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Sunline Super Fluorocarbon - $13.99 to $79.99

Sunline is recognized as one of the premiere fishing line companies in Japan, and they are quickly becoming a top choice for anglers across the U.S. The Sunline Super Fluorocarbon was created using the latest technology to impart maximum tensile strength and the ultimate in sensitivity. Soft and supple as well for easy handling, Sunline Super Fluorocarbon delivers excellent knot strength and quality you can trust. Made from pure 100% fluorocarbon, Sunline Super Fluorocarbon also offers superior abrasion resistance for fishing in and around all types of cover.

Line Diameter 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 16lb 20lb
Inches .010 .011 .012 .013 .014 .015
Millimeters .265 .290 .310 .330 .350 .380

Comments: If you're going cheap go seaguar red label.  Sunline makes the best high end lines on the market no doubt about that but their super flourocarbon is about on part with spiderwire EZ flouro and that is not good. 

From: RJD: Lewistown, PA 7/11/14

Comments: I bought this line because my friends said that they loved it. I used it on a good reel and it made me constantly backlash and when I would pull it out the line would snap. Worst line I've ever used.

From: Hunter: USA 6/30/14

Comments: I bought this line during the BOGO to try it but, do not like it. I had a little bird nest and peeled some line out to clear it and some of it tangled to a small brush, I pulled to clear the line off the twig and the line broke off! And it was 14 lb. test,broke like 6 lb. test of other brands. Not impressed at all,I like the FC sniper a lot but this is bad quaity line.

From: Charlie: Trenton NJ USA

Comments: I know a lot of people love sunline but I for one don't. Bought a reel from my buddy that was spooled with some so I thought I'd try it, ended up breaking off on two fish in a tournament. I won't make that mistake again.

From: Tristan: Hoover, AL

Comments: if yall think this is strong yall need to try seaguar red label. I bought a spool of this and did a few tests on knot strength and abrasion resistance and it failed completely. I broke 20lb with my bare hands. Red label I can barely break with my drag locked down, and all my weight on it. I took all 3 spools back.

From: Bryan: TX

Comments: Got this stuff for my jig rod because I needed more bites and the braid just wasn't doing it. It deff worked! Have caught lots more fish and had virtually zero problems with manageability. Only negative I've found is the abrasion resistance. Lost numerous jigs to fish that I don't even feel hit - only to reel in and see it cleanly cut. Its even snapped during the cast several times.. I will continue to use it because it has worked well for me other than that. Super sensitive and manageable  what more can we ask for?

From: Cobi: MI

Comments: Sure this is not as Limp as Fc sniper or cast as smoothly .But this line has exactly what i wanted in it.Strength for pitching a jig and pulling the fish out of cover.It is a thicker line than sniper so it does handle differently but i have no complaints.Still cast a great distance with a 3/8 oz jig and pretty resistant to abrasion.For now on if i am bottom fishing this line gets the Nod but if i am throwing cranks or reactions then Fc sniper is the ticket

From: Chris: KY

Comments: I liked it so much that I will be feeling all my finesse rods with this super strong line. Now I know I can depend on it when fighting a big fish.

From: Hans: Mexico

Comments:  i used this line on two rods all of last year and liked it so much it is now on all of my rods. I have yet to whiff on a hookset or break off during a fight. i have been using the 12# on cranks, 14 and 16# for general purpose, and 20# for flipping. i can't complain about it. now, it doesn't like the palomar knot, and but neither does any other fluorocarbon. learn how to tie a uni knot with the line passed through the eye twice correctly, and you will never have problems when using fluoro.

From: Flattown Basser: LA

Comments: used the 14lb on a chatterbait and caught a 6lb 11oz female, fished through wood tullies and grass, this line outperforms other high end fluorocarbons. Highly reccommend!!!!!

From: Tommy: So. AZ

Comments: Not durable at all always I have broken off on about a third of the fish that I have hooked with this line and trust me it is not user error. Save up for sniper it is wayyyyyy better.

From: Sam: Charlotte, NC, USA

Comments: I sure hope the other Sunline brands are good, because this line sucks! I've lost several good bass due to breaking the line on the hookset. I've also snapped the line several times while snagged. I've lost faith in this line and will be going back to PLine. I've bent the hook trying to snap off a snag with Pline. This line has no strength and is very unreliable.

Comments: Super flexible super smooth. I don't recommend using it in heavy cover or rocky area, tho (for these situations, use Seaguar - company is famous for offshore rock fishing in Japan). I only used it for open water using cranks and jerk baits. Great products for the price.

Comments: This is the only sub $20 fluorocarbon that is worth throwing. I have tried all of the really cheap stuff and have had nothing but headache and heartbreak. This line is priced in the middle, and performs like a ceartin few much more expensive fluorocarbon lines I have fished.

From: CJR: LA

Comments: i used the 16 and 20 pound this past season with great results, no break-offs. the 20 is a little stiff compared to other 20 pound fluoros i have used but it still casts very well. the 16 is great. not much memory at all and casts well. abrasion resistance seems fine. knot strength seems to be fine.  this line is way better than red label seaguar and better than any vanish line.

From: Hawg Lord: LA

Comments: Best line I've ever used! I can't imagine what the FC Sniper is like. This line is so very thin and smooth. I fished some very rocky points catching lots of fish with a heavy football jig and some 14 pound test. The knot lasted all day, i never backlashed, casting distance is great. No complaints

From: Tristen: NC

Comments: I got a spool of this and i really thought it was going to be good because it's sunline, but i was very disappointed.  It does cast well and is sensitive but i've had the line break more than a dozen times on small fish and times when I didn't put much pressure on a snag.  I don't know if i just got like a bad spool but i've never had so many issues/break offs with any line.  I'm gonna stick with berkley 100%. 

