Strike King 3X Elaztech Finesse Worm

Strike King 3X Elaztech Finesse Worm

The secret of these Strike King Worms is the unique space age plastic that is used in the construction. This recent development in softbait technology makes these worms almost indestructible. Take a 3X worm by the head and tail and give it a stretch. You will probably be able to pull almost four feet without tearing the bait. So now when a fish bites the tail and you set the hook instead of missing the fish and getting half a worm back all you do is miss the fish. You'll get your bait back as good as new. In addition to the resiliency of the Cyber-Flexx plastic the Strike King Worm offers bass-pleasing softness and buoyancy, and you know how effective a floating worm can be on a Shaky Head or Drop Shot Rig.

Length Quantity
4" 10
7" 8

Kevin VanDam used a 1/8-ounce Strike King shaky head with a dirt color Strike King 3X ElazTech finesse worm to win the BASS Elite Series at Smith Mountain Lake. KVD estimated this setup accounted for 75% of the fish he caught.

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I usually fish from a boat but haven't been able to get out much this year. Decided to get a pack of these to try at some point because of all the positive reviews. Decided to do a little bank fishing to satisfy the urge to get out. Went to a local reservoir where even in my boat my best has been maybe a 2 lb bass. Standing on the bank with people kayaking 25 ft next to me, caught a 4 lb plus bass on the third or fourth cast. I'm sold.  

From: Charles: VA 6/17/16

Comments: Very durable worm that catches fish. The plastic is so stretchy that sometimes it can be hard to get onto a screw lock shaky head. After you do though, you'll rarely need to put on another one!  As Tim from Scranton mentioned above. DO NOT STORE WITH OTHER PLASTICS! I ruined a half dozen bags of baits this way. It happens within a couple of weeks too. A great science project for the kids!

From: Vince: Dallas, TX 

Comments: I bought strike kings shakyhead hooks and this elaztech worm and fished using this method for the first time on 7-22-2014. I used a watermelon red and caught 20 bass in less than two hours! The biggest one of the day was 7 pounds. I used one hook and one worm for the whole time and the worm shows very little wear. It sure does make fishing a whole lot easier. I purchased four bags of this type of worm...may last well into next year!

From: Chuck: Henrico, VA 7/23/14

Comments: After reading so many good reviews on these worms, I had to give them a try.  Took them to a local lake and according to the bait shop guy the bass weren't biting shallow and I shouldn't waste my time.  I threw out the 7" dirt color, Texas rigged with some brass and glass and got hits right away.  Landed a total of 5 bass in about 2 hours just fishing from the shore.  The worms also lasted a really long time.  Only went through 2 all day.  I'm sold on these and will be stocking up on  more.  A thanks Tackle Warehouse for the fast shipping.

From: Matt: So Cal

Comments: caught a 10lber on a shakey head. nuff said

From: Mike

Comments: I really THINK WE ARE fishing  with the future BY USING THIS PLASTIC.I will not touch another overrated ROBOWORM the new ones I just purchased do not float like they did 3 years ago 25 packs down the drain.The company said after thirty minutes they will float who needs that crap.I FISH THIS WORM ON A OWNER ULTRA FINESSE BALL HEAD JIG ON SAND I USE THE SMALLER WEIGHT. HEAVIER WEIGHT IN AND AROUND WEEDS I ACTUALLY THROW IN POCKETS OF THE WEED BED. MY OTHER CHOICE FOR RIGGING IS A FLAT HEAD SLIDER JIG FOR SMALLIES AROUND SHALE BEDS USALLY A 4 INCHER.THE THIRD WAY IS ON A BIFFLE HEAD OVER AND AROUND ROCK AND WOOD THAT BEING THE SEVEN INCH.I FOUND SOME GAMAKATSU STAND UP ALIEN HEADS THEY ALSO WORK.My little trick I use is to spray coffee scent from strike king TheY say attractants are good for fish holding on try some you tell me.That stuff in the can and this worm I RATE A 10. TACKELWAREHOUSE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR 90% OF THE BASS I CATCH GOOD FISHING GUYS


Comments: This is the best floating worm out there!  These worms are so bouyant.  They are so durable I have caught so many fish on the same worm shaky headin.  I was using Roboworms before which have good action but if a fish farts on the thing it rips the worm.  You can stretch these worms like silly putty and they take the same shape right back.  If you get bit and miss the hookset just let it sit there and the fish will come right back to it and gobble it up again.  You get the point, buy ya a mess of these worms!!!

