Strike King Plus Polarized Sunglasses - $19.99 to $24.99

Offering a range of styles, the Strike King Plus Polarized Sunglasses feature comfortable, lightweight frames and premium polarized lenses - all for a great price.

Strike King's APT (Advanced Polarization Technology) Lenses block 100% of harmful ultraviolet light, reduce eye strain, remove glare from the water, and enable the angler to see below the water's surface. This helps you locate underwater habitat, see the action of your lure and even fish movements. APT lenses also offer improved sharpness and clarity, a more rigid composition, and a smooth state-of-the-art coating for greater resistance to scratches and better optical performance.  

Comments:  I bought the P06 sunglasses since I liked the look of them when I saw JVD and Denny Brauer wearing them.  I even bought 2 pair since most sunglasses in that price range don't last very long.  However, these are very high quality for the price and I suspect I won't need to open the second pair for quite a while.  Highly recommend them.

From: Chad: Black Creek, BC, Canada

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Strike King Plus Polarized Sunglasses

5 Available Colors

  • P02
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    2+ $19.99
  • P03
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    2+ $24.99
  • P06
    Stock Price Qty
    2+ $24.99
  • P09
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    1 $19.99
  • P10
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    Out $19.99