Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon - $19.99 to $138.99

Sunline is a new Japanese line company that has been generating lots of attention at the top levels of professional bass fishing. Top money anglers know that the only thing between them and the money fish is a thin strand of line and it had better be good.

FC Sniper Fluorocarbon line is 100% fluorocarbon that offers anglers the latest generation of fluorocarbon line available today. The low pound-test lines excel for all light line techniques like dropshotting. The stronger lines are great for fishing worms, jigs, or Senko-style baits, and for any time you DON'T want bass to see your line. You cannot buy better fluorocarbon line than Sunline's FC Sniper. This is professional level fishing line for anyone that wants the best.

Diameter 4lb 5lb 6lb 7lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 16lb 20lb 25lb
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Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Super FC Sniper 4lb 200yd-1 $19.99
Super FC Sniper 5lb 200yd-1 $19.99
Super FC Sniper 6lb 200yd-1 $19.99
Super FC Sniper 7lb 200yd-1 $19.99
Super FC Sniper 8lb 200yd-1 $21.99
Super FC Sniper 10lb 200yd-1 $21.99
Super FC Sniper 12lb 200yd-1 $21.99
Super FC Sniper 14lb 200yd-1 $21.99
Super FC Sniper 16lb 200yd-1 $23.99
Super FC Sniper 20lb 200yd-1 $23.99
Super FC Sniper 25lb 200yd-1 $26.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 7lb 660yd-1 $48.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 8lb 660yd-1 $48.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 10lb 660yd-1 $48.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 12lb 660yd-1 $57.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 14lb 660yd-1 $57.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 16lb 660yd-1 $66.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 20lb 660yd-1 $66.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 7lb 1200yd-1 $103.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 8lb 1200yd-1 $103.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 10lb 1200yd-1 $103.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 12lb 1200yd-1 $121.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 14lb 1200yd-1 $121.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 16lb 1200yd-1 $138.99
Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro 20lb 1200yd-1 $138.99

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Comments: It is amazing line, with great quality, and low stretch. It's worth a few extra bucks. If I am not using this I am using seaguar red label

From: Selfish Slug: Flowermound, TX 2/22/15

Comments: I use the 16 for little swimbaits and casting worms, works great. Abrasion resistance is also good. had a few angry green fish run me into some gnarly stuff and I still got them out and into the boat for a photo op. Worth the money, and if you take care of it, it will last 2-3 months. Seriously.

From: Jay6: USA 10/3/14

Comments: I think this is a really good line. It's very castable in most tests, sensitive and low stretch as you would expect. I use this for finesse fishing with light plastics and jigs. Haven't had any problems at all and would by again. Would recommend with enthusiasm. Tip o the hat to TW, great co. To deal with!

From: Tim; Private, ID 9/8/14

Comments: Sunline is pretty hit or miss for me. The last two spools performed flawlessly: great strength and castability, top-notch knot strength, etc. But the most recent spool of 12# I purchased is sub-par. It breaks easier than 6#, and knot strength is a 50/50 split between being fine and being terrible. I don't know what went wrong there, but I feel a little deterred by the performance of this spool. Still my go-to fluorocarbon, but I think it should at least have better quality control for a fairly expensive line.

From: Nick: CA 9/7/14

Comments: okay so I've been using this for a few months now and the line is strong casts well and hold up well. Never dropped a fish due to the line. But I have noticed that the memory on this line is actually pretty bad.. I use kvd line conditioner too and after flipping for 30mins the line has all kinds of twists and even when I set the hook I get a kink in my line from the tip of the rod. I use 16lb so it's not like I'm using light stuff. Not sure if I'll be getting more cuase I switched from berkley vanish and I didn't have this problem and never dropped fish either and it's cheaper.

From: Rob: NJ 8/21/14

Comments: Great fluorocarbon. I use this line in 12lb test for almost all of my bass fishing needs. This is a soft line that cast tremendously. But there is a negative that I only recently noticed.  After catching limits of white bass and stripers the line seemed weakened. It seemed thinner and more apt to breakage. This was the case with about the first 15 yards of line on the spool. After shedding 15 yards the lined returned to normal. I belief that the line stretches over time with out recovery. This would probably never show up catching black bass but when catching 25+ white bass and 5+ stripers the evidence was apparent those hard fighting fish wrecked the line. From here on I will step up to 14lb or 16lb when catching temperate bass in numbers.

From: Eric: Houston, TX 3/25/14

Comments: Great Fluorocarbon, spool it properly use KVD Line conditioner once or twice while spooling. I use the 12lb for crank baits, 14 for deep cranks and 16lb for spinnerbaits. Never has a bait flown off my reel. I use good reels that cast well.

From: Mike: Durham, Canada 3/14/14

Comments: This line is ridiculous! I throw all my traps with 16 lb test and have only lost about 2 traps over half a year time span. If you have problems breaking this line, its operating error, and you should get higher test line. I bought 16 thinking it may be a little to stiff of line, but its not and I could still cast traps, chatterbaits, jigs, you name a freaking mile! Best line on the market for fluoro!

From: Cass: AL

Comments: Every product is going to have its bad reviews, but I'm surprised on how many this line has gotten.  I've been using it for a couple of years now and every spool has worked flawlessly for me.  I use it on my REVO S in a 12lb test.  I like to fish rocky areas where there are deep drops and rarely had a problem with it breaking due to abrasion.  Not any more that I've experienced with the Shooter Metan or Tatsu lines.  It casts great and has very little memory.  One of the best flouros I've fished.

