Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Caffeine Shad Jr. 8pk

Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Caffeine Shad Jr. 8pk

Now in a smaller 4" size, the Strike King Caffeine Shad Jr. features a unique bubble tail that gives this topwater shad bait an action never seen before in a soft jerk bait.  Use it weightless and twitch it for topwater and subsurface action or tie it on to a Carolina rig or a jighead for that deeper bite.  Featuring Strike King’s famous Perfect Plastic formulation, the Caffeine Shad Jr. contains the world’s best blend of soft plastic ingredients.  This allows the use of large amounts of salt yet it also keeps the bait soft and pliable.  Coffee scent masks human scents and oils as well, providing longer hold times and increasing your hook-up chances.

Length Quantity
4" 8

7 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: I really enjoyed using this bait. I used it first to become a better fishermen & I fell in love. The action on this bait is amazing. I would recommend a screw lock hook for this bait though. Only little complaint is that after 1 or 2 fish the bait was wrecked but other than that my new favorite bait.

From: Peyton: Midland, MI 6/8/15

Comments: Hands down the most versatile soft plastic ever made. Super soft, plenty of that great coffee scent and salt and amazing action. I caught a limit of largies today and all I did was cast these things out and let them sink. The tail action is unreal and when they grab it they will not spit it out.

From: Jeremy: IN 6/21/14

Comments: This lure is basically a zoom fluke combined with a senko except really soft like a california garage shop hand pour.  Wags on the fall and kinda has a swimbait type action when you reel it fast. They may be the softest of all soft plastics on the market. You can almost rip the things apart twisting them in your fingers and they are about 90% salt and 10% plastic. Bass, largemouth and smalllmouth love these things but be prepared to pay about $1.50 per bite which is great during a tournament but when your fun fishing and your having a 30 or 40 fish day thats a very expensive day of catching bass. 

From: RJD: PA 5/16/14

Comments: This is the best bass and pike lure I have ever used, period.  I could go out with only this bait and nothing else and have an amazing day.  The only drawback is that they aren't durable - a reinforced nose would help.  After one or two good fights through the weeds, you will rip the hook throuigh the nose of the bait.  Otherwise, it's simply the best soft bait I have ever used, and I have used many...

From: Brendan: ME

Comments: In the summer this is my go to bait. Even though it is hot, this bait rocks

From: Matthew: Port Barre, LA

Comments: This fluke is the best on the market by far. This thing will catch you so many more fish then a zoom fluke or any other, what makes this one so special is that when you let the bait sink weightless , the tail in the back will float up and wag like a dog and the body of the bait will wobble back and forth. zoom flukes just cant do that. yesterday i was fishing in a kayak and i caught 2 pigs in under an hour by casting it out in 7 feet of water and let it sink to the bottom and then just twitch it up and let it sink. every time  the fish would nail it on the fall.

From: Bassmaster

Comments: Strike king Kevin vandam perfect plastic Caffeine Shad Jr.(KVD magic ) with a 5/0 Owner TwistLock Open Gap Centering Pin Hook also weightless  , rod and reel spinning combo ( daiwa regal xia  reel , berkley lightning shock rod 7 ft with 10 lb Spiderwire fluorobraid ( moss green ) caught 6 bass on this bait

From: Erik: IL

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