Strike King Rage Tail Toad 5pk

Strike King Rage Tail Toad 5pk

The Rage Tail by Strike King brings a revolutionary new look to soft plastics. Each Rage Tail Lure has a unique and exclusive tail design and is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. The Rage Tail is designed with a specific purpose and uses customized hi- grade plastics for superior action. You won't believe the splash, noise or other action that each rage tail has! The Strike King Rage Toad is best rigged weightless with the eyes up on the toad, on a 4/0 to 6/0 wide gap hook. They can be fished on top of the surface for some amazing top water action. Protected by US Patent # 7,774,974.

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4" 5

Strike King Rage Tail rigging instructions.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Stroke this toad on a magnum jighead for some awesome action. Speed is the key. No bottom dragging here. Use thirty pound braid with a spliced fluorocarbon leader to complete this largemouth; spotted bass; donkey slayer!

From: Lawrence: Shepherd, Texas 1/24/17

Comments: Use the 4/0 Owner beast hook with the 1/8 ounce keel weight on any brand or style soft plastic frog and you'll never have a problem with any one of them landing upside down or rolling on a retrieve.

From: Big J: NY 7/20/16

Comments: Love these frogs! The black neon frog is great for late evening trips where there is heavy vegitation or lots of weeds beside the water. Caught some nice fish and even a snakehead while buzzing it across the small canal with a steady retrieve. Recieved these in a mystery tackle box but I will surely be buying more. They're fantastic!

From: HunterBrown: Miami, FL 12/28/15

Comments: Lol funny story I found one of these in a tree at my local pond (Okeechobee Toad) with a hook and everything. I took it from the tree and casted right next to a field of matted grass. I've never fished a frog before and that first cast while trying to figure it out it got SMASHED I was totally unprepared. The guy measured up 7 pounds. Great frog totally recommend.

From: Canon: Wadsworth, OH 9/3/14

Comments: One of the guys said in his review that he had trouble with the frogs flipping over on their back. I had the same problem. I switched to a Damiki 5/0 hook and put a swivel on and it helped a lot. They would flip on their back and after a few cranks they will right themselves. Strike King and Stanley make the best frogs on the market. They are of good quality and both will catch fish. Try the swivel, it works for me.

From: William: Hohenwald,TN 4/3/14

Comments: use a keel weight on the hook then it won't roll over

Comments: No matter how I rig these they flip over about every third cast. Very frustrating because I wanted to love these frogs. I have fished the Rage Shad for several years and absolutely love that bait; that's why I purchased the Rage Toads. I've followed the rigging directions over and over and still cannot get them to run right side up consistently. I ended up throwing 4 packs of these in the trash. I was rigging with a Gammy 5/0 EWG Superline Hook. So the Rage Shad gets an A+; these.....maybe a C+ and thats because they do look great. I am going to order a few Zoom Toads and see how they do.

From: Gary: PA

Comments:  My absolute favourite frog! If hooked properly it is 100% weedless, casts a mile, makes a tonne of noise and the fish hammer it! I fish it in the thickest, ugliest slop you can imagine and it works like a charm :)

From: Christopher: Canada

Comments: The Best frog on the market!! the sounds are the loudest out of all the other frogs ive thrown

From: Eric: Naugatuck, CT


From: Jon: Worchester

Comments: i really like these in green pumpkin /chart belly in ma. they have a great action and displace alot of water but a few issues i have are as such 1: even when rigged perfectly straight and with a slight bow in the belly they can tend to flip upside down for the whole retrieve 2: they are heavy which makes casting far a breeze but it hurts the retrieve imo cause it starts to sink as soon as it hits the water, so you cant really fish it like any other frog you kinda have to rip it back in the whole time rather then the retrieve/pause method. that being said i still love them, they are coffee scented like many other strike king lures to mask the human scent and once the toad gets torn up you can cut the ass off and use it as a jig trailer lol. ive even cut the legs off a torn up raig toad and used them as trailers on a kvd sexy frog and it adds greatly to the action of an already great frog lure so use your imagination rather then just throw it away when the nose tears up.

From: Jon: Worcester, MA

Comments: The rage tail toad and the rage tail shad are pretty much one in the same. They churn up ALOT of water. Just choose between the two depending on what their feeding on. Ive caught bass on both in the same types of cover.

From: Jeff: Rensselaer, IN

Comments: Not a fan, I'll keep using the horny toad.

