Strike King Rage Tail Craw 7pk

Strike King Rage Tail Craw 7pk

The Rage Tail by Strike King brings a revolutionary new look to soft plastics. Each Rage Tail Lure has a unique and exclusive tail design and is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. The Rage Tail is designed with a specific purpose and uses customized hi-grade plastics for superior action. You won't believe the splash, noise or other action that each rage tail has! The Strike King Rage Craw can be fished Texas rigged, Carolina rigged or as a jig trailer. Protected by US Patent # 7,774,974.

Length Quantity
4" 7

29 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Incredible bait! Not sure if it's better by itself flipping or as a jig trailer. Action is great and they get bit plain and simple. When they tear up on a texas rig slide it on a jig for some prolonged usage. Black/blue, okeechobee craw and watermelon red you can't wrong!

From: Nicoh: Jasper, Fl 2/17/17

Comments: These are by far the best craws on the market. I bought my first pack of California Craw about a year ago & the rest was history. They can be used in almost every situation.. Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Shakey Head.. They also work wonders on the back of a Z Man Chatterbait, Strike King Rage Blade or a Dirty Jigs Tour Level Football Jig. In my opinion, it's just the right price for the amount you get per package. The durability isn't perfect but I get about 3-5 Largemouths per Rage Craw, depending on the weight of the bass, the cover I'm flipping into & how aggressive the fish feel that day. Definitely worth every penny! Buy as many as you can.. You WILL NOT be disappointed!

From: Cody James: Northwest NJ 12/21/16

Comments: I have thrown this lure in Falcon Lake (only color I use, will never change) in the past couple of months & I've caught so many bass. They can't resist it. I recently caught my personal best at 7.1lbs. I throw this Texas rigged with a 3/16oz bullet weight, 3/0 OR 4/0 EWG Gamakatsu hook & I cannot even begin to explain the complete slop of conditions I have caught these bass in. Other than a top water popping frog, this is hands down the soft plastic lure I have the most confidence in. BUY THIS LURE. It is a great feeling throwing a lure in the water knowing you have such high chances of hooking up a fatty. The way I see it now, if I throw this lure in the water and don't get slammed by a bass, the bass are simply not there.

From: TD3: Austin, TX 6/14/16

Comments: Absolutely the most killer craw presentation for largemouth. I have caught a lot of bedding bass on these craws recently. Consistently outfishes other craws.

From: Drew: WV 5/20/16

Comments: No doubt the best craws on the market. They claws have the best action from bouncing them off the bottom or swimming them, they always catch fish. I also get a majority of hits on the fall because the claws go crazy on the fall triggering the bites. Unreal craw. I have also had zero problems with the durability as some people are stating, I usually catch 4-5 fish per craw.

From: Damian: PA 5/16/16

Comments: As far as catching fish, hands down whacks em'. The only problem is you may catch one or two and they are shot. I buy a pack and only use them in tournaments because of the price.

From: Will: Jordan, MN 5/5/16

Comments: I've been throwing these for a year now & that flat out catch fish when other baits won't. No matter how you use it you will get bit. This craw works as an awesome jig trailor & just simply Texas rigged. Def my favorite flipping bait. Works great weightless as well. Try reeling it slow on top of the water like a buzzbait & skip it under docks weightless.


Comments: My go to soft plastic bait. I use the grn pump, blue craw, summer craw & black/blue flake. I am a Strike King guy & a big reason for that is because of the rage tail plastics. They flat out catch bass. I have not seen any other soft plastic baits that have the action that the rage tail baits have.

From: Jordan: Canton, IL 3/22/16

Comments: The Rage Craw and Chunk are just "fish catching dudes"  YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH THESE BAITS.  I've fished them side by side with the exact line and jig as my partner with the only difference is that I'm using Rage and he's using Paca... The results are often as high as a 5 - 1 catch ratio of Rage catches to Paca catches.  Do yourself a favor and invest in these fish catchers! 

From: Brownfish: KY 1/21/16

Comments: Best craw ever made peroid, no mattter the technique you throw it gets the job done. Need to bring that KVD MAGIC color to the line up though please Strike King its one of the best SK soft plastic colors ever made in my opinion. Delta red, road kill & pearl belly green pumpkin work best for me. (but please bring over KVD MAGIC)

From: KW Martin: Yuma, AZ 1/19/16

Comments: First lure I've bought that actually produced a bass. The action on the claws of these things are amazing. All I did was T-rig it off the bottom & nailed a 2 pound bass just 6 feet from shore. I was using the Green Pumpkin Color.

From: Braden: MN 11/23/15

Comments: This bait is a fantastic jig trailer. I was using the netbait paca craw as a trailer & yeah i got bites, but only 1-2. Then i switched to a Rage Craw & i was getting bit every single cast. The scent really does make a difference, not to mention the amazing action of the claws.

