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Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg - $7.59

Strike King Lures is proud to introduce the KVD Sexy Dawg. BASS Elite Series Angler, Kevin VanDam, designed the KVD Sexy Dawg to be an easy to walk, far casting, and premium “walk the dog” topwater lure. Available in two sizes, the KVD Sexy Dawg Features a unique design and incredible walking action that drives fish crazy. The KVD Sexy Dawg comes to life by rhythmically twitching your rod tip, allowing the nose to glide side to side. Available in several proven colors, take The Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg for a walk and hold on for some explosive strikes!

Strike King Length Weight Class
KVD Sexy Dawg 4.5" 7/8oz Topwater
KVD Sexy Dawg Jr. 3.75" 1/2oz Topwater

Treble Hooks

W2f Review
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Comments: I am very picky with my lures and have used a lot of topwaters. cheaper ones to higher end topwater "walkers," but this SK KVD Sexy Dawg impressed me majorly.  So easy to walk and has an awesome swooshing action.  At times, I can even glide 2 or so feet each way. The action reminds me of the older Heddon Zara spooks, yet it's easier to walk.  This is straight up an impressive Walker, and had earned a spot in my go-to topwater tackle!

From: Erica: Central, WI 6/2/14

Comments: This is the easiest walking bait ive ever tried in my 10+ years of being a topwater lover. If your having trouble walking the dog, get this bait and just focus on light twitches of your rod tip followed by immediate slack every time.

From: Derrick: USA 4/28/14

Comments: I really like this bait.  Very easy to walk and casts really well.  I fish farm ponds a lot and really like the bluegill color. Bone and Sexy Blue Back Herring also seem to work well for me.

From: Michael: GA 3/13/14

Comments: Love this bait! I had two challenges for this bait and it still worked great! One, this was my first pencil style bait and i was kinda confused on how to use it, and two, i fish in a kayak so i really can't get in a good position to walk it. SUPER easy to walk (even in a kayak) and the rattles are a great addition!

From: Chris: Oklahoma City, OK

Comments: I'm with Richard, how can people not walk this thing? I recently picked up the Dawg Jr. in Sexy Shad specifically to fish cold-water Smallmouth in Northern Wisconsin. Fished 3 mornings in a row with below 40 degree air temps and absolutely smoked BIG Smallmouth. Multiple fish 4+ each day. What I love is how you can vary the cadence with extreme ease. You can slow it way down and it sweeps wide side-to-side or speed it up for a nice tight walking action. Extremely versatile and super easy to work. I was fishing it with a 13 Fishing Omen 7'6 MH on 50 lb Sufix Braid for reference. Will be picking up more very soon!

From: Ryan: Minneapolis, MN

Comments: I'm not exactly sure how the below people are having trouble walking this bait. I'm running a MHM action and braid. The Jr. walks better than any other walk-the-dog type lure I have. It's very easy to switch up between wide and narrow walks. I recommend this bait when teaching people or when they want to learn themselves. The hooks on these baits are not the normal SK hooks. They are much stronger and sharper. Paint was great. I've been banging the Sexy Ghost Minnow off some rocks and trees, and its held up well. I will be purchasing more of these soon.

From: Richard: Edmond, OK

Comments: I was vacationing in Myrtle Beach and was fishing a lake that I did not know had big bass.  It was a rainy august afternoon so I decided topwater was my best bet.  I threw the Jr version in the bone color.  I was walking it by an island with some hydrilla and bam, a 21 inch 6lb monster.  I like the little version of this lure because it walks very easy and casts far.  The rattle is also an added bonus.

From: Ethan: Charlottesville,VA

Comments: If you order the bone it does not have the orange belly like it shows in the picture..

From: Stephen: Belmont MS

Comments: Won a club event last fall on the Ghost Minnow after owning it ony a couple weeks... if you do not over pull and use very short rhythmic jerks it does wonders...(some have an issue because they have not adapted to the bait..I had it easy because topwater for 30+ years has been my thing.) Its on 1 of my 3 topwater rods 8 months a year here in central, La....so try it (after upgrading the hooks some).