From: Brad: NY

Comments: bought some in the Okeechobee toad color for like 3 or 4 Bucks...I didn't really like them at first because. they had so much more action compared to the horny toad And I didn't think I would catch to many but then I caught like a 5.8 #er...I don't recommend using these if the fish are spooky or smaller than average....but if you. wanna catch a pig on topwater I would probably use these

Comments: biggest bass ive ever caught in my life first day throwing these frogs in the okeeechobee toad color

Comments: great great frog but my favorite is still the horny toad

From: Alex: CA

Comments: These are great frogs, they have a lot of action, and as people have said, they are heavier than horny toads so they cast pretty far.  I like these a lot, but I love the Horny Toads. Nothing beats a Horny Toad.  Compared to everything else, these catch a lot of fish, but I prefer the Horny Toad.  If you want to buy these, they are a good product, they catch fish.  But the Horny Toads catch more.  I love them.

From: Sam: Hingham, MA

Comments: Awesome frog much better than a horny toad and fish seem to inhale it much better.  If you fish them you better have some pliers around because you will be pulling these out of their throats!!!

From: Jake: Greer, SC

Comments: I was a horny toad user until one day I picked up a pack of these rage toads.  Quite possibly the best action I have seen in a soft frog.  They are a heavier frog, and you can cast them a mile.   I would highly recommend these frogs.  I rig them with the non weighted version of the Stanley double take frog hooks, and they are killer.  They are a fish catcher.

From: Rich: NJ

Comments: i left a reply earlyer and its awesome but after about 7or8 fish it gets torn up so i ripped it in half and you have a little tiny swimbait if jig trailr amazing bait to catch tons of fish with it

From: Ben

Comments: I use these baits instead of horny toads when  i want more action out of my frogs like on windy days or in current.  They are heavier and a harder material than horny toads, but have twice the water disturbance. The only draw back is that the legs tear more easily than the horny toads, they are a good frog, i often alternate b/t these and horny toads, sometimes a more subtle action is better, especially in clear water.

Comments: i fish both horny toad it is a great bait but just the other day they ran out of horny toads so i bought these and im glad i did they can cast a mile and make so much more noise my fish ratio doubled.

From: Ben

Comments: Great action, a lot heavier than the horny toad but better action.

From: Sam: FL

Comments:  I fished late today and it was a hot muggy day fish was just chasing everything i threw, so about *8 pm, i dug out a pack of these in green pumpkin, pearl belly, i mostly fish koppers and spro soft bodies, i honestly forgot i even had these but i rigged it on a tru tungsten 4/0 double , tied it to the ol kistler frog and slop rod and with in 30 min had a nice 7.9 lbs largemouth on the bank, first time ever throwing these! i dont know about you but i would pay 5 bucks bass like that one everyday!

From: Will: NC

Comments: They are good frogs with great action the only complaint is running them through cover the little legs get ripped off easy even running through grass.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: I have been using these for over 3 seasons now, THE BEST TOAD OUT THERE !!!!! Do YOURSELF A FAVOR< GO GET A BUNCH OF EM  !!!

From: Dion: Manito, IL

Comments: I love this frog, I've caught my first and second largest bass on vacation in the Poconos in PA. The largest was 10.25 lbs and the second largest was 8.25lbs. great product recommend it to anyone who has big fish in there lake. Not so good for smaller fish.

From: Andrew: Germantown, MD

Comments: Still have not gotten bit yet but they throw a ton and look great on the retrieve. Only complaint was it has no floating ability at all so you must keep it moving at all times.

From: Brian: Quincy, MA

Comments: This lure is bye far the best top water lures I've ever used. Just caught my 2010 bass with this lure bye some floating weeds.  I would recommend this to anybody who loves top water action.

From: Mike: Milwaukee, WI

Comments:It does have a problem running upside down unless rigged properly, otherwise awesome bait, caught several 3 to 4 pound bass with them.

From:Shane: Hinsdale, MA

Comments:Comments:This toad creates more action on the surface than any other i've ever used. There is nothing more fun than burning this along the edge of lilypads and thick weeds and watching the wakes of fish shooting towards this thing and launching themselves at it. However, it does have a problem running upside down if it isn't rigged exactly right (make sure the belly is bowed outwards by skinhooking it's back), and it sinks pretty fast so to keep it near the surface you have to start burnin it back right after it hits the water

From:Sean: Whately, MA

Comments:The best frog on the market! Six 5-pounders in 2 months!


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