Comments: a great line to try if you are new to this brand, which rocks the house, BTW. Ive never tried it on spinning gear so I cant comment there, but this stuff is legit. No, not the best line Sunline makes, but it's better than what you is usin now, ya dig?

From: meatwad: frontin

Comments: after reading the reviews, and  i really like flouro, i had to try a couple rolls. i purchased a 14 lb.& 20 lb. roll. right off the spool the 14 lb. throws extremely easy, by far the easiest flouro i have ever used, i also tried the 20 lb. it was a little stiff to begin with but after a couple dozen cast it settled down and i forgot i was throwing 20 lb. i wll never try any other brand, i see why the pros use it. could only image a more expensive grade. this grade fits my price.. i use the san diego jam knot and have no knot issues. just ordered a 16 lb roll today awesome line!!!!

From: Michael: Meadville, MS

Comments: its alright, but i wouldnt buy it again. i'll stick with the FC sniper

From: Bubba: Forrest, KY

Comments: This line is really great. It casts like a dream, strong,sensitive, and low memory, yet at a reasonably good price! Pick a spool up, and you will not regret it one bit!

From: CC: USA

Comments: I do get line twist, if I throw something weightless, no biggie for me the positives outweigh the negatives!!!  This line is sublet, super super strong, and very sensitive.. I have had to cut my line two times when hung up bc I could not break off, I even opened up a 3/0 worm hook on a hook set.

From: Brett: NY

Comments: This line is sweet! low memory, very smooth casting, strong and sensetive... you will not find a better flourocarbon for this price! i will buy alot more!

From: Kevin: Moscow, TN

Comments: This line is okay for the money...however, considering you have to replace it often, you may as well just buy sniper. The abrasion resistance of this line is subpar at best.

From: JB: TX

Comments: both seaguar and sunline make good line, and both have great flourocarbon lines, but the big difference is every product sunline makes from flourocarbon to mono is top notch, the flouros are strong, sensitive, thin, and soft, the mono's have a very low stretch and low memory, and are extremely thin, I used to fish topwaters on 12-14 pound mono, until I went to sunline, I can fish them on 16-20 pound mono now and actually outcast the 12-14 pound test other stuff. And the Sunline braid where do i begin, it never frays or unravels, its perfectly round the entire length of the spool, it holds its color a very long time, its as limp as mono fresh off the spool, and lets just say having an elite pro like dean rojas help in the design process of the fx2 was the best move sunline could've made. Seaguar has top notch flourocarbon, and the mono I've heard some good things about, but the braid they make is horrible, its too soft, doesn't hold color well, the 50 pound is the same diameter as 14 pound mono which is sad when every other braid on the market has 50 pound diameter the same as 10-12 pound mono. I like the seaguar tatsu line, but need a loan to buy any of it, while with sunline every line is priced on par with the performance, but is still equal to or cheaper than many other brands, like 15-35 bucks for a filler spool of flouro is on pace with the other brands, and 38.99 for 300 yards of braid is equal to or less than the other top notch braids. I have yet to get a spool of sunline that is not amazing

Comments: this stuff is awesome!!!!! been usin 20lb for flippin, pitchin, and jigs and i must say, im impressed. super tough, sensitive, and the diameter to pound test is awesome! i was using vicious pro elite and its great, it really is but sunline just has it all together in every way. dont be affraid of the price, this stuff is amazing!

From: Matt: Fresno, CA

Comments: Great Line!!! I was apprehensive about the low price but after using it all my fears are gone.  Line is a little stiff, I am using 20lbs btw.  Line is very sensitive and strong. I had several backlash using the reel but after picking them out the line came back unscathed, unlike the Seaguar Invizx, which would often break.  Overall the experience with this particular line exceeds my expectation.

From: David: Murrieta

Comments: Best fluorocarbon for the price. Sniper FC does last longer though.

From: Tayler: Valdosta, GA

Comments: This line works great!! Used it at Clearlake last weekend for crankin & flippin. Has a little bigger diameter then the snipper, but for the price you can't go wrong:)

From: Mark: Concord, CA

Comments: i have this line in 10# on a multipurpose spinning set up. diameter is decent probably thicker than 10# pline flouroclear mono. perhaps a bigger spool would be better. limited line twist too, and good knots. i have 12# on my topwater/spinning/small crankbait baitcast and even have used it for leader on braid with small jigs preforms very well and the price is spot on! im not really into flouro for jigging but i would definitely try this in 16# for jigging any day. thanks TW.

From:  Jwagsthechef: North Jersey

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Sunline Super Fluorocarbon

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Sunline Super Fluorocarbon 14lb 660yd $43.99 5
Sunline Super Fluorocarbon 16lb 660yd $43.99 5+
Sunline Super Fluorocarbon 20lb 660yd $43.99 5
Sunline Super Fluorocarbon 8lb 1200yd $79.99 2+
Sunline Super Fluorocarbon 10lb 1200yd $79.99 2+
Sunline Super Fluorocarbon 12lb 1200yd $79.99 2+
Sunline Super Fluorocarbon 14lb 1200yd $79.99 2+
Sunline Super Fluorocarbon 16lb 1200yd $79.99 2+
Sunline Super Fluorocarbon 20lb 1200yd $79.99 2+