Strike King Bitsy Bug Jig - $1.69

MSRP: $1.99 The Bitsy Bug Jig has a snagless/weedless head design helps prevent the jig from getting wedged in the rocky bottom. The Bitsy Bug also features an inverted line tie on top of the jig head to protect your line from getting chewed up by rocks and other obstructions.
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Strike King Bitsy Bug Jig

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  • Black
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  • Black/Blue
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  • Camoflauge
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  • Green Craw
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Comments: Great jigs. I Use the 3/16 in black and blue and green craw with a yum crawbug for creek smallies, and have caught some real monsters on them. Defiantly recommend them

From: Eric: PA 1/11/15

Comments: These jigs are garbage!! The hooks are total junk, the weed gaurds fall off on the first cast, the skirts slide off. Half of the jigs I bought the weed gaurds had already fallen off in the pakage! Why can't strike king step it up and make a decent version of this jig? The concept is good but the quality is not!

From: Nick: USA 7/31/14

Comments: My all time favorite jig. River smallies love this thing. I fish this jig with a netbait trailer during the spawn and it wears them out, big ones too. Fish it over rocky areas during the summer and fall and you will be hooked up in no time.

From: Henry: USA 4/17/14

Comments: My favorite jig hands down ! I have caught several giant bass using this jig tipped with a craw trailer.

From: Scott: IL 3/29/14

Comments: Outstanding jig. Rig up a 3-4 inch Yum Craw Papi or Strike King Rage Craw on it and river smallies will nail it bouncing on the rocky bottom, especiallnin current, rocky areas, and rapids.

From: Just: PA 3/21/14

Comments: These jigs are AWESOME!!  There is always one tied on in every tournament.  There are many applications both shallow and deep for both largemouth and smallmouth.  Just wish TW would carry the black in 1/16th.

From: Sean: Spofford, NH

Comments: the hook on this jig is no good. Too much flex in the hook and it will cost you fish. Get the SK Bitsy Bug "FLIP" jig. Same size and profile as the Bitsy Bug but with a much stronger hook.

From: Jason: Ohio

Comments: i love this jig in green craw colr paired with a orange bc soft craw trailer. i caught a 5 pound smallmouth in a creek by my house with this.

From: Kyle: TN

Comments: Good for price but the hooks are not as sharp as I like and the skirts are not very good. They still will catch fish though.

From: Jim

Comments: It's nice but not my favorite.

From: Aeolian: Kalamazoo

Comments: This is one of the best jigs ever.  it catches fish big and small i caught a 5 lber on it during a tournament but it was on the color Cajun craw which they don't have so if they get that color i recommend getting it.

From: Chase: North Dakota

Comments: awesome jig, but i wish they had some heavier sives and i wish they put a little skirt on it.

From: Alex

Comments:  I love this reel it is the best one I have ever used and I have used many expensive reels and this is by far the best, very smooth casting and retrieve light weight, will be using these from now on hands down, I have it paird with a varitas best combination, all rods and reels will be varitas and lews.

From: Lucas: St. Louis, MO

Comments: The bitsy bug jig is a grate jig to use before the sun goes down when all the bugs r flying low over the water tye on a fly type trailer instead of a craw for this technique

From: Chris

Comments: this is best jig to use under the toughest conditions, clear water, muddy water, it doesn't matter the bitsy bug will get bit!!

From: Cade: Kentucky, USA

Comments: This is my go2 jig for dock fishing and scattered grass. I through this bait every time I go to Lake Winnipausaque in NH and I always catch big fish. I put a net-bait paca craw on the back in the four inch and I catch a lot of fish big fish too the bitsy flippin jig works just as good,try one yourself.

From: Jack: New Hampshire, USA

Comments: This is a winner for tough bite days and cold water gives lots of flex depending on trailer choice.

From: Brian: Quincy, MA

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