From: Eric: Ohio

Comments: This is a great bait last long, I caught 18 fish on one worm till I lost it on a log. If it was a little hotter I would of jumped in after it 9ft down just to see how many more fish I could catch on this one worm. I used it to catch many fish and all colors 4" & 7" most my lunkers came from these. I used it in every river and lake here in the San Joaquin Valley. I would recommend this to all my friends. Weedless Ultra Head by Owner (texas rig). Any qestions because if you try this there sure to be some. I'm at youtube FRESNOSMAHGILICUTTY.

From: Mark: Fresno, CA

Comments: this bait is simply awesome! Shaky head, wacky style, and my all time favorite...the Carolina Rig. This work performs in all applications. And yes some are complaining about storing these worms. READ THE PACKAGE! It clearly states not to store them with other worms. No problem!
I will no doubt keep buying these worms. Great product Strike King!!!!

From: Benny: Canton, GA

Comments: awesome shaky head worms. One worm can last you 50 fish. They are literally almost unbreakable. I tested one by running my car tire over it and it was fine, albeit a bit dirty and unusable. For the people complaining about it melting other lures, you need to pay more attention. The bag clearly says not to store the worms with other lures. Did I mention they float perfectly?

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: Chris what you said is correct that will happen but you cannot store these worms oitside their bags. You have to keep them in the bag and not with other worms. Aside from that- these are great worms and i love the "stretchabililty" of these worms they are great on a SK shakey head and killer on drop shot.i reccomend them in dirt (as the best) and PB&J. Grab a couple packs and you wont be disappointed! I also have a vidoe on youtube using them as a shakey head it is Fishingfactor37 I give them 10/10

From: Jake: Ohio

Comments:  I will admit i was pretty excited to try these out when i heard of them.A bait that is almost unbreakable capable of lasting many fish had my attention.So i picked up 3 packs and put them in my storage container .I keep all plastics in a 370 plano with the separators .Well after fishing  a day i went to grab one to put on and noticed they had all melted together and became very hard not to mention melted any of my other plastics they came into contact with.basically ruining about 5 packs of worms . I really like the idea of these worms,long lasting ,they float up nicely .But the cons far out way the pros.Like i said i keep all my soft plastics in plano trays in my storage bin and these became a gooey mess.You have to be very careful when storing these worms or you will ruin about anything they touch

From: Chris: Barbourville, KY

Comments: This worm gets either over looked or left out. Its a phenomenal drop shot worm. the 3x elaztech lasts forever. you can catch 5,6,7,8 fish on one worm. Amazing action! Remember simplify your worms. Green pumpkin folks!!

Comments: I just got back from lake Oroville,Ca 5/24/25/2012 I must have caught at least 70 fish aday on the drop shot with this worm and only went throught one bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dirt is the color for this lake!!

From: Barry: Carson City, NV

Comments: This is my TOP dropshot bait. I fish a dropshot a lot and feel like I know a lot about it and this is the best worm for it. It floats, so I can dead stick it right in front of a skittish smallmouths' face.

From: Aeolian: Kalamazoo, MI

Comments: Great product. Have had favorable results fishing on a shaky head. However, don't mix or store them with other soft plastics. They react against each other, melt into sticky mess!

From: Tim: Scranton, PA

Comments: These worms are the most durable worms I have ever used, easily average 10-12 bass a worm. I like to use the 4inch for my finesse setup, I've caught everything from rockbass to SMB, LMB and even a few scrappy bluegills. Caught my biggest bass with one of these, it has to be the action. They float slightly so they're great for shakey heads, the tail stands up and wiggles with every twitch. When nothing else works, when the pressure is high and I need some catches this is my go to bait. My favorite colors would be watermelon red and junebug. 

From: Abhi: Somerset, NJ

Comments: These worms are by far the most durable plastic worm I have ever used, and besides that they catch fish! I've used mainly the 4" for drop shotting, shakey head, and texas rigging. My favorite colors are-- dirt, green pumpkin, and junebug. Buy some you'll be pleasantly surprised at the 3X Elaztech durability and even the difference in feel of these worms compared to other brands!!

From: Dan: Shullsburg, WI

Comments: These worms are great, my new go-to for drop shotting and shaky heads. I love that they float up off the bottom, and with the hoards of bait stealing/tearing rockbass and bluegills around here the durability of the 3X plastic is a huge plus

From: Brad: WNY

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