Sunline FC Fluorocarbon Leader Clear

In fishing, line choice can make the difference between going home skunked and cashing a check. This is especially true when using a leader or topshot. Which is why Sunline has developed the Sunline FC Fluorocarbon Leader, a 100% fluorocarbon line made for all of your leader and topshot needs. Built using Sunline’s E3 raw materials, the Sunline FC Fluorocarbon Leader provides the perfect balance of tensile strength, knot strength, and stretch. The Sunline FC Fluorocabon Leader is also made with a Triple Resin Processing that gives it enhanced knot strength and increased abrasion resistance. A perfect match for Sunline's SX1 Braid, the Sunline Fluorocarbon Leader has a low water absorption for negligible strength loss under water. For the leader in leaders and a top-notch topshot, look no further then Sunline FC Fluorcarbon Leader. 

Line Diameter 8lb 12lb 16lb 20lb
Inches .0093 .0112 .0130 .0146
Millimeters .235 .285 .330 .370

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Sunline FC Fluorocarbon Leader Clear 8lb 50yd $9.99 5+
Sunline FC Fluorocarbon Leader Clear 12lb 50yd $9.99 5+
Sunline FC Fluorocarbon Leader Clear 16lb 50yd $9.99 5+
Sunline FC Fluorocarbon Leader Clear 20lb 50yd $9.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Line diameter is a little on the larger side. But excellent leader line nonetheless. Great abrasion resistance & super strong. Used a alberto knot to main line.

From: Alex: Fresno, CA 2/10/16

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