Strike King Rage Tail Anaconda

Strike King Rage Tail Anaconda

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The Strike King Rage Anaconda is Strike King's answer to ordinary big worms. Designed to displace water and entice the biggest strikes from down deep the Anaconda is the real deal. The Anaconda is designed for superior action on the fall and during slow movements. The tail design on the Anaconda is big and bulky yet slithers through the water with a lifelike appearance. Protected by US Patent # 7,774,974.

Click here to see some video on Strike King baits with Steve Parks at ICAST '08.

Length Quantity
7" 7
10" 6

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Nice Baits, but it should be Noted that they're Loaded With Salt. SK needs to change that. I hate Salt in Soft Plastic. Nowhere, nobody seems to mention the Salt.

From: Capt G: Casting, LA 9/4/15

Comments: These baits are great I've got several different colors and sizes, I stick to the 10" falcon lake craw and redbug mostly and bass just have to eat it! Awesome bait, Awesome action, Awesome results. I've caught fish that were shorter than the worm itself and I've caught some stump grinders. Get this bait you won't be sorry, it's my go to bait when nothing else works because it has caught fish in every piece of water I've fished.

From: Corey: Tifton, GA 11/7/14

Comments: These worms are pretty dang good caught a good limit on them a few weeks back. For the guy wanting to know what hook to use: I used a gamakatsu 5/0 g-lock hook and had about 90% hook up ratio, and probably caught 5 fish on the same worm.

From: Blake: Chatsworth, GA 5/30/14

Comments: I'd like to know what are the best hooks for this bait; after one fish, it was toast!  Other than that, I really like this worm, but if I can only get one fish per bait, I'm moving on.

From: Brett: Rochester, Ny

Comments: Awesome worm! Can be fished a variety of ways. I just T rig them with a 1/4- 3/8 oz weight and fish it slow. This is my confidence bait when all else fails!

From: Jake: DFW, TX

Comments: I got these a while back and all I can say is, these things are AWESOME! I used them for picking into cover and in one brush pile I caught 5 2lb and up. 5!!! All in all great action. Get this bait!

From: Mike: Fort Collins, CO

Comments:  Great bait..fished them last season just weightless texas not sure which color but i think it was green pumkin...caught a 5 pound bass near this deep pipe...i trimmed the tail to make it smaller cauze even the 7in. model was kinda big and the bass loveddddd them.

Comments: Ive allways been a powerworm guy, but i tried these out for the first time this year and i was thuroughly impressed! the action this worm has is crazy! and if you just crank these in open water or even around structure, they eat em!

From: Bass Nightmare: OH

Comments: I was looking for a new worm that would be my go to bait and i found it. i went to a neighborhood pond to see what i could catch i threw a zoom mag2 and caught a few 3-4 pounders then i threw out a watermelon red flake in these and i was killing em i caught at least 4 6+ pounders and one was 11.7 i love these worms!

From: Brandon: Houston, TX

Comments: I have been using these worms for about a 6 to 7 month and when nothing would work, these worms did. They are soft but I do think that is why they move so real in the water. I use a # 3 hook and it has been doing well for me.

From: Wayne: Deridder, LA

Comments: These things are too soft, they rip after a few cast.  Used it with 5/0 EWG Gama hooks...and it swims/moves okay.  Haven't caught anything in the CA Delta with it.  After using the ones I got, I'm not going to buy another pack.  It rips too easy.

From: Yajkuza: Sactown, CA

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