From: Milt: San Francisco, CA

Comments: I purchased some 6 and some 10 lb test line from TW. The 10lb test is awesome, the 6lb test breaks on hook set. From the reviews here, and from my personal experiences, it would certainly appear that either Sunline has quality issues, or that there is some other factor which can degrade their line. When it works it's great line, no doubt about it. The problem for me is that while it may well be a better line generally speaking than others, it is not so consistently enough for me. I wish this was no the case.

From: Lou: Middletown, Ohio

Comments:  I have been using this line for about two years now and it has proven to be the best line I have ever used. I fish on Lake Guntersville just about every week, and this line holds up to the Guntersville giants with no problem. I use 12 pound test for crankbaits and lipless cranks, and 20 pound test for my texas rigs and jigs. I've never had a problem with this line. Its a line you can trust to pull in those monster bass.

From: Lake Guntersville

Comments: The 20lb on my lexa is half ways by now. In 2 more months it be a full year that the line have been on the reel. Super strong with no problem. Best bang for the buck.

From: Sai

Comments: Great line, it never seems to nick, never seems to break.  It is just great line, soft, super tough.  I can not believe how well it works.  And I don't have to re-spool every two weeks.  This stuff lasts for months and I fish twice a week.  I can't see me ever buying another line. 

From: Matt: Delaware, OH

Comments: Awesome line, no more problems with memory on this fluoro carbon. It is all they say and more, will be buying some large spools soon.

From: Charlie: Trenton,NJ, USA

Comments: This line is, in my opinion, the best fluoro on the market. Great castability, high tensile strength and abrasion resistance. I can even use the 10# for trout. I'm talking about a lake where the trout sometimes turn down a bait if it's presented on 6# mono. It's just that good.

From: Nicholas: CA


Comments: Just bought a spool of 14#. Not gonna use it just yet, waiting for the first reel that needs re-spooling. Although, the line feels really nice, strong, soft and thin. I'm a loyal InvizX fisher but i've read and heard good things so, we'll see. Btw, I think most of the price is to cover the box this line comes in, really nice packaging haha.

From: RippinLipz: SoGa

Comments: I use the 14lb for all my plastics,excellent line,strong,low get what you pay for,sunline and toray make the best flouro period.

From: Jeff: IL

Comments: i have 20 lb on my jig rod it handles like 14 lb sufix floro (what i used to use) so far the best floro i have used and i have tried several brands

From: Issac: ME

Comments:  I think Mark from WA meant that he bought a "spool" not a "reel" of 7lb test.  And I'm not sure how you install line, but whatever.  Comparing Vanish to Sniper is grounds for mutiny.  Sniper is one of the more managable fluoros you can get.  Great all-around fluoro with slightly more stretch than Shooter.

From: Christopher: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: i used the 6lb for drop shot and have broken hooks and have had fish on and they whent in the lily pads and i was cuting pads i love this line

From: Travis: WA

Comments: Caught my first double digit LMB - 12.5LB - using 8# FC Sniper on spinning gear. Never a problem.

From: TR: CA

Comments: GREAT LINE!  I have been using InvizX on my spinning reels, but wanted to try this on one of my baitcasters and I will be buying more!  It's much stiffer than InvizX, but it still handles well compared to other Fluoros.  It's VERY sensitive, casts a miles, and so far has been very durable.  I've been fishing rocky banks of a local river and this line has been perfect for so far.  I will be converting some of my other baitcasters to this line.  DO NOT hesitate to buy it!

From: Keegan: Iowa

Comments: Bought two spools of 12# and one of 10 #. Liked it so much bought 660 yard spool from Tackle Warehouse. Fluorocarbon does take some practice but this is the best I have found. I prefer Sunline to all other Fluorocarbon and I have tried all the Seaguar products. Tatsu takes such a set as to make it unfishable. The Seaguar Red handles and casts better but not like FC Sniper or Super for that matter. Try the FC Sniper. You will not be disappointed.

From: Clayton: Austin, TX

Comments: With the hot summers in the south, this is the only flourocarbon that I don't have to change after one use. The sunline braid is even better, it's lasted for months on my cranking rods.

From: Greg: AL

Comments: Very low stretch according to Tackletour, much less than Seaguar. I have been using 14lb fishing rock ledges and the line is very durable. Caught a 3lb and then a 5lb bass the other day fishing a hula grub around chunk rock, and the line didn't even need to be retied. Great line.

From: Mike: Hermitage, TN

Comments: I have used this line in the 12 or 14# line size on every reel I own for about 2 yrs. now. Main use for me is on 1500R-Custom spinning reels on 7' rods. In that time fishing the Calif. Delta I have 10 fish between 11# and 15# and yet to have a break off on this line other than when snagged/hung up. Best line by far I have ever used!

From: Bob: Modesto, CA

Comments: Absolute favorite for any jig/soft plastic presentations in heavy wood or rocks. The 10lb FC on 10 braid fishing in 45 ft of water with a 1/4oz standup jig is nothing short of perfection on the right rod. The 12lb FC allows me to get a 5/16oz jig or 12" worm down to 30-50ft & still feel what my bait is doing. It takes the punishment like a champ.

From: V: Phoenix, AZ

Comments:This is a nice alternative for people looking to save a little money on fluorocarbon. It works well after it has been used and stretched a little. Does tend to loop slightly. I used 7lb test on a Shimano Symetre 2500 and johnny morris signature series spinning reels and did not use any sort of line treatment.

From:Matt: Westminster, CO

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