From: John: Bay Area, CA 8/18/15

Comments: can't say enough about these baits bass in my pond tear these craws up the colors I use us junebug and watermelon meat on a 3 ot gamagatzu & whatever size bullet weight giving it 2 big hops & letting the claws do the magic and have fun

From: Austin: Baxley, GA 8/2/15

Comments: Works great on an oversized shaky head. It looks crazy coming through the water. No wonder Texas Tuna eat these things like crazy. Honestly I run out of these regularly..I just keep buying them.

From: Oscar: Mesquite, TX 7/16/15

Comments: Pretty much the best jig trailers on the market today. I was a really big fan of Paca Chunks and still use them at times but these always seem to catch 1-2 extra fish a day than the Paca's. The claws on the Rage Craw go crazy at the slightest movement. I literally crush them on the rivers (Flint and Chattahoochie) by simply pitching them next to structure in current and letting them sit. Even the lightest current makes the claws move and it's a look the bass have rarely seen because the bait is just sitting still but the claws are moving. Really like the color selection too I just wish they had the same colors in the Rage chunk. Doesn't matter in the end because these are the same price so you can just buy these and cut them to fit a jig.

From: Hydrilla Gorilla: Lake Seminole, FL 6/23/15

Comments: These things flat out get it done! caught countless fish off these baits. I texas rig em with a small weight and just let it fall. The 2 pinchers have amazing flapping action that drives largemouth nuts!

From: Greg: Cincy, OH 6/6/15

Comments: I have been using these now for a while and headed out to a lake where I have a hard time catching fish. But when I used this bait I had two four pounders and a six devouer this bait. GREAT BAIT!!!

From: Justin: TX 5/26/15

Comments: As others have already said, this is one of the best jig trailers on the market. Whether warm or cold water, this trailer WILL GET BIT! The price is a little steep, the quality is there. Not to mention endless colors and size options. Buy with confidence, good luck!

From: Scott: Montgomery, AL 3/18/15

Comments: loving Texas rigging this craw when it comes to pressured fishing. Fishing this in open sand is the best it is very erratic and fish will pick it up from distance. Caught my biggest fish so far in 2014 on this craw at 11 pounds so I know what it has to offer.

From: Ben: WI 10/12/14

Comments: Really good craw! Strike King is known to make really good stuff and this is a really good product. Durable, scented, and they flat out catch fish. Try them on a T- rig and Flip and Pitch them into brush and hold on!

From: Devon: KY 8/24/14

Comments:  the first time i used the bait was yesterday and i was just bouncing it on the bottom with a texas rig and i got a lot of short strikes but i got a fish it is a pretty good bait over all

From: Vicente: Santa Rosa Sanoma, CA

Comments: I use this as a trailer on a strike king swim jig. Had my best day in dog days of summer. Caught 30 in a day and good sizes too. I cut it and half and straight killed July 4th. Heavy pressure on water too that day. Lot of wind from hurricane coming, and still best day ever.

From: Dustin: Richmond, VA 7/6/14

Comments: Great bait for top water caught a 7 pounder running it like a buzzbait. Works good weightless too the arms on this thing go crazy drives the bass nuts. Wish it was a little more durable tho 5 fish and its done.

From: Josh: Redding, CA 4/17/14

Comments: Great bait. Used it (Watermelon Red) for the first time today on an 1/8 oz weighted Owner screwlock hook. Caught them let it fall in between pads, hopping on the bottom and slow swimming it. Very versatile craw. Mixed results as far as durability. First one I used I lost one of the craws on a pad hang up. Second craw I caught five fish on and it's still usable.

From: Ben: Orlando, FL 3/5/14

Comments: I love the Strike King Rage Tail Craws. They rip lips on topwater, hop it off the bottom, swim it, put it on a jig. Anything with these baits. Good colors are Bama Bug, Green Pumpkin Purple Gold, Blue Bug. I want to try out the new roadkill color so I will soon. So get a pack of these, you will Definitely love them.

From: Ben: Pennsylvania, AMERICA

Comments: Great craw! Why is it called the rage tail when the claws do all the raging? Those things are flapping and raging all over the place. The tail just swims along with the hook in it. Maybe call it the rage claw instead.?!?. Either way, Bass devour this thing!

From: MRH: SB, CA

Comments: Have always been a zoom guy, but with baits such as this, and the rodent, Strike king is my number 2 company now. I do get a lot of short strikes on it sometimes and the claws fall off fairly easily, but still worth it I kill it with these baits! Jig trailer, shakey head, texas rig, doesn't matter. The smaller ones are even better when the bite is tough

From: Jack: CT

Comments: Do these catch fish? Sure they do.  Do they hold up?  Not in my experience.  The claws tend to fly off when a fish shakes it's head rendering the bait useless after one or two fish.  I really wish they would hold up to a little more abuse.

