  I prefer the saltwater version which has stronger hooks.  The larger version works too.

From: Forrest, GA

Comments: Awesome bait!! I can get bass to come up 20-30 feet for this bait. Good spitting power and Really good rattling! One of the best topwaters i have ever used. Also great bait in mid fall when conditions are tough! Over all a must have in your topwater arsinal

From: Andrew: MA

Comments: Big smallie killer. Have done awesome with this bait in tournaments when I need a big bite.

From: Cody

Comments: I've been using the chug bug since it was first introduced, it isn't just another popper, it is much different. This bait walks the dog and spits at the same time, it really makes a commotion and if you use a split ring you can really get it to dance. This is not a finesse topwater, it makes a racket...AWESOME!

From: Dan: Minersville, PA

Comments: best top water plug every catches reds trout bass hybrid strippys every thing amazing my buddy caght an 11 poung bass on one i caght 23 inch trout and 26 in red hands down best plug every lovem in my salwater box all i use is it skitter walks and gulp love it worth every penny its da bomb

From: Ben

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