Strike King Rage Twin Tail Menace Grub 8pk

Strike King Rage Twin Tail Menace Grub 8pk

The Strike King Rage Twin Tail Menace Grub is a new addition to Strike King’s tremendous Rage Tail line of baits. Featuring a customized high-grade plastic for superior action, you can fish it on a jig head with light line like you would with a traditional grub, or you can also fish it as a swim jig or regular jig trailer. Its rage tail has a beveled edge that helps it produce its enticing action. Available in a variety of colors to help match the forage in your local waters, the Strike King Rage Twin Tail Menace Grub - see what the Rage is all about!

Length Quantity
4" 8

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25 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Good finesse-ish bait. No crazy flapping action, but more subtle movements. Good for slower fish, or bed fishing on a football head. Drop shot works too. Good bait, but again, not really rage tail action 

From: Zach: Washington, DC 2/8/17

Comments: I have used this bait for punchin in Lake Okeechobee and it worked amazingly. This bait has a great fluttering action and can be used as a jig or chatterbait trailer. I really advise you to try this bait and you will definetly catch more fish.

From: Anthony Gomez: Port Saint Lucie, FL 12/3/16

Comments: Awesome little bait, flipping to finesse. TW needs to get their hands on sungill, mm moonlight, green pumpkin purple and South African Special

From: Matt: Kentucky 12/15/16

Comments: One of the most versatile baits I've ever fished. Punch it, jig trailer, chatterbait trailer, wooblehead, or on a jig head. You cant fish it wrong! 

From: Hunter O: Louisiana 12/28/16

Comments: Best flipping bait on the market. if your gonna be flipping mats in a pond this & a 3/4oz tungsten will kill it. i caught 3 fish in five minutes flipping theses in 95 degree weather around 2:00pm in the hart of summer. the water was prob 84 degrees.

From: Ethan: Springfield, MO 8/3/16

Comments: Awesome bait! Perfect size trailer for the new Strike King Swinging Hook Swim Jig. This bait in a white on white Strike King swinging hook swim jig combo, or any other color combo to match the hatch, IMO, is the best swim jig and trailer combination on the market today! Have not had issues with durability or flaws in the action of this bait at all.

From: Chris: Poplarville, MS 5/15/16

Comments: Honestly the best confidence bait throwing it on a swim jig. Have won some good money on it all over the country. It's the only rage tail I fish. Definitely try them out

From: Garrett: Casselberry, FL 5/10/16

Comments: Pair this with a swinging football head or a Zorro Whiplash and crawl it along the bottom. Lights out.

From: Rob: TX 9/4/15

Comments: Great swim jig trailer, has got the classic rage tail action with a baitfish tail profile. Also like it as a regular jig trailer, but my best results have come with texas rigging it on a light bullet weight and just swimming it at varying speeds. Great bait, a little expensive but worth it.

From: Jake: Fort Wayne, IN 7/31/15

Comments: What a bait!! Pitched this thing around sparse cover and laydowns all spring with great results, either Texas rigged or on a bitsy flip jig. Now that the vegatation is almost in full bloom up here in PA I've stuck these bad boys on a punch rig and it has been producing more and more each time I'm out. There isn't a day where I'm on the water and I don't throw these, do yourself a favor and buy a pack of these!!!

From: Eric: PA 6/13/15

Comments: Awesome bait, very versatile. Jig trailers, Texas rigged, it's been successful for me in all kinds of water and caught serveral species of fish. Fish it slow, hop along, swim it back fast either way or a combination it's a deadly bait

From: Corey: Tifton, GA 5/20/15

Comments: These are great as a flipping jig trailer or fished Texas rigged. They have replaced the Zoom Speed Craw as my trailer of choice. Definitely worth trying. Watermelon red is my favorite so far.

From: Brandon: Fort Knox, KY 5/13/15

Comments: This thing flat out catches fish. Throw on a swinging football head and crawl it on the bottom. If you miss him throw back out and jig it back to the boat. Great winter bait with a nice subtle action. Definantly a new confidance bait.

From: Ben: Gainesville, GA 1/12/15

Comments: I fish menace one way and that's texas rigged style w/ 3/16oz Tungsten weight pegged on the 7' 6" Falcon Bucoo Micro spinning rod, reeling high speed. The bass come up on the bank to get it. The rage tail menace is the best plastic baity to come along in a long time. It has accounted for over 30 bass and 8 jack fish in 8 hours.

From: Hog Hunter: Garysburg, NC 10/22/14

Comments: Awesome bait won some of these at a charity event last fall and decided to use them last week.. long story short I caught a 5 a 4 and a half and a few others and broke off 2 more fish. ended up with almost 15 lbs. when everyone else was struggling

From: Charles: Wolcottville, IN 4/16/14

Comments: Been using these as a jig trailer on a small pond in Central Illinois with chillly weather/water and the bass are flat out eating it.  Great cold water bait. 

From: Hank: Central Illinois

Comments: Caught a 5lb 6oz today fishing it Texas rigged.  Great action.

From: Anthony: MO

Comments: Works great as jig trailer!! Using as jig trailer on 1 1/2 oz jig for punching. Menace just has a good action and fish EAT IT!

From: Big Bass Dude

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