From: Doug: Vidalia, La. USA

Comments: Extremely easy to walk. Performs just as good as the spook. Actually easier to walk than the spook. Strike king PLEASE come out with a one knocker version of this bait.

From: Jeff: Rensselaer IN

Comments: This is one of the best topwater lures I have ever used. Every time I go fishing with it I always catch fish. It is my favorite way to fish. It walks very easily. My favorite color is clear sexy shad.

Comments: jackharius if you can't walk this bait then there isn't a walking topwater that you can walk. so easy a monkey could do it

From: Joe: Mcveytown, PA

Comments: I can walk a corn cob better than i can this bait.  Not impressed at all.  ill stick to my gunfish.  love your baits SK but this one aint cuttin it. 

From: Jackharius

Comments: Great GREAT Lure! caught two 4 lbers back to back on my first two cast. amazing lure! got the sexy ghost minnow jr. my new go to topwater bait! worth the money!

From: Cali, GA

Comments: Fished a Ghost Minnow Dawg Jr this weekend. I liked the casting distance, walking the dog with it was quite easy. Some walking baits you have to work with a little to get them to walk. This one works just like the spook. Caught several fish on it! Another great SK bait.

From: Tyler: East Coast

Comments: This is a very good bait, at least right now the Smallies are smashing the Jr. on the Rivers around here, the Largemouths are reallly hitting it on the Lakes, great bait, Bluegill seems to work the best around here, Its is Easy to walk the dawg and i personally like it more than the sammy

From: Shawn: MI

Comments: Dont let this bait fool you. Its decent for the price but its no sammy. If you want the best top water lure look at the sammy. The Jr dawg is worse at walking then the dawg

From: Kevin: MD

Comments: I just got a dawg jr and it looks it will be an awesome topwater lure in the summer. This lure has a super loud rattle and awesome paint jobs. Can't wait to use it this summer for big smallies!!!

From: Kyle: MI

Comments: just got mines today, it has 3 clear ball rattles in the head and two round rattles in the back. the jr isnt 3.5 its basicly 4inches. but over all, GREAT lure

From: Bassin: Midwest MN

Comments: This baits looks decent. I am glad SK offers a Bluegill pattern along with the typical number (way too many) of Sexy Shad variations. Strike King needs to expand its color offerings IMHO. A bit of an aside, what happened to the Spro Dawg 100? Bring it back TW please!!!!

From: Dean: British Columbia, Canada

***Note: If you have questions about this product or need assistance with an order please email your questions to info@tacklewarehouse.com

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Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg

13 Available Colors

  • Black Lab
    Size Stock Qty
    Dawg 4
    Dawg Jr 5+
  • Blue Gill
    Size Stock Qty
    Dawg 5+
    Dawg Jr 5+
  • Blue Gizzard Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Dawg 2
    Dawg Jr 5+
  • Bone
    Size Stock Qty
    Dawg 5+
    Dawg Jr 10/11
  • Chartreuse Sexy Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Dawg 5+
    Dawg Jr 5+
  • Chartreuse Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Dawg 1
    Dawg Jr 1
  • Chrome Sexy Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Dawg 10/11
    Dawg Jr 5+
  • Clear Sexy Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Dawg 5+
    Dawg Jr 5
  • Clearwater Minnow
    Size Stock Qty
    Dawg 5
    Dawg Jr 5+
  • Green Gizzard Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Dawg Out
    Dawg Jr 3
  • Sexy Blue Back Herring
    Size Stock Qty
    Dawg 5+
    Dawg Jr 1
  • Sexy Ghost Minnow
    Size Stock Qty
    Dawg 5+
    Dawg Jr 5
  • Sexy Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Dawg 5+
    Dawg Jr 5+

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