Strike King Bitsy Flip Jig

The Bitsy Flip Jig has all the feature of the original Bitsy Bug with a few Beefy upgrades. Strike KIng stepped it up with a bigger, super strong, black nickel Mustad hook and a beefier weedguard. This jig is designed to throw in the thickest of cover were the lunkers lurk.

6 Colors

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    Model No. BFJ38-1
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8 10+
    1/2 10+
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    Model No. BFJ14-2
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4 10+
    3/8 10+
    1/2 10+
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    Model No. BFJ14-22
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4 10+
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    Model No. BFJ14-13
    Green Craw
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    1/4 10+
    3/8 10+
    1/2 10
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    Model No. BFJ14-11
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4 10+
    3/8 1
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    Model No. BFJ14-17
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4 10+
    3/8 12/11
    1/2 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I'm finding that this jig needs a bit longer weed guard. Very productive around docks& weeds but brush & trees eat these things up.

From: Sony: USA 6/23/15

Comments: 1/2 Flip has worked on the coosa river to lake martin to west point for me. Docks, wood, wood/grass, and grass. The small compact design paired with a compact trailer can be deadly. New old school look. Always hear about the small small weights for early pre-spawn fish spotted bass on rocky clay points. Try beefing up to the larger 1/2 ounce and try the areas I've mentioned and you should boat a few large mouth. Not to mention the weighted shaft allows the jig to skip for miles..

From: DJ: Bowdon, GA 10/8/14

Comments: I'm by no means a big jig angler, but in the summer you can't beat these little things around docks. They catch fish and plenty of them. Black/Blue and Green Craw are the only colors you need, and for the price how can you beat them?

From: Kevin: Knoxville, TN 8/28/14

Comments: Just picked up a few 1/4 Camoflauge and have been using a Zoom UltraVibe speed craw in green pumpkin and i love these jigs so far. They are a lot smaller than i expected though. Hooks are sharp and the weed guard is stiff so i thinned it out and it's great. For the price, pick a few up!

From: Chris: WI 6/15/14

Comments: I fish the Red River at Bossier/Shreveport three to four times a week.  For the FLW pre-practice on the red river the 1/4 oz. black and blue with a pork chuck was a great bait.  Other words when the fish moves the whole lay down coming for the bait its spot on. 

From: David: Bossier City, LA

Comments: I dont have a clue what the bad reviews are for, these are the best flipping jigs out there. The paint chips eay, but the fish dont mind. I personally like to swim them, and if they dont hit it then, I will flip it. My favorite trailer it the rodent, just cut it down to size, andflip and swim to your hearts content. I give this jig 6 out of 5 stars for being the only jig Iwas able to get a decent bite. This jig does not ctach you small fish, I'm yetto catch a fish under two pounds on it. Get the green craw color for clear water, and black/blue for murky water. Get them in a 1/4 oz size rigged with a watermelon red 3" rodent on a 6'6" MH casting rod with 12 lb. flourocarbon, and hold on tight, and get ready to set the hook!!! Thanks TW and Strike king.!!

Comments: Decent jig. Caught plenty of nice bass on this jig. Pair it up with a Zoom Salty Pro Chunk and it becomes an excellent all around bait. Fair price too.

From: Mike: IL

Comments: absolute waste of money. This jig belongs nowhere but the trash can. I bought 5. On every single one, the weedguard is 10 degrees off the the left. It doesn't even cover the hook! They were all asymmetrical, one side of the head is squashed. The skirt has barely any action. The finish on the hook point came off and it rusted and dulled itself after 1 use. I managed to salvage them by cutting off the weedguard and removing the skirt, hopefully they will make ok jighead for my 4" PTL grubs. Save your money, don't buy this jig.

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: winter time jig, the green/orange has been my best color. Put a zoom grn/pumpkin tiny chunk on it a thy love it. It's a great spot catching jig, but hold on cause I've caught some big largemouths on it too. Also love the big hook in them too compared to the bitsy bug with the little hook.

From: Will: AL

Comments: Caught 3 keepers the first time I used this jig (watermelon). That was my first time using a jig n pig combo too and it was a huge success. Highly recommended and the price can't be beat!

From: Allan: Mission Viejo, CA

Comments: It's an amazing little jig!! I've caught a 6 pounder and a 4 on the same day flipping this jig.

From: Ryan: Lakeland, FL

Comments: Great jig! Was flipping it in a local pond and got a couple follows and hits wasn't able to catch anything because they are the most skittish bass in the whole world. Just to get a follow in that pond is an achievement absolutely great jig.

From: Tade: Utah

Comments: Excellent jig for pond fishing or for skittish bass.    Keep it simple with a Zoom swimmin chunk threaded onto the hook.

From: Scott: TX

Comments: Great small compact bait. Catchs nice bass too caught a nice 2.5 pounder swimmin it?? how crazy is that!

Comments: This little compact jig packs a big punch.  I used the 1/4 oz black/blue paired with a pack/blue paca chunk jr and it had amazing action.  these are great for early spring and fall when the water is cold and the bite is tough.  something about it's compact size and action drive the bass nuts and make them bite when they won't hit bigger baits.

From: Elijah: Seattle, WA

Comments: The best jig that I have ever used.  This jig is perfect for pitching around rocks, but small enough that I can swim it through grass with little to no weeds left on the jig.  Most of my fish were caught using the watermelon jig with a baby craw trailer on the bottom.  However, the black and blue jig combined with the tail of a black Berkley power worm will give you an almost perfect bluegill imitation that bass can't resist.  All of my bass caught on the b&b jig hit it on the fall, or when I picked the jig up and swam it.  Buy one of these jigs and you'll be completely satisfied.

From: Nelson: Kettering, OH

Comments: Because of the smaller size of this jig, its great for skittish smallie. I threw my chigger craw on the black and blue jig and caught a 3.5 pound smallmouth. Also comes at a good price

From: Henry: Illinois, USA

Comments: Great little jig for big bass and to get your limit put your favorite trailer on and you WILL catch fish.

From: Jack: New Hampshire, USA

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