Over three years in the making these are the best performing "jerk-baits" on the Market! Countless hours spent by Strike King's lure design team and Kevin VanDam have produced a jerkbait designed with the perfect combination of flash, wiggle, and erratic side to side movement.

Strike King Length Hook Size Class
Van Damn Wild Shiner 4.75 #5 Suspending

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Unlike the other reviewers, I have only had one bill break out of aver a dozen of these baits.  Fantastic jerk bait as have caught hundreds of Whites, smallies and largemouth.  Best largemoth 6-4 and smallie almost 5.  only issue is getting them caught up in timber, but that happens with any jerkbait.

From: Tom: Belton, TS, USA

Comments: not very much tail action, but the one I used is old. It would probly work ok at clear fishing places. Eyes fall out after a while, but it is pretty durable

From: Zach: Ohio

Comments: Wonderful Bait. Casts good and has fantastic action. Absolutley smoked the bass on a recent outing on Kentucky Lake! My only complaint is the billis not very sturdy and broke easily. The only two I had in the box are now useless.

From: Kent: Troy, Tn. USA

Comments: i bought 2 and both bills broke off within only a couple of hours of fishing them. i did catch a 5.25lber on one also. so i decided to buy 2 more because i thought maybe i received a bad batch, but ended in the same result a broken bill on the first one and the other one sits in my tackle box too scared to use it because it will most likely break. love the action of this bait just wish it was made more durable. i suggest fishing it in open water and not by rocks or you will have my resukts.

From: Marcus: Nor Cal

Comments: Best jerkbait on the market right now!!! Caught smallmouth on almost every cast today, can't say enough about them! Great action, great colours etc.  Can't wait to try out the new KVD slash bait!  Anyone that says they aren't good baits don't know what theyre talking about.

From: Sam: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Comments: It has VanDams name on it but I have seen him fish a Ito Vision  110 on tv more times than this thing. Not a good jerkbait

From: Danny: Milan, TN

Comments: It is old bait and catches fish still today. It has good action. Shallow running bait, wobble like a rapala orignal floater but bigger profile. Might have one in box for those hot days in summer. Worked for me. Hope KVD makes a new version. Good fishing always. hope you  find what you need.

From: Alex: Kansas

Comments: paint chips and the bill breaks off easily. cheaply made bait

From: Christopher: Indiana

Comments: love this lure casts great and has great  movement, out performed the smithwick.buy a few cause the northern like them to.

From: Mike: Duluth, MN

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