Strike King Coffee 4.5" Flip-N-Tube 6pk - $4.29

The Strike King coffee tube has taken an interesting approach at marketing this new and exciting tube bait. The Strike King coffee tube is actually scented with real coffee bean granules and coffee bean oil. This natural and organic scent is very attractive to bass and as a result they grab on and hold on longer. The coffee scent also masks human scents applied to the baits when handling and rigging.The Strike King coffee tube also has very natural coloring due to the use of the coffee bean granules and oils. "Death before decaf."

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4.5" 6
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Strike King Coffee 4.5

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  • Siren
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  • Black Blue Flk-Blue Tail
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  • Black Neon
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  • Cazy Craw
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  • Green Pump Purp/Gold
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  • Green Pump/Chart
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  • Green Pumpkin
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  • Watermelon Red Flk
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Comments: Best tube out there. I love the coffe scent to mask human odors. This can be the difference between a decent day, or the day to bring home to money. The head of the tube is solid as well and creates a much more durable tube! I caught 20+ fish on one of these tubes yesterday and it is still going strong. With other companies I am lucky to get a dozen without glueing them. Thank you strike king for an awesome product!!!

From: Jace: Orem, Utah

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