Strike King Rage Tail Chunk 7pk

Strike King Rage Tail Chunk 7pk

The Rage Tail by Strike King brings a revolutionary new look to soft plastics. Each Rage Tail Lure has a unique and exclusive tail design and is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. The Rage Tail is designed with a specific purpose and uses customized hi-grade plastics for superior action. You won't believe the splash, noise or other action that each rage tail has! The Stike King Rage Chunk is designed as a jig trailer for swimming jigs, flipping jigs, casting jigs and football head jigs. Protected by US Patent # 7,774,974.

Length Quantity
2.5" 7

11 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've started using this trailer this year with Amazing results, especially paired with a War Eagle Heavy Finesse jig. I gave all my Paca Craws, Gary Yamamoto craws, every other plastic trailer to my buddy & replaced them with Rage Chunk, Rage Craws & the Cabin Creek Express Craw. You can't beat these three. RAGE CHUNK IS OUTSTANDING!

From: Brownfish: KY 12/7/15

Comments: This is THE trailer for jigs IMO. I use a few others, like Paca chunks, but I'm always going back to these, they have fantastic action and it stays strong on a slow fall. Holds up fairly well, and when repaired with some mend it they will last a long time, even after many fish.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 4/18/14

Comments: These are great, but I prefer to buy the full-size rage craws for the same price.  This way I can cut them to use as a trailer or leave them whole and flip them like that.

From: Jello: Canada

Comments: greatest jig trailer on the market! They may be a buck or two more then competing brands but your gonna have to pay a little extra for the best

From: Brad: PA

Comments: By far the best jig trailer on the marker, Swim jigs, football heads, flipping/pitching, you name it. None better that I have seen.

From: Leon: Ohio

Comments: great for jigs. this bait catches the most fish its probly your best bet for big large mouth and small mouth bass.

Comments: This trailer has the best action I have ever seen. Great jig trailer!

Comments: Awesome trailer, by far my most used trailer when it comes to pitching jigs. Stays on the jigs great, and gives an amazing action when it falls. The rubber seems to hold up well, been using them for 3 years now and don't plan on swithing.

From: Jake: St. Cloud, MN

Comments: Best trailer ever made!

From: Evan: Guntersville, AL

Comments: Great trailer. Cant even count how many fish i have caught with them. the action allows you to swim it or fish it like a normal jig and on the fall those tails go crazy. I have had so many fish just take the claws off. if strike king could make rage tail with elaztech they would be perfect.

From: Chris: Branchburg, NJ

Comments:Great trailer for a chatterbait, puts out tons of vibration.

From:Big J: Houston, TX

Comments:I just started using this trailer behind a swim jig. We caught 82 bass in one day culling to a 4 lb. + average. About half of those came on the rage tail chunk. I LOVE this bait!

From:D: Appley Valley, MN

Comments:Great flipping, very compact jig trailer by far, the GREATEST BAIT EVER!

From:Shane: Hinsdale, MA

Comments: Best trailers I've ever used and the only ones I use now, ridiculous action!

From:Ray: Lubbock, TX

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