Strike King Rage Tail Space Monkey 6pk

Strike King Rage Tail Space Monkey 6pk

The Strike King Rage Space Monkey adds a new dimension to creature baits. The body profile is very unique in shape. The Rage Space Monkey has a frog like look to it, and an incredible action that mimics many different prey. The outrageous action of this bait as it falls through the water column is unique thanks to the Rage arms and legs. Designed to displace massive amounts of water, this is one bait you have to have in your arsenal. The Rage Space Monkey can be Texas rigged, Carolina rigged or even used as a jig trailer. Tie one on and see what the Rage is all about! Now fortified with coffee scent. Protected by US Patent # 7,774,974.

Click here to see some video on Strike King baits with Steve Parks at ICAST '08.

Length Quantity
4" 6

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Absolutely love this bait! When fish are biting no other baits, this will get hammered. Black & blue is my go to color but it seems like it doesn't matter what the color is, they will eat this thing. Strike King does it again!


Comments: Texas rigged a black & blue space monkey after dipping the claws in some orange dye & first cast yielded a 3lber. Two fish later the bait was so tore up that i dipped another and rigged it up. Caught 7 fish that day. Couple weeks later that success was repeated. This bait is a creature bait that is really more of a crawfish with just a little something extra. Fish go nuts over it.

From: Joe: Peoria, IL 4/8/16

Comments: These goofy things seem to catch fish when other soft plastics aren't getting the job done. So far I've been most successful with them on a biffle hardhead fishing it like a crankbait. They are also my favorite C-rig bait. The smaller side-fins don't last long, which is a shame...they give it a beautiful shimmy.

From: Brian: Oak Forest, IL 10/23/14

Comments: Best compact creature bait on the market. Especially lethal in grass and thick weeds and is a good punching bait. The action is great but subtle enough to appeal to both aggressive and sluggish bass. One of the first baits I reach for in a pitching/flipping situation.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 7/14/14

Comments: This is one of the best high action creature baits on the market. Especially when there is a little chop or stain in the water, these flat attract strikes. Awesome pitchin' bait for cover.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 7/14/14

Comments: Great bais, they give off a lot of water displacement and amazing action. Caught two 5 pound bedding fish in one day just fun fishing. Great baits

From: Unknown: USA 4/21/14

Comments: I tried these out for the first time this summer...not alot of action has been seen on this lake i fish. I used this bait as  a search bait w/ 3/8 tungsten head. The bait was outstanding. I averaged 2_3 fish until I ran out....buying more now

From: Mj0311

Comments: Ordered the double header color and took it out to Lake Success here in CA and I happen to catch fish. This creature bait really works for these large mouth bass but be ready to spend some cash because these baits rip off easy but they still work. One of the large flippers popped of on a bite I looked at it and it actually looked like a wounded creature, I kept fishing it and on the 9th cast I caught a 3 pound bass.

From: Mark: Fresno, CA

Comments: Free advice... Instead of a crankbait, try the Space Monkey with a 7/16 Biffle Hardhead jig. You'll thank me later ;-)

From: Alan: Adairsville, GA

Comments: My favorite flippin bait hands down. Largemouth just can't get enough of the blk/blu flk

From: Brad: PA

Comments: If you are fishing with these and not catching bass you must be fishing in your bath tub. cause these bad boys flat out call them largies in ..PERIOD

From: Doug: KC, MO

Comments: strike king is really on to something with these rage tail baits.  However, they are also on to something when it comes to getting the customer to buy more...these things rip so easily.  One fish and the bait is done, claws rip off even if a sunfish pulls on them.  I cant tell you how many times I have tied one of these on to make one cast and the claw gets ripped off and the bait needs to be replaced.  At almost $1 per bait, this shouldnt happen.  Ive heard this saying many many times about strike king rage tail baits, it should be their new slogan..."nothing works better, but anything lasts longer".

From: Jim: New England

Comments: I purchased a pack of these in the Double Header color, I thought it was watermelon red, well it basically is. I rigged it weightless texas-rigged on an eagle claw 3/0 wide gap thin/lightweight hook. This allowed the lure to sink slowly and be worked on the surface as well. I live in South Florida where the summer days are too hot to catch almost anything. I went to a park for a party gathering and decided to take my rod and some new lures i purchased (flukes, paca craws, stick baits, creature baits, zoom speed worms.. etc) after not having much success with the flukes/speedworms and there being too much weeds to work a craw on the bottom I decided to rig one of these space monkeys weightless.. I saw some action close to some lilly pads and decided to cast and work it slowly on top of the water.. and.. WHAM!!! Got a nice 2 Pounder and other fisherman were in amazement.. The next day I decided to work this lure in the afternon  and within an hour I caught 3 nice sized bass and 3 snakeheads (one was 6 pounds) From the first cast, this lure worked excellently! I would usually stick to my zoom superflukes/brushhogs and other companies i've used throughout the past, but strike king really proved it to me that they have done their research. I suggest everyone pick up a pack of these in a color they are comfortable with and work it like I've described here. You'll be very happy you did so! Lastly, for some fun, My girlfriend took her very first cast close to the edge of a pond with this lure and it got hammered so hard she was scared! I've tried mostly all the soft/hard plastic frogs/creature baits and this has quickly risen to the top category. They're a little expensive and will get torn up, If they're still in good condition I'll use "mend-it" to glue the rips together, It was well worth the $5 i paid! Do yourself a favor and spend the $5, we only fish a couple of days a week and work the rest, spend the money and make it count. Space monkey is on my standard go to list.

From: Loyd: South Florida, USA

Comments: These Guys worked Incredibly. Fished from 1pm-7pm Last week and hammered the Bass. Caught at least 30 bass. And only used 2 of these guys, the first one Im gunna re rig it and keep using it, and same for the second one, arms rigged of one but was still catching bass.  Was using the Big Tex color, Another Great bait Strike King!

From: Adam: Adirondacks, NY

Comments: Great lure.  It provides a short, compact bulky bait.  It can be fished on top, you can swim it, skip it, drag it, carolina rig it, flip it.  I love it and it catches fish.  I like the blue black color best.  Try it on a jig head for a different look

From: Jim: Woodstock, GA

Comments: These work surprisingly well when fished like a soft body toad! I find that the pumpkin and watermelon colors work better as a topwater.

From: James: Illinois, USA

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