From: Jim: MO

Comments: These have great action and are durable. I went out one night just casting along the shoreline, slowly dragging it across the bottom and the bass couldn't resist. I prefer watermelon meat.

From: Jimbo: OK

Comments: Good action and very durable. Same goes with all Rage Tail baits. These are good flippin baits for sure.

From: Scotty: VA

Comments: This is a great bait no doubt about it.They produce when most other craws get shunned.But the durability is lacking.I fish them on either a texas rig or jighead and you will Burn through this baits .Crappie and bluegill will Rip the claws off unmercifully.Typically 2 fish max per bait.But they will put the fish in the boat  just bring extra

From: Chris

Comments: These are good craws in watermelon red flake on a pumpkin/purple football jig dragging

From: Connor: AR

Comments: these baits are awesome i like using them on a spinnerbait or just flippin them there a great bait for the price! 10/10

From: Baily: WA

Comments: All I have to say is just read the comments here they all can't be telling a fish story it is the best craw on the market hands down .This bait will turn any jig you own into a great jig .Thank You Steve Parks s/k

From: Rich: Wallingford

Comments: My favorite craw ever! Flip it,Cast it or whatever! It catches fish! I have honesty had no problem with claws ripping off real easy and 1 craw=3 or 4 fish. No problem with durability here. I like to fish them on a 4/0 hook with a 3/8 ounce tungsten weight anywhere from 1ft to 15ft has worked for me.

From: Matthew: KY

Comments: Great action on these but they dont hold up to anything.  If a sunfish grabs a claw, its gone.  Once one claw is gone this bait is useless.  Love these baits but go through packs and packs of them and at $5 it adds up fast.  PLEASE strike king make these more durable.

From: Jim: New England

Comments: NOTHING works better... But EVERYTHING lasts longer. Please strike king make these things tougher!!!

Comments: I primarily use this bait as a jig trailer.  Caught three largemouths using the Watermelon Red Flk when I could not catch a fish on anything else.  The only problem was three fish....three Rage Tail Craws.  The Havocs and or Gamblers do not tear as bad and are as good if not better.

From: Jeff: Hot Springs, AR

Comments: Try Florida rigging this in shallow grass. Bass love the action during the post spawn and into summer. Im sold on the Rage plastics for sure, these things catch fish.

From: Tim: Leo, IN

Comments: These craws are the only thing I use for swim jig trailers... you heard me right... swim jigs! The action on them is unbelievable! Try it out, you will have fish chasing your lure right to the boat.

From: Matt: RI

Comments: Great bait. I love using it with a pullet weight in the pre-spawn and catching monsters! great bait!

From: Zach: CT

Comments: This is hands down my favorite bait. You can use it for everything from sight fishing spawn to texas rigged flipping to the back of a jig. It's just a well made versatile craw bait. I probably have at least 10 packs at one time because theyre so great. Get ya some and hold on.

From: Seth: CA

Comments: this is one of the most versitile craw baits on the market. it can be used on jigs or it can be weedless riged. all of the strike king craw baits are the best thing you can bey

Comments: Best action in a craw i have ever seen. Once watched a three pound smallmouth chase it to the boat and inhale it.... Proof that fish like them

From: Austin: WI

Comments: Absolutely the best jig trailer out there, I make my own jigs and the Green Pumpkin goes with just about anything I fish, and if the water is dirty I go with the Summer Craw.  Last Saturday I had a little over 11 lbs with three fish on a super tough day. Buy a bunch because they eat them up!!!

From: Jake: Greer, SC

Comments: amazing for flipping and pitching docks...use bama bug with a strike king bitsy flip jig in black in 3/4 oz. caught a 6 pounder few weeks ago

From: Shane: Mass

Comments: Best craw on the market! Amazing scent and action! They last longer than most craws too. A+

From: Kieran: Howell, MI

Comments: I love these baits.  Especially as a jig trailer, but they also perform well on a jig head or tx rigged.  They add crazy action to a jig.

From: Jim: Woodstock, GA

Comments: These and the Zoom Super Speed Craws are the best craw imitating bass catching soft plastics out there! Thumbs way up!

From: Brent: San Diego, CA

Comments: i like the new falcon craw color, these are my go to plastics along with the space monkeys

From: Jim: Ft. Polk, LA

Comments: great jig trailer also good fished with a shakey head jig.

Comments:  A must have for every bass angler! Great action, goes through cover easy and the bass hammer 'em!

From: Dave: Fulton, NY

Comments: one of my favorite lures. the best why to rig it is texas rig with 3/8 ounce bullet weight

From: Charlie

Comments:Strike King got it right! These things are awesome!

From:Justin: Oklahoma, USA

Comments:The best craw that I have ever fished. I have fished many crawfish lures and I have never found one that is as good as the Strike King craw.

From:William: Hohenwald, TN

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