Strike King Tour Grade Night Spinnerbait Single - $6.99

Equipped with a premium, super sharp Gamakatsu hook, the Strike King Tour Grade Night Spinnerbait with a Single Colorado blade is designed to attract fish in low light or off-color water conditions. Its short arm Vibra-Max stainless steel wire coupled with an oversized Colorado main blade delivers maximum thump and vibration. Also featuring a beautiful and action-packed Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails and a Spin-Eze ball bearing swivel, the Strike King Tour Grade Night Spinnerbait with a Single Colorado blade is another feature packed spinnerbait from the leader in spinnerbait design - Strike King.

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Strike King Tour Grade Night Spinnerbait Single

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  • Black
    Single Colorado Nickel
    Size Stock Qty
  • Black/Blue
    Colorado Blk Blu Flk
    Size Stock Qty
  • Black/Chart
    Colorado Gold
    Size Stock Qty
  • Black/Red
    Colorado Red
    Size Stock Qty
  • Tequila Moonshine
    Colorado Purp Blu Flk
    Size Stock Qty

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Comments: I have  never been a believer in spinner baits and never bothered to buy them.  But when I saw this red blade, I have it a try. I fish mainly rivers and the extent of my spinner bait fishing was a white H&H. But this spinner bait is the absolute best bait I have ever tied on my line. In the past few weeks  of using it. I have caught more big fish than I have in a few years together, and I catch a lot of fish. I don't know what it is about this bait, but they have to have it. Hands down best spinner bait, if not  beat all around bait.

From: Cody: New Braunfels, TX 8/19/15

Comments: This is great spinnerbait for night fishing. I've caught largemouth in the 3/4lb range and plenty of fiesty smallmouth with these spinnerbaits at night. The paint will come off and the eyes will fall out but these baits are still worth their weight in gold!

From: Jordan: RI 1/4/15

Comments: Haven't tried these at night but they are real effective in muddy water conditions when nothing else seems to work. Go ahead and take the trailer hook off from the get-go and  yourself some trouble

From: Drew: AR 3/23/14

Comments: Awesome night bait. caught fish on it the first time i went night fishing. Crazy thump from the blade and the main hook is absolutely sticky sharp.

From: Jackson, Knoxville, TN

Comments: Sickest night bait ever period

From: Tanner: Ripon, WI

Comments: This bait gets bit bigtime at sunset, however I do not think the trailer hook is premium- lots of bass spit hook on me with stock trailer

From: Paul: Chula Vista, CA

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