Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Shim E Stick 7pk

Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Shim E Stick 7pk

The Strike King Perfect Plastic Shim E Stick features Strike King's exclusive super soft and super salty plastic blend. This formulation provides a perfect rate of fall and the seductive "shimmy" action from which the Shim-E-Stick gets its name. In addition to the super soft plastic, the salt system of the Shim E Stick contributes to the weight and characteristic action of the Shim E Stick and imitates the prey on which bass feed. Shad and other baitfish have a salt component to their blood, so when the bass bite down on the salty, soft plastic of the Shim-E-Stick, the taste and feel causes them to hold on longer - giving you more time to feel the bite and set the hook. A great alternative to the popular Senko, try the Strike King Perfect Plastic Shim-E-Stick Texas-rigged, weightless or wacky style. You'll be impressed and so will your wallet.

Wacky Rigging Tool

O-Wacky Rigging Tool

Length Quantity
5" 7

6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: these are my favorite senko besides yum dinger i fish senkos like a texas rig but with out a weight these senkos in baby bass kill on my local lake

From: Holden: USA 4/3/16

Comments: Great bait! Went out for two hours and caught close to 8 fish. All between 1 1/2 - 3 lbs. Use 1/4 oz sinker, peg it so it won't move, and use a 3/0 wide gap hook. Just let it sink to the bottom and hop it off, or flip it under trees.

From: Mike: VA 2/6/15

Comments: Winter, spring, summer, or fall. All you have to do is cast, and they will be there. Seriously I can't tell you how many fish I have caught on the cinnamon color! Great value, good colors, and catches bass galore!

From: Big C: OR

Comments: These are the best senkos on the market.  They have the same softness of a Gary but they are 5x stronger!  They are loaded with salt and sink very well. They are also half the price of Garys!  I love the smokey shad color the best.

From: Drew: CA

Comments: Just tried the baby bass out and a pond that i have trouble catching fish and BAM! Just landed my biggest bass ever at 8lbs... These things r amazing!

From: Dustin: GA

Comments: My preferred senko style worm for sure. I'm a little too impatient to fish these wacky style, but Texas rigged...I put the action on par with Gary's and the durability quite a bit higher. I rig one of these with an Owner 3/0 Twistlok and can easily catch eight or ten bass on one before it needs to be replaced, which is not the case for a lot of other senkos. There isn't a color that won't catch fish, but my favorites alternate before Red Shad and Black w/ Blue tail. Save yourself some cash and pick up a few packs of these!

From: Marty: Willow Spring, NC, USA

Comments: These things work!! Never really liked throwing weightless lures,but they really work around pressured fish. I rig with 4/0 wacky style hooks, not weedless thou! I lost too many large fish that way!

From: Bryan: Newport News,Va.

Comments: I picked these baits up from Walmart an they are fantastic. I am very surprised at how well they produce fish. I use them wacky rig an Texas and they both produce. 

From: Eric: Black Creek, WI, United States

Comments: Best lure ever been throwing them in baby bass nothing better me and a buddy of mine went and caught 41 in five hours

From: Dan

Comments: As said before, wacky rigged & weightless texas..nuff said! Me and my teammate placed 3rd at the collegiate georgia southern bass tournament at guntersville, and this plus one other (mystery) bait is all I used, no joke(caught 3 of the 5 fish we weighed in that day). I will tell you this, baby-freakin-bass is what you need to be throwing. Granted you can catch fish on other colors, but no matter, clear water, murkish water or 2 inch vis. water the baby bass color will either piss off those bigguns or entice the finicky/lethargic fish to bite. Don't be intimidated to let these things sit, and sit and sit on the bottom!

From: Michael: GA

Comments: this is my go to bait, this is a killer for bass in the late spawn, and early pre spawn. but ive caught bass on them all summer. they are super soft, and you can catch 6 -10 fish per bait. my brother (7) caught his personal best bass on the smokey shad color; 16.5" 4lbs.. a good way to fish these is to cast, and let it sit on the bottom, and the largemouth nail it, one times, you need to jerk but, you catch tons of bass on these, used 1 pack in about 1 week of fishing during the spawn, I need to get more. Strike king nailed it onthos bait. The KVD plastic blend in this bait is good. thnx sk and TW

From: Mitch: Sherwood, WI

Comments: These really produced for me. bought some at Wal-Mart and i like the action and scent. has a nice fall and the SK caffeine scent makes the fish hold on. i think SK nailed it on this one.

From: Scotty: VA

Comments: At first I was really reluctant in purchasing this particular Strike King product b/c of how inexpensive it is and so it made me question it's durability. So against my better judgement I gave it shot, and by my surprise I've caught many bass and it's durability is amazing. I caught at least 4 to 5 bass on one Shim E Stick before changing to a new one.I highly recommend this product to anyone. I also recommend the Quantum 7'2" Hackney Tour Rod, this rod is built for this type of bait.

From: Steven: USA

Comments: These worms are great compared to the more expensive brands of senko type baits. I have caught more large bass this year using these baits than I ever have. A lot of people seem to stick to watermelon/red flake as their worm of choice, but I must say I have at least 6 different colors in my tackle box and they all seem to invoke strikes. Just in the past 2 weeks I have had 1 over 5 pounds (on red shad color) and 1 that scaled at 6 1/2 pounds on the black/blue flake. Not to mention 1 that threw that got off and another that busted my knot.  I'm telling you these things work.

From: Dustin: NC

Comments: great worm catchs so many bass love the babybass colors but my favorite is yum f2 dinger but other than that amazing bring alot u will need em

From: Ben

Comments: Slightly longer and lighter than a 5" Senko, the Shim E Stick has a similar vibration on the fall when fished weightless either wacky style or texas rigged. The ribs on the body seem to hold the wacky o-rings better than smoother bodied worms. They stand-up well to repeated largemouth bass catches. I still prefer the Senko with its denser, heavier body, but I use the Strike King if I want a slower fall rate and for colors not available in the Senko, like the Baby Bass that is a laminate of green with flecks of gold and bright green glitter on top and white on the bottom or the green pumpkin / chartreuse swirl that has a banded effect like the vertical stripes on some bait fish. Another benefit over the Senko is that the Shim E Sticks are about half the price.

From: Vince: Tucson, AZ

Comments: Good bait. I've caught a lot of fish on these and the Tiki worms. I haven't figured out which brand/model is better, as they both seem to be equally productive in my experience. They make them in a bunch of different colors - most of which have worked well for me. I tend to have more success with them when I fish them wacky style, Gamakatsu 3 ought circle hook through the middle, no weight. They are nice when situation demands a slightly heavier wacky worm - casts further, falls a little quicker, or when the bass seem to be keyed on bigger baits. Surprisingly enough, they move through vegetation fairly well, not snagging nearly as much as you'd think they would when wacky rigged. They don't work all the time, but they do work most of the time. Good and cheap bait to have in your arsenal.

From: Shawn: Tampa, FL

Comments: Very good bait, produced two bass over 8lbs for me this year, and many more. Can't go wrong with the price and the durability as these seem to hold up very well for me.

From: Brant: San Diego, CA

Comments:I am not a pro angler. But the action on this soft bait makes me fish like one. I have tried and tried all sorts of lures, worms, jigs etc... I had limited luck with all the above. Just as soon as I found these Shim-E-Sticks and tried them, I went from asking advice to giving it to all of my buddies that have been fishing way longer then me. Thank you Strike King and thank you Tackle Warehouse for stepping up to sell these amazing products, that until recently, you could only get at Walmart. You are my heroes!

From:Jerry: Franklin, IN

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