Strike King Rocket Shad

Strike King Rocket Shad

A must-have for anglers who like to fish fast, the Strike King Rocket Shad is built to track true at all speeds, including full-throttle. Perfect for fishing in fast-moving current, the Strike King Rocket Shad features a realistic head shape that keeps it balanced as it's being burned through your favorite big fish haunts.

Offering a smaller, bite-sized profile, the Strike King Rocket Shad is fitted with a vibrant Colorado blade that spins freely in conjunction with a premium ball-bearing swivel to make it stand out in the water. Available in a number of fish-catching colors, the Strike King Rocket Shad is sure to make your fish counts soar.

4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Very happy with this one! Got the 3/8 oz. shad. Big mouth seem to really like it. My only complaint is, one of the eyes came off after the second cast. Fish don't seem to mind though. Will buy more.

From: JT: Justin, TX 11/19/15

Comments: Best spinner bait in the world for smallies. I use these spinner baits all the time at the St. Lawerence River in NY and I'll tell you if there are small mouth anywhere in the area your fishing hold on tight because they love this lure. I caught a 23 lb bag in a tournament with these lure and i recommend them to anyone fishing on a small mouth tributary.

From: Joseph: Utica, NY 1/26/15

Comments: I was using this for the first Tim in New York not really expecting much but within 10 casts I gat a monster rock bass 13 inches a pound and a half which is huge for a rock bass. Also caught several smallies before I lost it to a tree.

From: Bryce: Raleigh, NC 6/17/14

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