Strike King Rage Cut R Worm 7pk

Strike King Rage Cut R Worm 7pk

Strike King’s most versatile worm ever, the Strike King Rage Cut-R Worm can be flipped, pitched, Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged, swam weightless or on a weighted hook. Featuring Strike King's Rage Tail customized hi-grade plastic formulation, the Rage flange on the tail delivers the fastest tail flicker rate on the market. Measuring in at 6-inches, the Strike King Rage Cut-R is also a great choice on a drop shot or split shot. Any way you fish it, the Strike King Rage Cut-R is too much for bass to resist. Rage Tail - Soft Baits with Big Attitudes. Find out what the Rage is about!

Length Quantity
6" 7

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome bait that can be used multiple ways. weightless, stand up shakey head, or swim it back.  I've caught a ton a fish on this bait.  And if the tail is bitten off, use it as a 5" stick bait! Great bait Strike King!

From: Matt: OH 6/7/16

Comments: Rig it weightless on 3/0 or 4/0 worm hook. Find some shallow vegetation. Cast it out & reel it a couple turns then kill it & let it sink for a few seconds & repeat. Much more efficient than a senko & I feel like I get just as many bites. Blue craw is deadly.

From: Tackle Maniac: MS 8/19/15

Comments: These are some very versatile baits that definitely catch fish, I will fish them texas rigged weightless like a stick bait or behind a 1/4 and hop along or just swim it back, I've even put these baits on a shaky head recently they have produced some great results especially when the bite is tough or when they just prefer that tad more subtle bait throw this bait and you will definitely catch fish especially in cover

From: Corey: Tifton, GA 5/20/15

Comments: These are awesome I fish them weightless in the grass like a senko. I have been catching a ton of fish in 5 to 8 fow this way

From: Steve: New Hope, AL 5/11/15

Comments: Solid worm. I Texas rigged  this with a  3/8 bullet weight and retrieved like a spinnerbait. Got some mean strikes on a slow day. Junebug was my color.

From: Andrew: Sterling, IL 1/20/15

Comments: great bait. Tried them on a shakey head today and crushed them. I liked tat it had lots of action and I could swim it back if I wanted. I think this would be a killer Texas rig too. Great bait, I have to get more.

From: Matt: Delaware, OH 6/14/14

Comments: Fished them using a slow retrieve like a swim bait, and wow! Thanks Mark Menendez!

From: Josh: Kansas City, Kansas U.S.

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