Strike King Rage Tail Lobster 5pk

Strike King Rage Tail Lobster 5pk

The Strike King Rage Lobster has been described by Denny Brauer as, "absolutely awesome." The Lobster features the Rage Claws. These claws move violently even in slow, mellow currents. The slightest movement will make them go crazy. "The big profile body and claws are 4-1/2 long and displace a large amount of water," Brauer says. "If I'm pitching or flipping soft plastics, these are the deal. I even use them as a jig trailer when I need a big bulky profile." Tie one on and see what the Rage is all about! Protected by US Patent # 7,774,974.

Click here to see some video on Strike King baits with Steve Parks at ICAST '08.

Length Quantity
4.5" 5

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this catches bass. use it with a black/blue swim jig & i was culling in less than 4 hours in a 9 hour club tourney.

From: Matt: Wareham, MA 5/24/16

Comments: These are awesome baits, they catch bass almost any way you throw them! Flipping, Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, jig trailer those flapping claws move a lot of water and bass can't stand it they crush them!

From: Corey: Tifton, GA 5/20/15

Comments: This is a great bait! I caught 4-5 bass in 10-15 minutes on my secret lake. The only problem with these baits is that they're fragile. I went through 3 of them today. Other than that its got plenty of action and I personally love the coffee scent.

From: Justin: Lakeland, FL

Comments: this bait is amazing! i use it for flippin and pitchin. texas rig the black blue flake with a 3/8 oz tungsten weight and hold on.
summer of 2011 i was in a tournament and didnt have any pre fishing at all. i saw a marina on day one and didnt think much of it. so i  weighed in 0 fish. day two came around and i had tied this on and flipped the marina. within 10 minutes i had 12 lbs of largemouth.

From: Joe: WA

Comments: The lobster is a good jig trailer and it can be used as a topwater bait. It has an amazing action it is bigger and better than the rage craw.

From: Matthew: Port Barre, LA

Comments: Love this bait!  have done nothing this year but flip boat dock Texas rigged with 3/16 oz tungsten weight the smaller weight is the key in shallow water give the bait a ton of action on the fall.  My biggest fish this year has been 4.2lbs but have broken line on 4 different hook sets so ive switched to 40 lb braid.  only downfall to this bait is you go through a lot of baits when the fish hit.  Its pretty much one fish one bait.  It is definately my go to bait!  Candy craw, double header, okechobee craw and green pumpkin rock!

From: Matt: MO

Comments: This bait will put fish in your live well, plain and simple, bigger craw profile with amazing action on the fall.

From: Matt: Iowa

Comments: this bait has crazy action, and the coffee scent is amazing even i would eat it lol.. theyre pretty durable, but if they were cheaper i would get so much more

From: Matt: Carbondale, IL

Comments: my go to bait after i find the bass.

From: Jim: Toledo Bend, LA

Comments: If you want a bait that catches HAWGS, get this one. Pitchin' this thing is unreal. I always have one tied on.

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